Friday’s Super Short Stories!

21 years ago I had the precious gift of becoming a MOM! Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter … Work gave her the day off… (and the day before … and the day before that … and …. Hey, 21 is a special age! :))  What were you doing when you were 21? 

2020: When CV caused school closure, which caused some parents to practice homeschooling their little ones, which created a deeper appreciation for teachers! 

2020: When you got to know the people living in your house, for you all weren’t rushing out the door at various times throughout the day! 

23 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. I was looking forward to getting married the year I was 21, and my fiance gave me a box of chocolates for my 21st with Happy Easter on them. Easter was in early April that year and my birthday is in May. I guess it was the thought that mattered, but sadly the marriage folded after 3 years.


  2. It has been said by my dear Children that my epitaph should read : She Had A Quote For That! I suppose I could do worse. In an effort to fulfill that prophecy, I shall indeed offer a quote or two for the first story. I was introduced to Erma Bombeck back in my senior year in 1965 through the newspaper columns that my Mother loved and shared. Erma wrote several books during her career that went from 1965 up to her death in 1996. If you have never read any of them, I suggest the posthumous tribute book of 1996 “Forever, Erma : Best-Loved Writing By America’s Favorite Humorist.” The quote : “Giving birth is little more than a set of muscular contractions granting passage of a child. Then the Mother is born.” It would seem that extending to you my Congratulations in honor of this momentous occasion are in order, albeit 21 years late! My Best Wishes are extended to your Daughter on reaching this milestone. Orson Wells said : “At twenty-one, so many things appear solid, permanent, untenable.” During these times that may not in actuality be true for many of our young people attaining the age of 21, may their futures look and become brighter very soon. On the second story : Seeing my youngest Daughter’s exhaustion whilst FaceTiming with Benjamin gives credence to your story! On the third story : I have thought, and said, that 2020’s social distancing and the isolating of people & families within the confines of their homes will result in one of two things. 1) Bringing them more tightly bonded than at any other point. Or 2) Driving them irreparably apart. Hopefully all will end in the first group!! Enjoy the day! Thank-you!

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    • LOL at your epitaph! I love the quotes you share. Keep sharing!
      Thanks for the Congrats and yes I assure you its Number 2! 🙂
      I can well imsgine your daughter’s exhaustion. Its been a long time since my kids have been Benjamin’s age but I well remember!


    • Thanks Meg! You are right, people are waiting longer now, which I don’t think is a bad thing. I would have fit into the times now I was one of the “OOOH I will never get married, I am so old” girls back in the day. For I was the “old” age of 25 when I got married. It felt so old for I had been in so many of my friend’s weddings. But i was just waiting for the best to show up! 🙂


  3. Happy Birthday to your girl!

    In March of my 21st year ~> I went to St. Thomas for Spring Break . . . by myself! All my friends were headed to Florida but Florida didn’t seem warm enough or tropical enough or exciting enough for me. So I flew to Charlotte Amalie (my 1st solo flight) and stayed at the Windward Passage, enjoying the beaches and the pina coladas and fellow travelers.

    It was in the 80’s all week . . . Florida was in the 60’s. I made the right call!

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  4. The times sure have changed from when I was 21 to now. Course I’m so old, I don’t remember but do remember things weren’t anything like they are now. Hope your daughter had a fabulous 21st and the celebration continues well throughout the weekend.


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