Sugar Overload!


I love to write stories and the great “followers” I have make it even more enjoyable. They sometimes inspire stories to take twists and turns that I would have never thought of, as they show their own creative knack for writing. You may remember reading some of  Jason’s stories before. The ones about Betsy ( The amazing cow, that does more than I ever thought she would!) , in my ongoing Anna/Tanya series. I have used his photos before as well for inspiration for a story. Recently he sent me a short story that I was just waiting for the right time to share. I thought of it again after stopping at Starbucks recently,  and figured that I would share a smile with all of you today. If you go to Starbucks or have a craving for lots of sweet things, you may be able to identify with the poor lady in this story. All the people in the story are fictional, any similarity to anyone living is probably just coincidental. Enjoy! 

Mason Picklefoot was a terribly handsome fellow that ran the coffee shop in Bittersweet Creek. One morning he was idly enjoying his second cup of dark roast black coffee of the morning when up the walk came Cara Mellow and boy was she excited. “Today is my birthday!” she exclaimed “and I get a free coffee drink on my birthday!” Mason, being the shrewd businessman, checked her ID and sure enough today Cara was two score and ten years old. He was a bit shocked as she didn’t look a day over 40.

“OK” he said “Happy birthday to you. What’ll you have?”

“Oh” Cara Mellow giggled with delight “I’ll have my usual caramel cream latte, but add an extra pump of whipped topping…. oh and some extra caramel, and maybe a few marshmallows, and an extra pump of whipped topping, and sprinkles, lots of sprinkles.”

“OK, Mrs. Mellow, you’re the birthday girl. Your order will be ready in a few minutes.” Mason said.

Mason put the order on the counter, called Cara’s name and she fetched her coffee and went on about her merry way.

A few hours later, Bard Mellow came into the coffee shop and asked Mason if he’d seen Cara. “She left here a couple of hours ago, turned left and headed up town.” Mason said. So, Bard headed up town in search of his dear wife.

He soon came across the Gummy Bottom Candy Shoppe and saw Horace the shopkeeper cleaning up a huge mess in his store. Looking up, Horace saw Bard and said “Hey, your wife was here not long ago and look at the mess she made!”

“What happened?” asked Bard.

“Well, she came in here with sort of a wild look in her eyes and a sugary foam around her mouth.” Horace began. “She started talking about it being her birthday and wanting some candy to celebrate. First she tried the chocolate gummy chews, then the caramel sticky drops, then she began to run frantically from candy jar to candy jar trying everything. She was in such a hurry that she knocked several of the jars to the floor and made this mess.”

“How much do I owe you?” Bard said. After paying half of his week’s wage to Horace, he continued down the street looking for his dear Cara.

He next came across Mr. Tippner’s Bicycle shop and noticed Mr. Tippner repairing a damaged bike. Mr. Tippner looked up and said “Hey Bard, your wife was in hear earlier and look what she did. First she started telling me about the tricks that she could do when she was a little girl and then grabbed this bicycle to show me. Unfortunately she didn’t see the hotdog vendor or the open manhole cover in time to stop.”

“How much to I owe you.” poor Bard said.

Bard continued to walk through town looking for Cara when he came to old man Fuzzywhistle’s farm and there he saw the strangest thing. There was Cara talking and waving her arms animatedly to a cow. The cow was standing there calmly, chewing on some hay, and appeared to be taking in the entire story that Cara was telling her.

Bard came up and put his jacket over his beloved Cara’s shoulders saying “Come on dear, it’s time to go home and have a nap.”

“But I was just telling Betsy here about my wonderful birthday, and the fancy coffee, and the…”
“I know, dear, let’s just get you home.” And Bard lovingly took Cara home so she could sleep off her sugar high.

The End.


The Surprise Shower

If you missed Part 1, here is a link Now what??

They all stood in front of the door of the mysterious house reading the note that had been under the doormat. Tink was holding the key which had been under the mat as well. In the note it has said that he was supposed to be the first one to walk in the door. 

“I wonder why you have to walk in the door first.” said Snowball. 

“Me too!” said the others, and Tink’s face grew red. 

“I am not sure that I want to walk through the door first. Who knows what is in there?” 

“That is true, a strange bird could come flying out and attack you!” said Snowball. 

“Or perhaps a hippo!” said Alabaster. 

Everyone gave Alabaster a strange look. “A hippo?” said Jinx. 

“Hey, you never know!” replied Alabaster, looking sheepish.  

Tink shook his head as he put the key in the door. What did he have to be nervous about? He was letting his imagination get the best of him. 

He turned the lock, and said “Here I go!” The others stood back a little as they watched him. 

Tink walked in and “KERPLUNK!” a large bucket fell on him dumping out a ton of confetti all over him! He stood there in shock as the others were laughing. 

They all noticed the banner stretched across the room at the same time. “Happy Birthday Tink!” 

“Hey, we didn’t know it was your birthday!” Snowball said. 

“Well apparently Candy Cane found out.” said Tink. 

“Ahh! Santa must have told her, Santa knows everything!” Jinx said. 

Spying the large Double Chocolate birthday cake on the counter, they all headed over to help themselves. 2 pots of coffee were beside it. 

“Wow! This is one BIG cake and look at ALL the candles, how old are you Tink?” asked Snowball. Tink’s face flushed once again. 

“I am not sure if we should light all of them,  look how many candles there are! Is it safe?” Snowball asked. 

“Sure!” said Jangle, “Here, I will light the match” and he picked up the matches that were lying on the counter. 

After all the candles were lit, they told Tink to take a deep breath for there were soooo many candles. 

Tink took a deep breath as he made a wish and then he started to blow. He blew as hard as he could, but there were just too many candles and it started getting smoky!

“SPLASH!!!” Tink and his friends were suddenly getting rained upon inside! That is when they noticed the sign on the stove saying about how there was an indoor sprinkler system installed for fire protection. 

It didn’t take long at all for the candles to go out and the smoke to go away causing the sprinklers to stop. The friends all looked at each other and were speechless for a moment as they were dripping wet. Then Snowball spoke up. 

“Do you think Candy Cane knew about this sprinkler system?” 

Alabaster said, “Do you think that she purposely put that many candles on the cake knowing that it would set off the sprinkler system?” 

“Nah!” Jinx replied , “but yet….” and they all were thinking. Suddenly they were startled by a sound. Turning their heads they looked out the window and saw Dinosauris landing on the top of the hill. They were ready to go, they had some questions for Candy Cane! 


Friday’s Super Short Stories!

21 years ago I had the precious gift of becoming a MOM! Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter … Work gave her the day off… (and the day before … and the day before that … and …. Hey, 21 is a special age! :))  What were you doing when you were 21? 

2020: When CV caused school closure, which caused some parents to practice homeschooling their little ones, which created a deeper appreciation for teachers! 

2020: When you got to know the people living in your house, for you all weren’t rushing out the door at various times throughout the day! 

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

When your great-niece is too snug in her little “submarine” and hasn’t got the message yet about it being time to evacuate! 

When the cake is sweet … but the love wrapped into it is even sweeter! 

Another year older …  and the heart made even more SWEETER, by the gifts (that can’t be tied with a bow)  of love from family and friends !

Feeling Blessed!

Today I want to give a shout out once again to my dear family, if you all don’t mind!

I want to honor my sisters today. I was blessed with 2 older sisters and cherish them both!

I will get to see my one sister in a couple weeks which I am looking forward too. I have many fond childhood memories of growing up together. We rushed our stuffed animals to the “vet” many times in our bedroom and we danced in our family room as we pretended to be Princesses, waiting for our Prince. We shared a bed and she often had to tell me to be quiet and stop laughing so that she could go to sleep! Yes, my face was pushed into my pillow many times by her to muffle me before our parents heard!


I love you Sharon!

My other sister had a birthday today, and I was so glad to be able to spend the day today with her!


We got our Happy on, as we chatted, enjoyed a shrimp lunch and made Orchid gardens.




My sister’s orchid wasn’t blooming yet, but it will. The love and happiness she spreads will continue to bloom as well to all those around her long after the orchid’s bloom is done!

I love you Karen, and its not just before you will hit every decade before me. 🙂 I know I shared my Dad’s age when I posted for his birthday, but I think I will be quiet about my sister’s. I don’t want her to follow through with the threat when I was younger, about selling me to the circus! I know, can you imagine, how she could possibly feel like doing that to someone sweet like me!

My heart is full and I found this on Pinterest which describes the relationship with my sisters pretty well! Perhaps you will identify with it as well, your love for a sibling or for a dear friend!




80 years ago!

A great thing happened a very long time ago……………. You won’t read it in the news ………


But its worthy of making the headlines! My Dad was born 80 years ago today!!!!!!!


I LOVE you Dad, and couldn’t be prouder to call myself your baby girl! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Enjoy the little musical tribute. You always wanted to teach yourself piano, perhaps someday you can be like this guy! 🙂



Friday’s Super Short Stories with a Bonus!

Sometimes things don’t go as planned … sometimes they work out better!

Birthdays are a Blessing and should be celebrated no matter how old you get … just be careful with the candles!

Gifts aren’t necessary but its the thought behind them that makes them special!

Happy Friday everyone! I thought I would add a bonus story for today. It’s a longer story but I thought it would be extra appropriate today.

The following excerpt is from a story in “The Odessa Chronicles” that Colin had shared on his blog last month. It is called “The Birthday Surprise” 

Aren’t birthdays special! In this story it was the man-servant’s birthday and Odessa, Dewey and Jaxon wanted to make it special for him, for that’s what friends do for each other right.  They wanted to send him on a vacation and after thinking about how they could manage that Odessa came up with an idea! Enjoy a peek into the story.

The Birthday Surprise

Odessa was jumping up and down. “It’s easy!” she said. “I’ve been flying over the nearby towns, and just recently, they’ve been releasing lots of balloons for some reason.”

Dewey looked at her in disbelief. “What do balloons have to do with the man-servant going on vacation?”

Odessa was still jumping up and down. “Look, Dewey, you’re a cat, so you don’t understand things like air currents, thermals, air travel, gravity, and all that stuff, but I do. We need to get a lot of those balloons, and we’ll soon have the man-servant on his way! Simple! What could possibly go wrong?”

The towns were too far away for Dewey and Jaxon, so they cleared a space in the barn near the roof, as Odessa instructed, and waited. It wasn’t long before they heard the familiar whoosh-whoosh and Odessa arrived with two balloons. Dewey and Jaxon watched in amazement as Odessa let go of them, and they rose gracefully up into the roof of the barn. By the end of that day, all three of them looked in awe at all the balloons that were up in the roof.

Dewey suddenly turned to Odessa. “That’s all very pretty, but how are they going to help us?”

Odessa gave a little grunt of frustration “I wish you were a Barn Owl. Talking to you would be so much easier. Look at those balloons. Don’t they give you any ideas? Have you no imagination?”

Jaxon then started hopping around excitedly. “I know!” he said. “I know! I know how it’s going to work!”

Odessa looked at him. “Good for you, Jaxon. Now, would you mind explaining it to this cat?”

Jaxon looked straight at Dewey. “Now concentrate, Dewey. Odessa brought all those balloons from the town, right?” Dewey nodded. “They don’t belong to us, right? Like, Odessa stole them, right?” Dewey nodded. “Well then, once we tell the man-servant what happened, he will want to take them all back to that town to return them. He can then have a vacation. Brilliant!”

The barn went very quiet as Dewey tried to make sense of what he had just heard. Meanwhile, Odessa had walked away, shaking her head and muttering something about being surrounded by idiots.

A few moments later, Odessa walked back to them. “Listen up you two! You may have no clue about much of anything, but you do have to understand what we are going to do here. This is my plan. We take all those strings hanging down from the balloons and tie them together. Then we all pull hard to bring the balloons down here, where we tie them to something really heavy … say that old tractor in the corner. Then we invite the man-servant over. We give him the balloon strings, cut the ties to the tractor, and then voila! Man-Servant will be able to fly with the balloons, and go wherever he wants to go. He’ll have a lovely adventure-filled vacation!”

Dewey had a big smile on his face, but Jaxon was looking serious. “I have one small question.”

“Okay.” said Odessa. “What part of my plan are you not understanding, Jaxon?”

“Well,” said Jaxon, “when we give him the balloons, and cut the ties on the tractor, the man-servant will fly upwards with the balloons, right?”

“Exactly!” said Odessa. “Now, if only Dewey could grasp that!”

But Jaxon hadn’t finished. “Odessa,” he said, “when the man-servant flies upwards, he’s going to hit the roof of this barn. How does he get himself out through the open door?”

Odessa look stunned for a moment. “Ah … mmm … well … I see you spotted my deliberate mistake, Jaxon. Congratulations! Of course, we need to get the balloons outside the barn before we give them to the man-servant.”

Jaxon was still not happy with Odessa’s plan. “Odessa,” he said again, “won’t the balloons fly away in whatever direction the wind is blowing?”

Odessa looked at him. “Well … yes, of course.”

“Well then,” continued Jaxon, “how will he know where he is going for his vacation, and how will he get back here?”

“Well,” said Odessa, “that’s a minor detail, which I shall have to work on. Give me a few minutes, but in the meantime, let’s get all those balloons tied to the old tractor.”

Are you curious?  What do you think may happen? Would love to hear your thoughts about the story.  If you would like to know what happens in this story and in many others just click on the image of “The Odessa Chronicles” in the column on the right.