When the Past and Present Collide!

This is the continuation to Patching the Pieces

She was lying in her bed, holding Patches the Teddy Bear. Melissa had been unsure about leaving her but Darcy Rose knew she needed to get back to work. She assured her that she would be OK.

It felt good to be back home again. These walls held so many memories. Memories that became even more precious after hearing Nan’s story about her past.

To think of how different her life may have been if she hadn’t been rescued. Her body still trembled at the thought.

Instead of a childhood of icecream parties, playing in the park and tea parties with her dollies, it could have been so much worse. A childhood of hell.

She and Melissa had sat in horror as Nan told them the story of little Darcy Rose.

Her parent’s had been on the police radar for awhile, they were just waiting for a big break and they got it. They had been able to get evidence about them being involved with human trafficking. Preparations were made to arrest them, but the police wanted to get Darcy Rose out quickly. They were scared about a deal being made in exchange for her. Time was of the essence.

Being that she often played in her front yard alone it was easy for the cops to grab her from the yard. From there they had taken her to a safe house.

The safe house was where Darcy Rose’s name changed to Natalie and where she met the kind, compassionate couple who ended up adopting her.

Tears fell as Darcy sat up on the bed now. It was going to take some time to work through feelings of her past, but right now she wanted to dwell on the good. Now there was nothing more that she wanted to do than to welcome her parent’s home tonight from their cruise. To embrace the ones she dearly loved. The ones who had given her a forever home.

Darcy Rose and her friend, Melissa, had left her house yesterday. Nan sat at the table looking at the number on the worn piece of paper. Should she really call? Guilt began creeping into her heart, but then … she looked at the foreclosure notices. There was no denying that she needed the money. She told herself that she didn’t have a choice as she picked up the phone.

“Hello. This is Nan, I know where she is, do you have the money? Yes, the girl who used to be known as Darcy Rose.”

Well this was supposed to be the conclusion but…my mind kept going. Will try to wrap it up next week! Thanks for sticking with this story for this long.

17 thoughts on “When the Past and Present Collide!

  1. 😱 I did NOT see that one coming! I nearly choked on my coffee! WHOA … I’m speechless (well, almost). I’m glad you’re not planning to leave it there, for you know we, your faithful readers, would not allow that! Hugs, my friend! Waiting for the next installment with bated breath …

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