The Shy Ones

Life in Rainbow Valley was good. How could it not be. They lived in a land where the sun always shined. Not a cloud to be seen in the azure blue sky.

The unicorns were content and carefree! One of their favorite things to do was to slide down the rainbow. There was no shortage of them in Rainbow Valley.

Today they were having rainbow races and all were happy. Well not quite all.

An emergency Unicorn council meeting was called.

Cherry looked around at the other council members, and then spoke. ” I brought you together today because we have invaders.”

The three members gasped in surprise! They had lived in Rainbow Valley for decades without a problem, why was there one now?

Tilly asked what they all wondered. “What intruders? Why are tbey here?”

“They are afraid. Afraid to show themselves to humans. You know how scary they can be.” The others nodded their heads in affirmation.

‘They would like to stay with us for awhile until they can build up some courage, what do you all think?”

“As long as they are friendly”, said Marchiatto.

They all agreed to give the newcomers a chance. Everyone deserved a chance.

The next day there was a wild hulabaloo No one knew what to think. There were hundreds of intruders!.Then Cherry called things ro order as she spoke to all the Unicorns..

“Attention my fabulous unicorns. Do not be afraid of the newcomers, they are our temporary guests. Please make them feel welcome. They are with us to help them find their courage.”

Unicorns are known for bringing happiness and cheer so they were quick to show their hospitality. Eager to help the newcomers.

Meanwhile all the park rangers at the MidWest parks were scratching their heads in confusion. Where had all.the armadillos gone? They were nowhere to be seen! Never had tbey known a day to not see armadillos but over this past week, none could be found. Where oh where had all the arnadillos gone?

To be continued

25 thoughts on “The Shy Ones

  1. So, are you having trouble finding armadillos in Texas? All you have to do is park by the side of a highway and take a walk along the road shoulder. You’ll find plenty of them. And they won’t run in fear. In fact, they won’t run at all.

    But maybe you should have come to California. There are plenty of unicorns to be found, here.

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  2. I think most armadillos live in South and Central America, but I’ve read one variety crosses into the USA.

    I’ll be back to see how your story turns out.

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