Can you hold your breath as long as a Scorpion?… The Hit Movie that Nobody thought would be a Hit… and Other Facts!




I can think of more exotic places to go besides Antarctica…though I do really like penguins.


Obviously those people in the test audience were crazy, right ladies!


That is quite the legacy!


Wow! I guess the scorpion is rather amazing. It also looks cool under the ultraviolet light.


I saw the movie about him. Very inspiring!

56 thoughts on “Can you hold your breath as long as a Scorpion?… The Hit Movie that Nobody thought would be a Hit… and Other Facts!

  1. I wonder what National Geographic charges to visit one of those African tribes where the women go topless?

    My great-great-great-grandfather visited that hotel in Japan. As a treasured family heirloom, we still have the towel he stole.

    I’ve heard that if you get stung by some scorpions, you too will no longer need air or food.

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  2. I can verify the National Geographic trips to Antarctica because my brother and sister-in-law made one. I know they were there for over a week. That’s a special kind of cold.

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  3. Joy, oh those “Dirty Dancing” producers! From my wife’s point of view, they underestimated two powers – the Patrick Swayze effect and nostalgia. Plus, with that title, people channeled their internal “Beavis and Butthead” meter and wanted to see what dirty dancing looked like. Keith

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  4. I used to dream of working for National Geographic. I would love to go on one of their trips! I wouldn’t mind Antarctica, but maybe I’ll try to catch them when they visit Bora Bora! πŸ˜†

    Scorpions are cool! The only arachnid I like. Then again, I might be bias as I am a Scorpio.

    I love stories like the last one! I will have to watch the movie!

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    • Oh yes, sign me up for Bora Bora!

      Since you are a scorpio I guess you need a pet Scorpion. πŸ˜„

      It is amazing what some people can do! I hope you can watch the move. Let me know. πŸ™‚


  5. As much as I loved Patrick Swayze and the music of that era, I never did care for that movie. As much as people of that generation and region considered that to be “dirty” dancing, imagine what they would think of the dancing nowadays.

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