Friday’s Super Short Stories!

When you find the “pot of gold” … A used bookstore with books at a bargain price!

When a squirrel tries to stare you down …. but you don’t have any food.

Some days the amount of cream that you put in your multiple cups of coffee doesn’t matter … Once you hit a certain number they are calorie-free, right?

31 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

    • LOL about the squirrels. They were very friendly but made you feel guilty for not having food as they ran towards you and stared. We are used to squirrels running away from us, not to us. It was at a Japanese Garden in Houston, we did get some smiles in Houston. πŸ™‚
      The used bookstore was inside Austin’s BIG library. It is small, but I found 4 books and 3 of them were by authors I really like. The 4th was a new one. You like James Patterson, right? They had some by him. All books were $2 .and like new condition. The lady there said they have a much bigger store with all kinds of books, and they are all $2 as well. I told Brad that is one place we are definitely going!.

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  1. I love used bookstores. A pre-read book sells for a low price, and you don’t even have to read it.

    I can see how naive you are about urban living. Remember: Never make eye contact with a squirrel.

    And never mind the coffee. You’ll be much better off just to fill your cup with whipped cream.

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