Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Windy Tuesday! Not enough hours in the day once again, but its not midnight yet, so the quotes are still on time. Murphy’s law happened, when the warranty runs out, the oven breaks down. Hopefully its an easy fix. My Fix-It hubby will look at it more after mowing, an exciting day for him. For now the braker is turned off for its the only way to stop the incessant beeping, which the dogs were not fond of. Something is wrong with the control panel. I had just made some hard boiled eggs with no problem. 5 minutes later, beep, beep .. as the control panel flashes the words Error. My son should be happy at least that he got his hard boiled eggs, before he had to go to work. Hopefully Murphy’s law hasn’t affected you today. Enjoy the quotes and have a good evening!ย 











63 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. What happens if you think you’re hungry, but it’s just your brain that’s empty?

    Did you try turning the breaker back on? Sometimes all a malfunctioning stove needs is a reboot. And that doesn’t involve kicking it twice.

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  2. appliances are designed to fail – and hope it all works out for you.
    and not sure if you like those pressure cookers – but my spouse makes hard boiled eggs in urs and they come out so well.

    and the fun quotes today – I like so many but the top one today is don’t let later become never – ugh – so good

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  3. Just back from my vacation and a two-week break from blogging. Sorry to hear about the troubles at homeโ€”the joys of homeownership. #10 is my favorite this week.

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  4. #3 and #5 . . . AND good luck getting the stove to shut up and shut off when it’s meant to. Maybe its brain is “empty.” Stupid Smart Technology. :LOL:


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