Friday’s Super Short Stories!

When your husband can name the title and artist by just hearing the first few notes of a song …  but can’t remember what you told them 5 minutes ago. 

When you run out the door … thinking you have everything … but  usually find yourself running back in for something … like the keys! 

For the times when the world seems dark … a reminder that it really is wonderful, and that Kindness can make it shine even brighter!




33 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. When your wife can remember every incorrect, inappropriate, inconsiderate, thing that you have ever said and quote it back to you with date and time stamp, but cannot remember to check the oil in the car or something.

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  2. Perhaps you don’t realize how often some husband’s, like me, rack our brains trying to remember what their significant other told them five minutes ago. The problem we have is that our wives talk so much about everything that we have a hard time distinguishing that which is important to pay attention to, from that which is worthy of flying out the opposite ear.

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      • The problem that I don’t think women understand is that women can say many times more words per hour than a man-brain can process. I have noticed this with daughters and exwife and all. Women just have a much larger capacity for words and expect men to have the same capacity, which we don’t. We get overwhelmed and many things never make it through to our consciousness. So women conclude that we are ignoring them, or not taking them seriously or whatever.

        Think of a glass coke bottle and a handful of marbles. If you slowly put the marbles in the coke bottle one at a time, they will all make it in there. If you just drop them all at once over the coke bottle, most will bounce away and only a couple will make it in. Man brains are like the coke bottle when it comes to words as there is a restricted flow-rate in our out. Woman brains seem to be like a wide-mouth jar when it comes to word flow-rate.

        That’s my theory.

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