The Little Donkey That Could!




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Sully, the little donkey, was anxious for adventure. He wanted to go exploring and see what new things he may discover. Finally the day he had anticipated came. Early one morning, feeling an air of confidence, he ventured out.

The morning passed by quickly and Sully was totally enjoying himself. He stopped and played tag with some prairie dogs. Trying to tag them when they poked their heads out of their holes. They were quick, little things!

After playing with them for a little while Sully bid his tiny friends goodbye and plodded on down the dusty trail. He saw something new to him up ahead. It resembled a green bush, but it had weird things sticking up from it. Being the curious donkey that he was, he walked closer to it, bending down to take a sniff.

OUCH! Sully jumped back! That stung and it was still stinging. He rubbed his nose in the dirt until finally the stinging sensation subsided. He still didn’t know what that thing was, but he would be sure to never get close to the stinging monster again!

The sun grew hotter as Sully plodded along and he hoped that he would soon come to some water. Not only was his mouth getting dry, but the water would probably feel good on his nose too. He kept his eyes pealed for water but all he could see was sand!

Ahh! Up ahead there looked like a nice pool of crystal clear water. His steps were quicker, feeling eager to get to the water. He was really close now. Wait! Where did it go? He was sure it had been right here, he had seen it with his own eyes! But here he was standing where he thought the pool of water had been. It was like it suddenly vanished.

Sully’s heart sank in disappointment. “Stinging monsters!” and now “vanishing water”, what kind of place was this! He was beginning to doubt himself in having ventured out on his own. But he was the Little Donkey that Could! His older siblings would tease him saying he was too little to do anything, so he had decided he would show them. No, he couldn’t give up and go home. He thought of how he could tell his siblings that he bravely fought the “stinging monster”, watching their shocked expressions. Sully smiled, he would continue on.

Seeing red berries on a plant, Sully tried them. They were sweet and the juice from them brought relief to his parched tongue. He continued on a little more and found himself no longer surrounded by sand. Now he saw mountains in the distance, and the best sight of all was a flowing stream.

Sully walked right into the stream, the cool water felt so refreshing and he felt like he couldn’t drink fast enough.

He was feeling tired, he was a little donkey that still needed his naps. Finding some green grass, he laid down. Sully closed his eyes, dreaming of the adventures awaiting him.

20 thoughts on “The Little Donkey That Could!

  1. Awwwww … I loved the little donkey, Sully. Reminds me of Captain Sully Sullenberger who miraculously landed a plane in the Hudson River a few years back. The Little Donkey Who Could … just what this agitated, tired old biddy needed tonight, and thus I shall make no snarky remarkys about a certain bovine critter! I will say, however, that I hope we meet up with Sully again someday.

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    • Thanks Jill, glad you loved Sully and you might meet up with Sully again, sooner than you think. 🙂

      I did see the movie about Captain Sully, though I wasn’t thinking of him when the name popped in my mind. Did you ever see Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman? Sully was on that series, though he wasn’t a donkey. 🙂 I could have just used Tippy’s name, but didn’t want to be too obvious. LOL!

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      • Hmmmm … now that’s foreshadowing if I ever heard it! I’ll look forward to meeting up with him again!

        I had forgotten they made a movie about Cap’n Sully. I knew of the show Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, but never saw it … I watch very little television, for in general it bores me. Ahhh … so if that Sully wasn’t a donkey, what was he? A goat? Puppy? Heh heh … oh yeah, Tippy’s on vacation, isn’t he?

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  2. I don’t know what it is about donkeys, but there is something lovable about them. I guess it’s because they’re simple creatures, and I think their stubbornness gives them more personality.

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  4. After reading this post, I feel like a real ass. But at least I’m not as bad as that prick Sully sniffed. And I don’t think those were berries Sully ate. I think they were the fruit of a jelly bean bush.

    I like that this story ends with a nap.

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