Truth or Dare … Flying Ice Cream … Unique Fish Tanks and Other Rare Facts!


Where there’s a will, there is a Way!


That is one unique fish tank!


Another reason to visit Ireland.


Umm…No thanks! This feels like a Truth or Dare game, I will take Truth instead.


I would say that is the Best bargain she ever got! I buy stuff from flea markets thinking they are valuable and …. haven’t found tbat one gem yet!


Sweet! ❤

The Secret in the Flowers

This is the continuation of Thursday’s post,Secrets of The Garden

Another day had gone by and Owen was no closer to having an answer to the mysterious note that he had found. He had checked the other bricks but didn’t find any others with secret hiding places in them.

“Nestled in among the flowers, safe from the weather.” What could it be? He tried to check but was careful not to hurt any flowers as he searched. Was he supposed to dig them up? The last thing he wanted to do was risk killing his Grandma Elizabeth’s flowers. She would NOT be happy!

Sitting at the round table he thought back in time. His grandma still had the same green tablecoth. How many games of parcbesi and dominoes had they played on this table?

When Owen walked through the living room earlier he couldn’t resist helping himself to candy from her glass dish. Some things never changed. Still had circus peanuts and the soft pastel mints.

As a young boy he remembered walking with his grandma through her garden as she talked with him, and then he would watch her work. He would help her weed at times but the time that he accidentally pulled out more flowers than weeds made her think of other things she could have him do.

Today was Saturday and a memory came back to him about Saturdays in the garden. Grandma would always make bouquets of fresh flowers for people. If you were sick, or hurting and Grandma Elizabeth found out, she would make up one of her beautiful bouquets to bring some cheer.

He wondered if she still did that. Knowing her she probably did. As long as sbe could still get around he was pretty confident that she would keep it up.

Owen laughed. A memory came back to him about George. Poor George! He had a crush on Elizabeth after she lost her husband, but she was not interested!

George, feeling desperate for her attention had pretended to be ailing, knowing she would bring some flowers and maybe her good cooking to cheer him.

She fell for it for a little while but Owen’s grandma was no dummy, she soon figured out that nothing was ailing George.

After she went off on him for faking being sick, she made him wish that he never had done it. Everyone knew that  his grandma Elizabeth gave long winded lectures.

But before she lectured him she had put castor oil in the soup that she had made for him. The face that poor George made had his Grandma doubled over laughing. Whenever she told the story she couldn’t help but laugh. She cured him alright! He never pulled a stunt like that again.

Owen thought of his classmate Katrina. He had lost contact wifh her after high-school but she had adored his grandma. All of her grandparents had died when Kstrina was little. His Grandma Elizabeth had “adopted” her as a grandchild. 

Katrina had told him how in between his grandma’s talks about flowers and life she taught Katrina a lot. That she always left his grandma’s house with a smile on het face and flowers in her hands.

Owen couldn’t deny the wisdom his grandma had. She knew a lot about flowers, her garden was the envy of all her neighbors. But more than flowers she knew the secrets of life. Something Owen was still trying to figure out.

The GrandFather clock chimed 11 times. It was time for Owen to get to bed. He finished his milk and headed out of the kitchen, turning off the light. Maybe tomorrow would shine more light behind the mysterious words in the note.

“Ding Dong! Ding Dong!” The bell kept ringing. Owen’s mind was foggy at first as he woke up. Who was ringing the doorbell at 7am?

He opened the door to see little Miss Amelia staring back at him through her spectacles. “Where is Elizabeth?” She frowned at him in his disheveled state. “What are you doing here, is she not well?”

“All is fine.  She is traipsing around Europe with her book club and I am watching her house for her.”

“Ahh! I wondered where she was. I always see her walking among the flowers in the early morning hours.”

“I bet you were wondering”, thought Owen. Everyone knew that Miss Amelia thought she needed to know everyone’s business.

“Well, I hope she has a good time. Will she be back soon?”

Owen gave an evasive answer, which he knew she didn’t like. He thanked her for her concern and practically closed the door in her face before she could ask more questions. He was glad to fall back into bed, only to be awakened an hour later by the church bells ringing.

The little brown church in the vale. How many Sunday mornings as a child did he hear those bells? He decided to get up and get ready to go. It had been a long time since he had visited his grandparent’s church.

The pastor was a friendly man and happy to see Owen. “Your grandmother is one special lady. We always appreciate the gorgeous flower bouquets she brings each Sunday. Many times I have walked with her among the flowers on a Sunday afternoon. When I was discouraged she would make me smile. Her secret garden blooms so well and it is no secret as to why.

Owen nodded his head, though not understanding. He shook the pastor’s hand and bid him goodbye.

With the weather so pleasant and warm he decided to eat in the garden. He sat quietly thinking over what Katrina had shared long ago and what the pastor had told him. Suddenly it came to him. There was no need for digging up his grandmother’s flowers. The secret to the note was now as plain to him as the nose on his face.

There wasn’t anything tangible among the flowers. It was the love and care that she shared with others when sharing her flowers. Things from the heart that no bad weather could touch. Love made her flowers and the hearts of others bloom.

Smiling he lifted his glass in the air. “A toast to you, Grandma Elizabeth. For all the love you have shared! The true beauty nestled within your flowers.

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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

We could have got 11 inches of snow, but only ended up with ahout 4 inches, before the rest turned to sleet and rain. Now on Thursday they are calling for an arctic blast of 9 degrees!Too COLD! At least I have my coffee, tea and hot cocoa. Stay Warm and I hope you enjoy the quotes today!





This is why I won’t try to go without chocolate that long. Its obviously dangerous!







Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Strawberries and chocolate make the perfect combination for a yummy lunch!

I have to pick out frames this week for some reading glasses. Giving in to getting them. I used to have to wear glasses all the time so I won’t complain. I remember when I was little picking out rainbow frames and thinking they were so cool. Think I will stick to just one color this time. 🙂

You only have one set of eyes so treat them well! Enjoy reading the following quotes.










Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Welcome to the Evening edition, though for some it may be morning now. This post is later than usual due to technical difficulties, aka stupid phone! In spite of them being later I hope you enjoy them! May you find some that speak to your heart and others that make you laugh. Feel free to let  me know in the comments.





You know who you are! 😄



Another way to “Dance” in the Rain!






The Wedding Crashers!

From my photos

Word was getting around, they were becoming well known, though the truth of who they really were remained a mystery.

No one knew their true names but everyone wished they did. Couples dreamed of them showing up at their wedding!

These were not your typical Wedding Crashers, they did not cause a ruckus, they brought happiness.

This trio would crash wedding receptions all over the Southern states. There were rumors that they were moving up the East Coast and people were excited.

Why did they create such a stir? It was because they gave out grand amounts of money to the Newlyweds!

Not counterfeit money, not Monopoly money, real money that you could take to the bank.

No one knew their story, how did they have such vast sums of money to give away? Where were they from? How did they pick which weddings to go too?

It had been noted that they did not appear at the real fancy, rich weddings.

They were like Santa Claus, only there were three of them. Giving out large sums of money was not the only thing they did. They also put on a song and dance routine during the reception. They all tapped dance amazingly well.

The guests were always pleased to watch them sing and dance. Plus all the guests would put their names in a hat and the Wedding Crashers would draw out 10 names. 10 lucky guests would win fabulous new cars!

Plenty rumors went around at how they came by so much money. Bank robberies or were they just billionaires that didn’t know what to do with their money?

Jacob tried his best to track them down, but so far had been unsuccessful! This was turning out to be one extremely hard case to crack. They hid very well!

He shut off his computer and called it a day, ready to relax at home. Jacob found himself smiling at the warm thought of who he had to go home too.

His beautiful wife, Kimberly and their adopted daughter Molly. She was adorable, and she was coming out of her shell more each day.

She still didn’t talk a lot but she had started using some real words and those words brought tears to his eyes.

He was so glad to be able to have her at one of the finest school’s and with a with an amazing speech therapist.

Yes, he may not know the Wedding Crashers, but someday he really did hope he could track them down. Jacob longed to find them, he had been raised to be a proper Southern gentleman and he wanted to say a personal thanks! The trio had made his wedding extra special 3 years ago and he would never forget it.

It was because of them that Molly could get the help she needed and he would forever be grateful to the Mysterious Trio!

Climbing the Hill

8b932eaa6aecc211c6dd47cf88e6eebb pinterest

Jeremy had almost made it up the steep hill. He was getting tired, but was excited and looking forward to his last stop.

He really did enjoy his job of delivering bread, to those who couldn’t leave their homes. They were always so happy to see him and thankful for his gift of bread. Delivering the bread took double the time that it should, but that’s because he always got invited inside, and how could he refuse. The majority of his customers were widows, they were lonely and his visits would brighten their week.

There was sweet, little Mary, whose silver hair had a shine to it. She always was smiling, and every time he came she had fresh chocolate cake for him, with peanut butter icing. It was one of the best cakes that Jeremy ever had tasted.

Miss. Catherine was Mary’s neighbor and she had 5 cats. A very caring lady, who had a heart for animals. Jeremy had to be quick when he opened her door to to deliver her bread. It took him forever one time to find Coal one night, after it had escaped. Coal was her black cat, and Jeremy would have never found him if it wouldn’t have been for his emerald green eyes that glowed in the dark.

Jeremy shook his head as he thought of his other customers, the Bisby twin sisters. They were as chatty as could be, but they often made him laugh. They finished each other’s sentences all the time, almost like they could read each other’s minds. The sisters always insisted that Jeremy come in and have tea with them. Jeremy wasn’t really a tea drinker, but he couldn’t tell them. Why they thought everyone loved their special recipe. Often times Jeremy wondered if it was really “tea” that he was drinking.

Honeynut bread was for Mr.Graham, he was the one man that lived on Jeremy’s route and Jeremy would often play a game of Scrabble with him when he would deliver his bread. Mr. Graham may be old, but he was still very sharp when it came to word games. He also enjoyed playing Battleship with Jeremy, and usually he won.

Tonight Jeremy had a surprise for Mr.Graham. He had baked him a special cake, for his birthday was tomorrow!

Mr.Graham’s house was at the very top of the hill, and Jeremy saw it now, he had made it!

He knocked on his door and he heard Mr.Graham’s voice.

“Come on in Jeremy!”

Jeremy walked in with a smile holding the birthday cake in his hands.

“Happy Birthday!”

Mr.Graham’s face lit up.

“You remembered my birthday!”

“Yes, and I made your favorite icing, salted caramel.”

“Oh my! How nice of you! Thank you! Now come sit down and enjoy a piece with me. Then we can play Scrabble.  It may be my birthday tomorrow and I may be over the hill, but that doesn’t mean I will let you beat me.”  he said to Jeremy.

Jeremy laughed, ” I am sure you won’t!” he said as he took a seat at the table.

He didn’t get paid any cash for delivering bread, but no price could be put on the rewards of friendship!




Friday’s Super Short Stories!

When your husband can name the title and artist by just hearing the first few notes of a song …  but can’t remember what you told them 5 minutes ago. 

When you run out the door … thinking you have everything … but  usually find yourself running back in for something … like the keys! 

For the times when the world seems dark … a reminder that it really is wonderful, and that Kindness can make it shine even brighter!