The Last Unicorn

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The air was crisp with cold. Lynelle thought she had seen a rabbit wearing earmuffs.

She rubbed her hands together, wishing she had thicker gloves. Shoving them into her pockets she picked up her brisk pace.

Making good time she was thinking of how she would warm herself by the cozy fireplace when she got home.

Whoa! What a gorgeous sight in front of her. The fading sunlight was shining on the colorful trees creating a special glow.

Lynelle didn’t need to go through the trees to go home. In fact she was supposed to turn the other direction, but the glow was urging her to come into the trees.

Unable to turn away she walked forward, towards the glowing light.

It didn’t take long for her to walk into the trees and be encircled by the light. She was in awe. It was more than the sunlight, there was something more to it. Was it magic, wondered Lynelle.

She kept walking seeing nothing out of the ordinary, besides the glowing light.

Then she noticed that the light appeared to be more centered in one specific area and with curiosity building she walked towards it.

Now that was something one didn’t see every day. Lynelle stared at a stunning unicorn, and a cow huddled together.

The light was coming from the cow. A glowing cow? And since when were unicorns real? Lynelle thought they were only in her childhood stories.

As Lynelle moved closer she heard the unicorn talking. Yes, things were getting stranger by the minute.

Getting a closer look she saw that it wasn’t the cow that was glowing. It was the cowbell that was around its neck that emitted a strange glow.

The unicorn was getting louder as she spoke. “Its not fair, I say!” She stomped her foot on the ground. “We unicorns are rare and special, we deserve to have a glowing bell around our necks.”

The cow ahook its head. “This is not an ordinary bell. Its an enchanted cowbell and you are unicorns, not cows!”

Throwing back her head the unicorn scoffed. “Of course we aren’t cows, cows are ordinary, common animals. We are much greater!”

Lynelle sensed the cow getting restless and perhaps a littlr mad as it snapped back.

“I am far from your ordinary cow! Have you not heard of all the adventures of Betsy, the wonder cow? I am a legend.”

“Ha!” We unicorns have had adventures too. I am not sure I really believe about the magic of the bell. I think you made it all up. You want so badly to be more than an ordinary, brown cow.

Lynelle heard the cow snort and it pawed the ground. Instinctively she backed up.

The unicorn didn’t flinch just kept being smart with the cow. Unicorns can be full of wit. They are known for tricking many. Especially innocent fairies and leprechauns.

“Just wait you old brown cow, we unicorns will rule. You will see. And for now I think that glowing.bell belongs with me!

Watching in disbelief Lynelle saw the unicorn attempt to bite the bell loose from around the cow’s neck.

Suddenly there were flumes of pink and purple smoke everywhere. When th3 smoke cleared the unicorn was gone. The cow stood in the same place looking rather smug and then soon it was gone as well. They both had been oblivious to Lynelle’s presence.

She felt like she was in a trance walking the rest of the way home. Little did she know what an important moment in time that she had witnessed.

The stunning unicorn had been the last of its kind. Unicorns were seen no more, but cows roamed everywhere. Books won’t tell you what really happened to the unicorns but Lynelle would figure it out. She read more about Betsy and understood. Obviously the enchanted cowbell sent all the unicorns away! For everyone knows that pride goes before a big fall and that one never wants to mess with Betsy, the Wonder Cow, the legend.

The Shy Ones

Life in Rainbow Valley was good. How could it not be. They lived in a land where the sun always shined. Not a cloud to be seen in the azure blue sky.

The unicorns were content and carefree! One of their favorite things to do was to slide down the rainbow. There was no shortage of them in Rainbow Valley.

Today they were having rainbow races and all were happy. Well not quite all.

An emergency Unicorn council meeting was called.

Cherry looked around at the other council members, and then spoke. ” I brought you together today because we have invaders.”

The three members gasped in surprise! They had lived in Rainbow Valley for decades without a problem, why was there one now?

Tilly asked what they all wondered. “What intruders? Why are tbey here?”

“They are afraid. Afraid to show themselves to humans. You know how scary they can be.” The others nodded their heads in affirmation.

‘They would like to stay with us for awhile until they can build up some courage, what do you all think?”

“As long as they are friendly”, said Marchiatto.

They all agreed to give the newcomers a chance. Everyone deserved a chance.

The next day there was a wild hulabaloo No one knew what to think. There were hundreds of intruders!.Then Cherry called things ro order as she spoke to all the Unicorns..

“Attention my fabulous unicorns. Do not be afraid of the newcomers, they are our temporary guests. Please make them feel welcome. They are with us to help them find their courage.”

Unicorns are known for bringing happiness and cheer so they were quick to show their hospitality. Eager to help the newcomers.

Meanwhile all the park rangers at the MidWest parks were scratching their heads in confusion. Where had all.the armadillos gone? They were nowhere to be seen! Never had tbey known a day to not see armadillos but over this past week, none could be found. Where oh where had all the arnadillos gone?

To be continued

Flight of the Bluebirds

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Poor Bert was not in a good mood. He knew it had been too soon to fly back north, but his sweet Bonnie had insisted.

Now here he sat freezing. He was supposed to be gathering stuff to build a nest but… it was a little hard to find things in the snow. Hmmph!

“Bert,Bert, where are you?”

He sighed, looked like his quiet time had come to an end.

Bonnie was soon at his side. “Working hard I see.”

“I had to let the worms digest”, he grumbled.

“Well how would you like to forget about building the nest?”

“Whats the catch? ” He eyed her suspiciously. She wasn’t upset about him slacking. Something was up.”

“Take a little longer to rest, and then we are going to head out.”

“Head out? Where? Going back down south, thats quite the trip!”

“Not that far, but headed to a magical woods that I heard about. Apparently its ruled by fairies, whatever they are. Its supposed to be real pretty with waterfalls and no snow!”

“No snow? Lets go! I am rested enough.” He shivered.

Bonnie smiled, “I didn’t think you would complain. Up, up and away!”

They were flying for awhile and Bert was getting tired but he wasn’t going to show it. He was ready for warm weather.

At last they spied the woods from the air and headed down to check it out. The orher birds were right, it was beautiful. The roaring falls and best of all, no snow!

“Paradise! This looks like the perfect place to build a nest and start our family.” There was a glow in Bonnie’s eyes. Bert wasn’t mad any longer, his Bonnie lass would be a great mama!

They were cuddled against each other as night started falling and they saw a most amazing sight. It was a silhouette of some dazzling creature, as the magical sky filled with color. These woods really were special. What was that creature? They had never seen one before.

Pinterest image

They could only stare in wonder! It didn’t stay long, and soon the sky was back to normal. Had they really seen what they thought or had they dozed off and dreamt it?

They may never know, but high up in their tree it didn’t really matter. Tomorrow they would start building their nest, preparing for the tweets of little ones.

Just as they started to doze off there was a commotion below. They heard voices.

“How did you lose track of the unicorn?”

“Hey, it wasn’t just me, you didn’t see where it went either!”

The two men were arguing and turned to the third one. “Did you see where it went?”

The third nameless man, for Bert and Bonnie didn’t know who they were, sheepishly said “No.” 

“Sorry but I was keeping track of my steps and busy calculating the numbers in my head.”

“So now what do we do, we were supposed to catch it and its dark…who knows where the evil…”

“Well,well,well…..what do we have here? Trespassers on my land,”

Bert and Bonnie shivered at the cackling tone in her voice. This couldn’t be good for the poor men below.

Bert prided himself on bringing happiness whenever he could, he was a bluebird after all. It was his job. He tweeted to Bonnie and she agreed.

They flew down into the evil fairy’s face squawking as loud as they could! It took her off guard and the men ran as fast as they could. There was a moment when Bert and Bonnie caught their breath, for the men tripped over their own feet, and went splat on their faces. But they got back up quickly as Bert and Bonnie flew back up, into the tree.

“Well done, my darling. We have done our good deed for the day, now lets get some sleep.”

“But the men never got that thing they were chasing. Do you think that was what we saw earlier?”

“Could be. Hmmm…guess they will be back, but maybe they will be smarter next time and not lose track of it.”

“Perhaps they will need our help again.” Bonnie tweeted.

“My dear Bonnie, they are humans, they can use all the help they can get.”

Don’t Cheat a Raven!

Happy Sunday! How have you spent your Sunday? Hopefully its been enjoyable. Are you ready to learn some facts about unicorns, wolves, ravens and more? Read on and smile about feeling a little smarter now.


But….unicorns are real … my Jackalope told me!


Not sure that I would want cuddled by one of them.


Who knew that ravens were so honest!


Just because you are different from each other doesn’t mean you can’t be friends. 🙂


I believe that dolphins have a better memory than I do!


Another reason to like Johnny Depp.

A scoop of Magic with Icecream

This is Part 2 to Thursday’s post, The Big Question!

Dustin walked back into his study to answer the phone, and Marianne found herself staring at a closed door again.

Walking back into the kitchen she cut herself another piece of the chocolate cherry truffle. She hoped Dustin would come out of his study soon, or she was going to get Ben and Jerry’s icecream out next.

Hearing footsteps Marianne looked up from taking her last bite. Dustin entered the kitchen and joined her at the table.

“Is there more coffee left? I want it strong please.”

Marianne poured him a cup and sat down across from him. Silence filled the room while Dustin drank his coffee. Finally Marianne couldn’t take it any longer. “What did your boss want?”

“He wants me to go ….” he paused and looked at Marianne. “You aren’t going to believe this.”

“All kinds of things have been going through my head. You know how my imagination is, I am ready for anything.”

She leaned forward and took his hand. “What is it? Where does he want you to go, Hawaii? Can I go along?” Marianne said with a wink.

Taking a deep breath, Dustin looked at his wife and said, “He told me that he thinks very highly of me and that is why he asked me to go on this special mission!”

Marianne raised her eyebrows, “Special mission? That sounds exciting, tell me! I can’t handle the suspense any longer!”

“He wants me to go to a magical woods and bring him back a unicorn!

Dustin watched the incredulous expression cross Marianne’s face. For a moment it looked like she was going to burst out laughing, but then she gained control and spoke.

“Ummm….excuse me! A unicorn? Okay, that possibility I was not ready for.”

Dustin was shocked at how calm she appeared just sitting at the table and looking at him and speaking softly.

“Soo how exactly do you catch a unicorn for him? You just go to the magical woods and find one and bring it back?”

She laughed and said, “I would love to have one too. Can you get two for the price of one? Oh, can you imagine Sophia’s face if she found out that we have a unicorn! She wouldn’t be acting all snobby around me anymore. I am beginning to like this idea. Tell me more!”

Dustin shifted uncomfortably in his chair. He fiddled with the tablecloth for a few minutes and then spoke.

“Well thats where it gets a little complicated. There is a wicked fairy that I need to try to avoid while I find Fairlight the good fairy. She can tell me about the unicorns. I need to be very careful though for apparently the wicked fairy can cast spells.” He heard Marianne gasp.

“She has been known to turn people into ducks.” He said, preparing himself for his wife’s outburst, but none came.

He watched her get up and go to the freezer. She took out a pint of Ben and Jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough and grabbed a spoon.

Sat back down at the table and took off the lid, digging her spoon into the icecream. Dustin silently watched her, he knew when it was smart to stay quiet.

Getting up from the table he walked over the drawer and grabbed a spoon. Sat hack down at the table, and their eyes met. Then he scooped out a heaping spoonfull of chocolate chip cookie dough icecream.

(To be continued)

Rescuing Cupcake

Kendra was sitting with her Grandma at the table. They had just finished a feast of roast chicken and gravy with fried grunion. For dessert her grandma had made a red velvet cake and of course served it with her special coffee.

The feast had been prepared for the 4 unsung heroes sitting around the table with Kendra and her grandma. These guys had never been awarded any medals but to Kendra and her Grandma they were wonderful heroes.

Their hearts would always be full of gratitude for them, and now Kendra had another favor to ask of the brave men.

Cupcake, Fairlight’s unicorn, was missing! Fairlight, who had also managed to eecape from the dark fairies, was afraid that they had stolen Cupcake.

The unsung heroes listened to Kendra and they knew that they couldn’t say No to helping! They loved unicorns, especially the one guy. They were his favorite animal and even though he had been turned into a duck before by the Queen of the dark fairies, he wasn’t afraid to help.

Kendra was so happy! “Thank you so much! Fairlight was so upset when she told me. She loves that unicorn. Cupcake just has to be found!” she told the guys.

“I think this calls for another round of my Strawberry marshmallow coffee.” Grandma said, much to the delight of the guys.

The next mornimg dawned bright with a glorious sunrise in the sky. The guys were at the edge of the forest. All they had to do was cross the bridge and they would be in the land of the dark fairies. They had felt so brave, but now nerves were beginning to surface as neither one of them moved.

“How hard can it be? We just need to find Cupcake and climb on her back and fly her home to Fairlight.” said the one. The others nodded, but still didn’t move.

“The Queen is probably sleeping, so we can be in and out before she wakes up!” another one said, trying to force a brave smile upon his face.

“One problem. Unicorns are very tricky, so she could be hiding. How do we exactly catch a unicorn?”

“Well, I guess we will just have to find out. Lets go before we all feel like going back home!” said the one who had been turned into a duck before, trying to quell his nerves.

“QUACK!” said his friend, “just trying to lighten the moment!” they all laughed, well, all but one, who was rolling his eyes instead.

Saying no more they walked across the bridge, to begin their quest to find Cupcake.

CRACK! The one plank on the bridge broke and one fell into the water below. Fortunately the water wasn’t deep, so he was able to crawl out and join his friends on land. His friends tried not to laugh, as one piped up. “You were talking about how you wanted to go for a swim in the Hot Springs…”

The “drenched rat” guy looked at his friend and said, “This wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, that water was COLD!” They all continued walking but you could hear the “squeak, squeak” sound of their friend’s shoes as they walked.

The forest was still, all the fairies must be asleep, but where was Cupcake?

Then they saw her! It was Cupcake on a hill just standing there looking at them. They were stunned, could it really be this easy? She was dazzling with brightness in her iridescent wings against her snow white body.

Slowly they moved towards her, not wanting to scare her away. Finally they reached the top of the hill and were just ready to reach out and touch her when they heard “GOTCHA!”

Shocked they turned around to come face to face with the Queen of the Dark fairies! Quickly they turned around to climb onto Cupcake’s back, but she was gone! All they heard was the cackling laughter of the Queen.

“You all are pretty gullible if you thought you were going to steal Cupcake from me that easily!” mocked the Queen.

The hearts of our poor unsung heroes sank! Now what was going to happen to them?

While the Queen was mocking them a host of other fairies had tied them up.

“Wait!” said the Queen, “let the hands of one free for a moment. I need his help.”

She pulled out a pickle jar and handed it to him. “Please open this for me! This one too! Oh, I knew you guys would be useful for something. “

Grudgingly he opened the pickle jar and the peanut butter one, for what other choice did the poor hero have.

“Okay, tie him up now.” and the Queen smiled an evil grin as she ate her pickles.

She walked around them talking to herself. “Hmmm…I could cast this spell on them or should I try the other one. Oooh maybe I should try my new one, or perhaps that would be too mean”, she cackled.

“I got it!”she said looking into the eyes of our heroes, as they shook in fear. “I know exactly what I will do.”

(to be continued…)

The Brave Hero

I had thought I was finished with the fairy series, but after some “gentle persuasion”, I have decided to write one more story. After all, someone needs be a big hero and save all the other poor fairies that had been kidnapped.  If you missed the last story, here is the link. Truth Revealed



It had been a week since the “nameless men” had become heroes and rescued Kendra from the fairies. She had been under the spell of Felicity the dark fairy, who had made her become Princess Iridessa.

Kendra was so happy to be back with her grandmother, they could not thank their heroes enough. Her grandmother told them that she would be glad to make her special strawberry, salted caramel coffee for them anytime they wanted to stop by.

One of the nameless heroes was lying in bed, not able to sleep. Probably due to him indulging in too much of Grandma’s sweet coffee. He typically did not drink coffee, but there was just something magical about that strawberry coffee that he couldn’t resist.

Now he laid in bed thinking of the other fairies that were still under Felicity’s spell. Would they be able to rescue them?  He knew that the other guys were trying to come up with a plan, would it be successful?

He also couldn’t stop thinking of Cupcake, Fairlight’s unicorn. Oh how he envied Fairlight. He had always been intrigued with unicorns and he would love to fly on the back of one, through the moonlit sky.

“What was that? Did something just flash by his window?”

He got up from his bed and walked over to the window to look outside. What he saw almost took his breath away! There was the most beautiful unicorn he had ever seen. It was a dazzling white, with brightly colored wings. It was Cupcake! What was Cupcake doing here?  His heart was bursting, he had to touch the unicorn, only then could he believe that Cupcake was really outside his window.

Slipping into his shoes, he quickly ran outside, holding his breath that the unicorn would still be there.

There it was, not having moved from his window. Boldly he reached out to touch it and it didn’t move at all. He kept rubbing Cupcake, and then, he had the craziest idea! Ideas seemed to come to him often, but this one may be the craziest one yet. Would the unicorn let him ride it? Could he soar through the dark blue sky on it?  There was only one way to find out. Slowly he climbed upon it and before he knew it Cupcake took off!

“WOW!” the “nameless man” shouted! He was as thrilled as could be. Cupcake soared higher and higher into the sky. Perhaps he would get to touch the moon, fly through the Milky way galaxy. He didn’t know where Cupcake was headed, but he didn’t care.

In a short time the unicorn started going downward and soon they had landed on a bridge. The man recognized the bridge. They were back in Fairyland. This was where they had met Fairlight in order to rescue Kendra. Why had the unicorn brought him here?

“Quick, listen to me.” Cupcake spoke,  ” Fairlight sent me to you. She and your friends are helping to rescue the other fairies and they need your help!”

The man’s face beamed with pride, he was going to be a hero tonight!

“Come to steal more of my fairies away?”” a sinister voice said from behind him.

The man almost fell off his unicorn from fright.  Behind him was Felicity, the dark fairy. “OH NO!” What was he going to do?

Out of the corner of his eye he caught a slight movement. Was that who he thought it was? Yes, it was his friends moving through the woods, with Fairlight too! Now he understood. Fairlight had sent her unicorn to him so that he could come distract Felicity the dark fairy. They knew he would be brave enough to do it.  He wouldn’t let them down, he would be the hero that saved them all!

“So I am going to ask you one more time, What are you doing here?” Felicity asked.

The man climbed down off Cupcake so he could stand up big and tall to Felicity.

“Excuse me Ma’am, but I am afraid I am lost. I think I must have turned the wrong way at the galaxy. Can you help me?  Where am I exactly?”

Unknown to the man, Cupcake had worked her magic and disguised the man, so that Felicity didn’t recognize him as one of the “nameless men”.

“You don’t know where you are at? You don’t know who I am?” cackled Felicity.

“Why no, but you do look very stunning, if I may say.”

Felicity allowed herself to blush a little, and then she laughed.

“Well … well … this could be fun.”

The man’s heart pounded a little , he hoped his friends knew what they were doing and that they would be hurry up, so that Cupcake could fly him away to safety.

“I haven’t had much chance to practice my spells, you wouldn’t mind, would you, if I practiced on you?”

The “nameless man’s” throat began to grow very dry as he tried to swallow the growing lump.

“Umm… did you say spells?” he asked nervously.

“Yes! I did. I think you would make a fine specimen for me to practice on . Hmmm… lets see, what do you prefer, a quacking duck or…”  Suddenly Cupcake soared into the air! The “nameless man” tried to quickly jump on, but Felicity grabbed him.

Where was she going without him? The man’s heart fell! He saw her fly over to his friends and Fairlight. They had all the fairies with them and they were all on Cupcake’s back now.

“My fairies!” yelled Felicity in anger.

“You did this! You distracted me so that they could get away! For this you will pay!”

His friends and the other fairies watched from the sky in horror as Felicity turned him into a quacking duck!

The fairies were all taken safely back to their homes, and reunited with their families. Everyone was so grateful, giving the “nameless men” and Fairlight many thanks!

In silence the “nameless men” headed back home. They were glad to have saved the fairies, but they were sad about their friend. Perhaps they could think of a way to save him. For now though, they knew who the true hero really was! It was their friend who swam in a lake and now quacked with the other ducks.  It was his bravery in facing Felicity that had enabled them all to escape. He had always wanted to be a big hero, and now he truly was. “Quack! Quack!”


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Some Irish Nuggets

For all you Dr. Seuss fans out there and in honor of St.Patrick’s Day I want to share this comic with you that my husband showed me today.


Here is a Irish limerick too,  feel free to make up one of your own!

There was a young fellow who thought
Very little but thought it a lot.
Then at long last he knew
What he wanted to do,
But before he could start, he forgot.



Sorry if that caused you to groan…. is this better?

Question: How did the Irish Jig get started?

Answer: Too much to drink and not enough restrooms!

How many of you have heard the Unicorn Song? I didn’t even know there was one.  It showed up when I typed in Irish songs. I was also surprised to see that Shel Silverstein wrote the lyrics. I enjoyed his books and I have my brother’s copy of  ” Where the Sidewalk Ends.”

I hope you enjoy this fun song. You gotta love the Unicorn!