Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Halfway through this CRAZY train ride of 2020 … Covid-19 better miss the train for 2021!

Car Shopping …. Husband: Needs to get good gas mileage … Me: NEEDS to be a pretty color. 

Friendship makes the heart shine, like sunlight dancing on the water! 

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Friday’s Super Short Stories!

21 years ago I had the precious gift of becoming a MOM! Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter … Work gave her the day off… (and the day before … and the day before that … and …. Hey, 21 is a special age! :))  What were you doing when you were 21? 

2020: When CV caused school closure, which caused some parents to practice homeschooling their little ones, which created a deeper appreciation for teachers! 

2020: When you got to know the people living in your house, for you all weren’t rushing out the door at various times throughout the day!