A Trip to Paradise?

Abby was thrilled! She had won 2 all expense paid tickets to the Grand Cayman Islands. Her adrenaline was flowing as she was shopping in the store with her best friend.

“Just think Janie, all our meals and drinks are covered. All we have to worry about is what bathing suit to wear while lying in the sun!” Abby’s smile was radiant. She needed a vacation and this one was beyond anything she had dreamed. 10 days in paradise! She was walking on air, only 2 days remained until they left.

“Tell me again, how you won this trip.” Janie said, as she was debating between a cherry red bikini or a deep orange one. Abby had picked a royal blue one piece, and a pink polka dot bikini. They grabbed sunscreen and some new white sandals, and made their way to the front of the store to check out.

“Oh, just look at that cute sun dress. I think it has my name on it.” said Abby, as she grabbed it from the rack. It was a pretty fuschia color with little specks of orange in it. Janie agreed that it would look great on her.

“I won the tickets from a phone call that I got. All I had to do was buy a subscription to some magazines and they promised me this fabulous vacation!” Abby gushed to her friend.

Janie felt some doubts creep in, but she pushed them away, for she really wanted to go on this vacation too. It had to be legit!

Before they knew it they were on the plane, bound for the Cayman Islands!

After a smooth flight they landed and anxiously looked around for their ride to their hotel. They were told a man would be holding a sign for them.

“Ahh! There he is!” Abby shouted!

They made their way to him and introduced themselves. He gave them each a warm handshake and said, “Very pleased to meet you! Welcome to the Grand Cayman Islands. Follow me and we will arrive at the hotel in about 15 minutes. ”

They couldn’t wait to get to the hotel and freshen up some and then go lay in the sun!

They were looking out the windows as they drove, admiring the beauty. Then before they knew it he had pulled in to a hotel and stopped.

Abby looked at Janie, surely there was a mistake. They had passed beautiful hotels and now they had stopped at what just looked like a bland concrete building. Sadly the sign did say the name of the hotel that Abby was told about. It was a blinking sign that looked like it was soon going to fall, for it was hanging awkwardly. It was as if it was mocking them with its name “Paradise!”

“Here we are! Welcome to Paradise!” the man said so cheerily!

Abby and Janie didn’t respond, as they numbly got out of the car and followed the guy into the hotel.

There was a musty smell, the carpet was stained and the paint was peeling on the walls.

The thrill of the moment was quickly turning into despair. The desk clerk gave them the room key and as they walked towards the elevator they told themselves that perhaps the rooms were elaborate, that they had to think positive.

Walking into the room a overpowering stench almost knocked them down. They were looking for a light switch when they saw the string hanging from the ceiling of a single lightbulb.

Abby sank into the bed and she felt the springs in the mattress. Tears sprang to her eyes. What had she done!

Janie screamed from the bathroom. “Abby we have to leave, I think there is a tarantula in the sink!”

That’s all Abby needed to hear, they grabbed their bags and ran. The desk clerk was calling out to them as they ran past her, but they just kept going. They gulped in the fresh air when they stepped outside.

Now what would they do. They decided to start walking, they had passed some really nice hotels, surely there must be one available room they could get.

Ahh! Now this was more like it. They walked into the hotel the floor was marbled stone and there were palm trees in the lobby with a fountain. Their room wasn’t elaborate, but it was clean! The beds were very soft, and cotton robes were hanging on the bathroom door for them. Most importantly there were no insects of any kind in the room. it had cost them more than they had expected but it was worth it!

“Now lets go lie in the sun”, they said together. They sure were ready for a nice cool Pina Colada Daquiri to enjoy , while lying by the water.

They had a wonderful time lying in the sun. After a while they decided to head back to the hotel and get dressed and then explore the island a little bit.

While heading back to the hotel Abby grabbed Janie’s arm, do you see that? What is that in the tree?

Image from Pinterest

“Its looking right at us! Its kind of cute I think”, said Janie.

Abby looked at her strangely. “Welllll…. maybe…. but what is it… You know all about animals!”

Janie smiled, “If I am not mistaken, i am pretty sure that is a Binturong. I can’t believe I am actually seeing one, they are very rare! This is so cool! Their tails are almost as long as their entire body and they act like another limb when they are climbing. Also if you pet one your hands may smell like buttered popcorn afterwards, due to its scent glands under its tail. The smell repels most predators! Should we go pet it?”

“ummm…! I am not sure about that! A Binturong? I have never heard of it. Lets just watch it for now!” said Abby, shaking her head, at the knowledge her friend had about animals. “Is there any animal that you haven’t heard of?” asked Abby.

Janie laughed. “I am sure there is! But right now, I am getting hungry, after mentioning popcorn, so lets go get dressed for supper.”

Abby agreed and they continued walking. She was still bummed at how her “all expense paid hotel” didn’t exactly turn out to be paradise, but they were in the Grand Cayman Islands, she was sure that wonderful adventures were just waiting for her and Janie to find!

The Magic of the Rocks

Here is the sequel to my post Following the Glowing Rocks , after all I couldn’t let the poor guys stuck in the holes. Enjoy! 

The guys sat in the deep holes, wondering how they were going to get out. They shouted to each other, making sure all of them were okay, and they were. It would have been pretty sad to have climbed a mountain, with no injuries, only to hurt themselves by falling in some holes! Fortunately they  still had some bananas left in their food backpack that Billy carried. He tried his best to throw the bananas out of the hole and into the other holes, but it was really hard to do when he couldn’t see. 3 bananas ended up scattered on the ground, and the only one that got to eat a banana was Billy. 

It appeared that they all were going to be stuck in their holes until someone really kind came along, but how long that was going to take, was the million dollar question. 

Jack wished that there would be something interesting in the hole to take a picture of, but plain brown dirt wasn’t too exciting. Kolby decided he would make good use of the time by sleeping, and Quincy still couldn’t decide whether to stay seated or to stand, he was restless. Billy thought a nap sounded good too, what else was there to do, his eyes began to grow heavy, when suddenly they popped open! He heard voices. 

“What are these bananas doing on the ground? Were the monkeys throwing them from the trees again? They need to be careful, I could have slipped and hurt myself.” 

“Yeah, and if you would have slipped, we would have fallen off your back!” said Myrtle the turtle. 

“Hey! Who is out there, we need your help!” shouted Jack, his friends shouted out as well. 

Henrietta, Myrtle and Tulag were stunned, where were the voices coming from? Then they spied the holes and figured it out! 

“My friends and I will try our best to help you, we just need to figure out how, replied Henrietta, the long necked hippo. 

“Just throw down a rope!” yelled Billy. 

“We don’t have one!” Myrtle yelled back. 

“Hey guys, I have the climbing ropes in my backpack.” Quincy said. Why hadn’t they thought of that before! They all smacked themselves on the head. He threw a rope out of the hole and Henrietta stepped on it. 

“Okay, start climbing.” said Henrietta. 

Quincy climbed up the rope and was so glad when he got to the top and out of the hole. Then he almost fell backwards into the hole when he saw who was stepping on the rope! A HIPPO! 

“Hi!” said Henrietta and the turtles, all Quincy could do was stare at them. 

“Hey Quincy, we want to get out of the holes too, throw us the ropes!” his friends called. 

Soon all of them were standing out of the holes and staring open mouthed at Henrietta and the 2 turtles. 

“Wow!” was all they could say. They looked at the rocks in their hands and they still were glowing. What kind of magical place had they walked into. Henrietta and Myrtle told them that they didn’t have to go that much farther to get to the tunnel. They encouraged them to go, saying what they would see there would be really cool! 

“Follow us, we will lead the way!” Henrietta said with a smile. 

Jack had never seen a hippo smile before, well he had never seen a long necked hippo either. He thought he knew his animals but he was beginning to question himself. What was he going to meet next, a short necked giraffe? 

The friends looked at each other, what did they have to lose? If they didn’t follow them to the tunnel, they might always wonder what they missed. So off they went. 

They enjoyed chatting to Henrietta, Myrtle and Tulag, as they walked. It soon didn’t seem strange at all to be talking to animals. Before too long they saw the tunnel, and it took their breath away. It dazzled with beauty and looked so inviting. 

“Go inside it, go ahead!” said Myrtle. 

They all entered the tunnel and soon they themselves were glowing. Then the rocks transformed into instruments. Each of them had  an instrument to play. There were 2 guitars, a snare drum and a saxaphone! They were in awe! 

“Its the magic of the rocks! You have your own rock band now! Go ahead and play!” Henrietta said. 

“But we don’t know how!” 

“Yes, you do! You stepped into the magic tunnel with the magic rocks! Try it!.” said Myrtle. 

The guys couldn’t believe it, could it really be possible? Jack beat the snare drum and Billy strummed the guitar and soon it was like the instruments were playing themselves. They really sounded good! Then Henrietta started singing and they were in even more shock. A singing Hippo! They never knew a Hippo could sing so beautifully! They kept playing until suddenly they were holding rocks in their hands again. 

“Sorry, the magic rocks only last for so long!” said Henrietta. 

They all walked back out of the tunnel shaking their heads, so glad they had found the rocks and came to the tunnel. It was worth being stuck in some holes for awhile! 

“Thank you so much for leading us to the tunnel, this was awesome!” Billy said. 

“You really are a great singer, Henrietta!” said Jack. 

Myrtle and Tulag snickered. “Remember, it was a magic tunnel!” 

Henrietta made a face, “Oh you all are just jealous.” 

“Can you sing again for us, please?” said Kolby. “I love music and your voice was so beautiful.” 

Henrietta blushed and opened her mouth wide, starting to sing. 

She only got out a few words and the guys faces quickly changed from being in awe, to dismay!

“Like I said, the tunnel has a magic all of its own!” said Myrtle with a wink. 

“Well we hate to say goodbye, but we better get going before it gets dark and we can’t find our way back. Thanks again for your help today! Maybe we will have to come back again sometime.” They then made a hasty retreat, as Henrietta was still singing her lungs out. 

After walking awhile, Billy said, ” I think I am going to buy a guitar, I played really well!” 

Kolby said, “Umm.. remember we were in a magical tunnel!”  and Billy made a face. “But you never know, I just may be talented.” 

“Hypothetically speaking, perhaps,” said Jack. 

“I just know that all that rocking out to our great music made me hungry, lets all go get some food. Something besides bananas!” 

That was something they all could agree on!





Breaking Free!


What a feeling! She was free at last and feeling jubilant! She was proud of herself for managing to escape. While walking through the woods, her heart yearned for adventure. She hoped to find some, now that she was out on her own. 

She had been walking for quite some time, stopping every now and then to graze on some patches of grass.  She was longing for some cool, refreshing water. 

“Hey, watch your step!” 

Startled by the little voice, she stopped in her tracks and looked down. 

2 turtles stared back up at her. “No one ever watches out for us small guys! You almost squashed my mate!” the one turtle said, while giving her a mean stare! 

“Oh I am so sorry! I know I am big, and can be clumsy at times, but I truly would never want to hurt you.” Tears started forming in her eyes. 

Myrtle felt bad for yelling. 

“its OK, don’t cry.  Nice to meet you. I am Myrtle and this is Tulag. What is your name?” 

“I am Henrietta. So glad to meet you. I am really glad to be out on my own at last, but was beginning to feel a little lonely.” 

“We haven’t seen very many hippos, but the hippos that we have seen looked different than you. I can’t say exactly what is different, but something is just not right. Are you really a hippo?”  Myrtle asked. 

Henrietta sighed. How many times had she been called different. At least Myrtle was being nice about it though. It wasn’t kids jeering at her, like they had, when she was back in the zoo. 

“Its my neck. I have a very long neck for a hippo. Who has ever heard of a long-necked hippo,” she said, sighing. 

“I think that your long neck is cool, it makes you unique!” Tulag said. 

Henrietta brightened up. Nobody had called her long neck “cool” before! 

“Thank you!” she replied, feeling happy about having met Myrtle and Tulag. 

“Where are you guys headed?” Henrietta asked. 

“Down to the river.” Myrtle said. 

“Oh, could I come with you? I would love to play in the water for a bit.” 

“Sure!” replied Myrtle. “Can we hitch a ride? We could get there a lot faster!” 

Henrietta bent her neck down and said, “Climb aboard the Henrietta Express!” 

Myrtle and Tulag happily climbed on and Myrtle gave Henrietta directions to the river. 

As they were making their way to the river, they chatted. Henrietta was eager to know all about them. They shared with her about the adventures they have had since Myrtle escaped from her terrarium. Tulag would have never met Myrtle if she hadn’t escaped that day long ago. She had found him sitting on a log at the river.  Hearing all this made Henrietta eager, if they could find adventure, she could too. 

They had great fun at the river! That water felt wonderful to Henrietta. After they played for awhile they rested in the sun. 

Once fully rested Henrietta continued walking and Myrtle and Tulag rode along with her. They really had no destination in mind, but they weren’t worried. At least they were together. Henrietta started singing as she walked, for she was so happy. 

“Ummm… Henrietta, do my ears a favor, and please, don’t sing!” Myrtle said. 

Henrietta laughed. “Did you ask if I could sing louder? Sure I can!” and she did. 

Poor Myrtle and Tulag buried their heads inside their shells, until Henrietta finally stopped singing. 

The three were headed to find adventure, but Myrtle secretly hoped that the adventure would have nothing to do with singing! 







Finding Peace


This is the second part  to Monday’s post. Here is the link, if you missed reading the first part. Summer with the Elephants

Gavin was walking through the reserve. He had only been on the reserve for 3 weeks now, but he felt like it had been a lot longer. He had fallen in love with the elephants and with the reserve. Gavin had always loved wide open spaces. Had wanted to live in the country as a child, but they lived in the city. Being here in Africa, on the elephant reserve, he felt like he was finally where he belonged, his heart was full. 

One day Derek had taken Gavin and Camille out to see more of the reserve. It was huge, over 70,000 acres! There were more than just elephants! Gavin and Camille got to see giraffes and zebras and rhinos. Gavin was impressed at how graceful the giraffes looked as he watched them walk. They didn’t look gangly with their long necks, but elegant instead. 

Gavin smiled to himself as he remembered that day. It had given him a chance to get to know Camille better. She had just come a week ago, but she took charge right away. She was so grateful to Derek for letting her come and Gavin could tell that she was going to work as hard as she could to show him that he had made the right decision. She was feisty with a lot of energy. 

Camille was very friendly, and Gavin looked forward to working with her for the summer. She was average height, about 5’5 with dark brown hair that seemed to have a bronze glow to it. She had the cutest dimples when she smiled, and dark brown expressive eyes. 

“Hey Gavin…”  Gavin turned his head to see Derek walking towards him. 

“Did you need something?”  Gavin asked. I lost track of time walking around out here, just admiring the beauty. 

“All is fine, I was just going to ask if you had seen Camille?” Gavin shook his head. 

“Well if you see her, tell her I would like to see her please.”  Derek said. “Enjoy the rest of  your walk. I have been here for 7 years and I still get awed by its beauty.”  Derek clapped on him on the shoulder, and then turned to walk back to his office. 

Gavin continued on his way. He decided to walk down to the lake. Maybe he would get to see the elephants and rhinos playing in the water. He walked on and when he arrived at the lake he saw that he wouldn’t be alone. Camille was sitting down by the water. She had her back turned, so she didn’t see Gavin coming. 

He quietly walked down to her and she turned her head just as he was almost to her. Her face broke out into a bright smile. “Hi Gavin!” she said.

“Hi!” he replied, as he sat down beside her on the grass. 

2 elephants were playing in the water. It was Kenna and her baby Bubbles. Bubbles loved the water. He kept spraying himself. Gavin and Camille sat in silence, watching the elephants. 

Camille sighed. “This was just what I needed.” she said. 

“Sitting down her by the lake?” questioned Gavin. 

“No, coming here, this whole summer. A break from the real world.” 

Gavin was quiet, seeing if she would say more. She hadn’t talked much about her life back home. 

Her face was serene as Gavin looked at her. 

“I just had to get away. You know, sometimes, one just needs an escape, right?” 

Gavin nodded. “Yes, I understand.” he said, as questions were running through his mind. 

Bubbles started walking towards Gavin. Gavin had been working with him these past 3 weeks and felt elated that Bubbles was coming to say HI. He lifted his trunk and sprayed Gavin with the cool lake water. 

Camille was laughing, as she stood up. “I just noticed the time, I forgot I had a meeting with Derek. I better go. You may want to lie in the sun a little to dry off. See you at supper. ” she said with a twinkle in her eye. 

Gavin watched her walk away, and he couldn’t help but smile as he turned back around and looked at Bubbles. He patted his trunk. Oh yes,  this could be an interesting summer Bubbles! Gavin was sure Bubbles smiled, as she nuzzled him with her trunk. 






Finding a Place to Call Home!


This story is continued from yesterday’s post. Journey into the Unknown 

“What are we going to do now? We were following her. I have no clue which way to go now!” Libby moaned, “We are going to die out here, I just know it! We never should have tried to escape, what were we thinking!” 

Jill held her head as it was pounding from lack of sleep and not enough water. Libby’s yelling wasn’t helping any either! “Just eat some peanut butter crackers and let me think for a moment.” Jill snapped at Libby. 

“I would if I could, but it seems that she didn’t just run away from us, but she took all the food too! What little we had. Like I said, we are all going to die!”  Libby kept muttering to herself, as Jill started walking away, to get some peace. 

Jill watched the lizard slither past her. For a moment she wondered what would happen if they were to really get desperate for food, could she eat a …. ? As quickly as the thought entered her mind, she shook her head, making a face. No, she couldn’t do that! Then she heard a sound that sent chills through her, causing her to lose her balance and stumble. 

Oooh! She slid down over the rocks, stopping at the bottom of the hill. Pain coursed through her, and she had a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach when she looked at her foot, that was turned at an awkward angle. It was broken, she was sure of it. Again she heard the sound that brought chills. Was it a mountain lion or was it just her overactive imagination?  Right now she was really praying that her imagination was playing tricks on her. 

Lisette had done another inspection of her Inn. She was nervous, she wanted everything to be perfect for her parent’s arrival. She was so eager to show them the new life she had made for herself and to approve of it. She knew they really missed her, but she hoped that when they saw how happy she was here, that they would agree that she had found a wonderful place to settle down at. Of course, her Mom would want to know how many eligible bachelors were in the town? Lisette shook her head, she hadn’t even given guys a thought, she had been too busy for that! 

The town had been all abuzz again. Luke and his officers had tracked down Miss. Jill and Miss. Libby. They were safely back in prison. There had been no sign of Tanya. Looked like she had eluded them once again, though no one gave her much chance of survival. The peanut butter crackers and apples that she had on her could only last so long. Plus Luke had heard a Mountain Lion in the distance when they found Miss. Jill and Miss. Libby. One could only imagine the dangers that Tanya might encounter. 

it appeared that Miss. Libby was so glad in being rescued that she was spilling out everything. She admitted to threatening Miss. Jill, when Jill wanted to stop with the drug smuggling. Lisette was glad to hear that it looked like Miss. Jill would get a lighter sentence. 

Lisette took the dust cloth over the bookshelves one more time and then put it away. The Inn was spotless, everything was ready for her parent’s arrival tomorrow morning. She only had one guest right now staying at the Inn. A young lady named Sarah, who was an amazing pianist. Lisette enjoyed hearing the music through the Inn in the evenings. She was hoping to get a job at the library. Lisette thought she and Ellen, the librarian would work really well together. Ellen was about the sweetest lady you could meet, and a walking encyclopedia of information. Always interesting tidbits to share. 

The crock pot was simmering and starting to feel the kitchen with a good smell of a tender pork roast. It still had an hour to go, so Lisette thought she would take a walk to the park. 

She had walked a few blocks to the park and just sat down on the bench, pulling out one of her favorite books to read. Opening it up to the 10th chapter, she started to read, when she heard her name being called. 

“Lisette, Lisette, come play with us!”  She raised her head and saw Teddy and Susie looking at her. They were tossing a frisbee back and forth. They were a fun brother and sister that Lisette had babysat before. She did want to know what happened in her book, but the mystery could wait. Laying the book down, she got up and jogged towards them. “I’m coming!” and she caught the frisbee heading her way. Life was good! 

There was a limping figure walking slowly along the side of the road. “Ethan do you see her? She looks like she could use some help?” Jade said, as they were driving down the road. Ethan saw her, but he wished he hadn’t. He was headed to Vegas with the love of his life, he didn’t want to stop for a hitchhiker. 

Jade tugged on his arm, “We have to help her.”  Ethan smiled, Jade had such a caring heart, no wonder he loved her so much. He pulled his truck to a stop on the side of the road. 

Tanya saw the blue truck pull over and stop on the side of the road. Were they stopping for her, she wondered. Her mouth was parched, her throat so sore, and her legs felt like jelly. She felt like she could barely take another step. A free ride was exactly what she needed! 



Journey into the Unknown


Lisette couldn’t help but sing as she was making breakfast in her spacious kitchen. She was so glad that she hadn’t returned home when all chaos broke out over at Miss. Jill’s shop. She had been scared, not knowing what to do, but there was part of her that just didn’t want to leave. She had made friends here and learned a lot from the stories that Mr. Fluff and Mr.Nutter had told her. Plus now she was as curious as all the other townspeople. They had heard rumors that Miss. Jill and Miss. Libby had escaped from prison. Everyone was anxious to know how things would turn out. Would they find them? Apparently Luke and some others were already leading a search party.

Lisette couldn’t believe how her life had changed. She had never thought that she would be the owner of a Bed and Breakfast, but the sheriff sold it on auction and to her shock there wasn’t anyone else that wanted it! Lisette was so happy, and couldn’t wait to show her parents when they came to visit. Now she had to get back to making her chocolate chip pancakes and strawberry banana French Toast. Her first guests would be down for breakfast soon and she wanted everything to be just right.

Tanya looked behind her and saw that Jill and Libby were getting further and further behind. She could just keep going and lose them, but they did help her escape, so she figured she would be kind and stop. She sat down and took out her water bottle, gulping it down. While waiting for them to catch up she looked around at all the beauty. Sure was a lot nicer than looking at the dingy 4 walls of a prison, like she had done for too long.

This was the perfect place to hide out. They had to be careful climbing though. It would be sad to have escaped from prison only to fall to their deaths out here, and never be found.

At last Jill and Libby caught up to Tanya, with sweat pouring down their faces. They were more than happy to finally sit down! Libby looked cautiously at the mountains ahead.

Tanya saw the concern in Libby’s eyes. “Don’t worry, I will help you.” she said. “You were great back there at the prison. You and the new prisoners. created quite the diversion, upon your arrival.”

Tanya didn’t say how she had inwardly groaned when she realized that they were running right behind her. So much for her being on her own!

Jill was sitting there trying to take everything in. How her life had spiraled out of control! Here she was, an escaped prisoner, sitting in the desert, looking ahead at mountains that she had to climb. She was here with Tanya. Tanya! Everyone had heard of her and the crime she had committed. Jill felt nervous around her, but she felt more nervous being all on her own.

They sat there in silence, all trying to rest a little to prepare for the journey ahead. Their stomachs were growling, and the peanut butter crackers they had in their pockets were barely enough to satisfy. It didn’t take long for all of them to give into their exhaustion and fall asleep.

“Jill, Jill, wake up!” Jill groaned as she slowly opened her eyes. She had been having such a nice dream. Wow! What a beautiful sunset. She was in awe, and then she heard Libby’s words. “Tanya is gone!”


Treasure in the Wheatfield

image from Pinterest

The sun was starting to set and Lisette needed to get home. She knew she would never make it before dark if she went her normal route, so she decided to take a short cut through the wheat field. As she walked she wondered what she was going to do in the next few months. Her one friend was getting married and moving away. Another friend was moving away due to a job transfer, and Lisette’s job was closing its doors at the end of the month. What was she going to do?

She had moved into an apartment, thinking she would feel a surge of independence, with not being at home anymore. Instead she was often lonely and the bills in her mailbox did nothing to boost her joy about being independent. Why had she been in such a hurry to grow up again?

Lisette sighed, as she looked at the sky, wishing for some magical writing to appear, telling her what to do.

Her foot kicked something, and she heard a ringing sound. What was it? She bent down to look and picked up a cowbell. Hmm…she wondered where it came from. The farmer who owned these fields didn’t have any animals, he just planted wheat.

It looked pretty worn, there was writing on it, but it was too faded to read. It still rang though. Lisette rang it again and suddenly there was lots of purple and pink smoke and she was knocked off her feet. When the smoke cleared, she stood up, looked around and she was …. still in the farmer’s wheat field and still holding on to the cowbell.

“Myra! Myra!”

Lisette turned her head, who was that guy running towards her, and why was he calling her Myra?

He threw his arms around her in a tight embrace.

“I am so glad to see you! You came back!”

Lisette was speechless. Looking around some more, she saw how this wasn’t the same wheat field that she had been in. She noticed the 2 story farmhouse that she hadn’t seen before, with its wraparound porch.

“Mama! Mama!” Lisette looked and saw 4 children running towards her! Oh she was not ready to be a Mom! She shook the bell as hard as she could, and POOF! Purple and pink smoke came again and she was knocked off her feet.

Hearing music, she opened her eyes and she felt herself moving. There was flowing water beside her. She was in a gondola and a gondolier was playing an accordian.

Ahhh! Now this was more like it, thought Lisette. She looked down at the cowbell still in her hand. This may be the most valuable thing she had ever found, she felt like a great adventure awaited her!