Who Was She?

I really can’t believe that I find myself continuing this saga of Anna who is now Tanya, but …. it just keeps going. Thanks to all of you who continue to enjoy her story, and to those of who make it hard to stop the story! If you missed the last part, here is the link.To Dive or Not to Dive?

What was she to do?? She felt herself slump to the floor in the corner of the restroom and she put her face into her hands. Perhaps it wasn’t the same Luke, there had to be other Luke’s out there who lived on a farm and had strange cows named Betsy, right? Tanya groaned, she knew it was Luke and soon her whole cover would be blown! She sighed, she knew what she had to do.

Patrick was stirring his spoon around in his empty cup staring straight ahead. He didn’t even notice Tanya coming back to the table, until she touched his arm.

“Thanks for lunch, but I am sorry I have to leave, I am really not feeling too good.” she said, as she looked directly into Patrick’s dark brown eyes. Tanya didn’t have to pretend to make a sad expression, she really was upset. If things would be different, she may have enjoyed getting to know Patrick. She liked the way his dimples showed when he smiled, but he wasn’t smiling now.

Patrick nodded his head, mumbled a short goodbye and went back to stirring his spoon around in the empty cup, wearing a somber expression.

Tanya stood there for a moment, something was definitely wrong. What had happened between the time she was in the restroom and now she wondered. It was then that she noticed his cell phone on the table. The screen had the words. “Call from Luke”  displayed on it. Patrick turned his head ever so slightly towards her and looked into her eyes. This time she felt pierced by his gaze. She turned away without a word and ran out of the restaurant.

Tanya’s arms were growing so tired, she was rowing faster than she ever had before. She had to get back to her cottage quickly, grab her things and leave. Leave the island that had just started feeling like home to her. She really didn’t want to leave, she loved living by the sea, but she had no choice or did she?

Perhaps Patrick hadn’t told Luke about her and maybe his somber look was for a totally different reason. Tanya knew she had an overactive imagination, maybe she shouldn’t run. Is that what her life was going to be like, running every time she got spooked?

She slowed down her rowing and let herself drift for awhile. What were the chances that Luke would ever think to look for her here? Why shouldn’t she go diving with Patrick? That cave really did pique her interest, she couldn’t leave without going there.

Tanya smiled and let herself breath easier. She wasn’t going to panic anymore. She would call Patrick up tomorrow and make plans for their cave adventure.

Later that night Patrick was sitting at home in his overstuffed recliner. He was trying to relax with a movie, but his mind was consumed with his earlier conversation with Luke.

There were things that they still weren’t 100 percent sure of, but if their hunches were correct than Miss.Tanya’s life was soon going to change.

It was a shame really, Patrick did like the girl, but they had to do what they had to do.

First though they had to prove that she was really Anna and not Tanya. Would their plan work?









70 thoughts on “Who Was She?

  1. I think this really is a romance. Patrick is going to try to entrap Tanya into revealing her true identity. But in the process, he’s going to fall in love with her. Then he’s going to decide to join her in a life of crime and romance. They’ll be the Kissing Bandits, or the Moonstruck Murderers, or some such thing. And maybe Betsy the Cow will join them, and they’ll be a gang of three, wreaking havoc upon the land (and sea).

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  2. Good story. Needs more cowbell or at least a cow.

    Does Tanya get phone service way out on her island?

    Perhaps Tanya runs into a woman in town who looks a bit like her, we’ll call her Tonya. And Tonya has an irritable cow that is always in the wrong place at the wrong time, we’ll call her Bessie. So Tanya hires Tonya and Bessie to act as decoys for Bo and Luke, I mean Patrick and Luke. Patrick and Luke close in on who they think is Tanya. The see Bessie and think that it is Betsy there to help. By doing this Tonya and Bessie give Tanya time to escape, but she hasn’t outsmarted Betsy. A pie fight ensues and we end with a freeze frame.

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    • OH my gosh! LOL!!
      I had a feeling that “Tonya and Bessie” would somehow make it into the story. Just so you know I did have to correct myself twice when writing the story and typing Tonya accidentally!
      So who wins the pie fight?? You always end your stories leaving me wondering…. I “never” do that with my stories! 🙂
      Oh, and can’t forget the important detail you brought up. Yes, she gets phone service , as long as she stands in one special spot on the island. If she moves away from it than the phone connection dies.

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      • It just seems like I saw a lot of shows end with a pie fight when I was a kid and I was thinking about that. I thought that would be good for a laugh. Perhaps Betsy wins with her secret cow pies.

        One thing I am curious about is how they will confirm that Tanya is Anna. Is there a secret birthmark in the shape of a chicken on her back? DNA testing? Betsy?

        And how many more cousins do Patrick and Luke have that could be lurking about?

        And who would rent a speed boat to a cow to begin with?

        I predict a large series of sequel and prequels to this story.

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        • Yes, there were a lot of pie fights on tv. 🙂
          I would def not want to be hit by Betsy’s pies!!

          A chicken birthmark? Oh my brain!

          Well maybe they have one more cousin named Bo! 😛

          Wait! No one rented a boat to Betsy! To think that Colin and Tippy call me the delusional one!

          And “No comment” about your last words! LOL!

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