The Sunny Side Up Diner (Part 3) The Adventure Begins!

Today was the day! Amy had a restless sleep last night. It felt like she was having crazy dreams all nighr. Dreams of being lost and dragons appearing in her path. Of castles with hidden passage ways.  She awoke early not being able to fall back asleep. The main question rolling around in her brain was what had she got herself into??

Last night her friends had thrown her a surprise going away party! Her boss had closed the diner early and they had the party there. He served her favorite foods all on paper plates. He said he didn’t want anymore broken plates. 

The tears had come easily. It was too easy for her to get emotional. There was just a small group of friends gathered for the party, but they all  were so much more than friends! They had become her family.

She had stayed on her deck late into the night after her party. Listening to the sound of the running water of the creek. She had spent so many hours sitting by the creek pondering life over the years!

How many rides had she taken down the creek in her tube wondering about the family she had never seen? 

The majority of her life had been spent at the RoseBuds Orphanage. They had been very nice to her there, she couldn’t really complain. The hardest thing was watching her friends get adopted and having to say goodbye. She was older when she came to the orphanage, no one wanted an older child. They wanted the sweet, pixie faced little ones. 

When she turned 18 the head mistress of the orphanage hated to say goodbye to her but they both knew she had to move on.

The head mistress really did care about Amy. She showed her love by buying her house for her. Amy was speechless about it! She had fallen in love with the little place, especially the creek.

She had wondered about her family a lot at first, but over the years she had settled into life.  Enjoyed working at the diner and making close friends. They had shown her that strong bonds could be formed by more than blood.

Now in a couple of bours she was embarking on an adventure that could totally change her life. 

She was so glad that Jake was flying with her, as she had never flown. 

Excitement was stirring inside her. It was mixed.with fear and curiosity. Jake hadn’t given her as much information as her curious mind would have liked.

Amy knew that a lady named Mallory wanted to meet Amy,but she really didn’t know why. Jake had told her that she would learn what she needed to know as time went by.

The old map that Jake had given her held a special meaning that Mallory wanted to explain in person.

So many questions lingering  and time had flown. Jake would be here any minute to drive them to the airport.

Amy may have unanswered questions, but she did know 2 things. 1 thing was that she had some.true friends that she knew would stick by her, no matter how her life may change.

 Number 2 was that she was determined that she would enjoy visiting a Country that she had never seen before. She had seen the in the envelope and been in awe! Part of her had wanted to leave the she saw the pictures.

Ding dong! Amy jumped, she had been lost in thought.  

“Top of the morning to you m’lady! Shall we go?”

Amy smiled, took a deep breath and took Jake’s arm. They headed out the door and began the journey to a door that had opened. A door.that could hold many surprises!

14 thoughts on “The Sunny Side Up Diner (Part 3) The Adventure Begins!

  1. The suspense builds, the many unanswered questions keep mounting. I have my suspicions, but perhaps what is seemingly obvious to me will be wrong – much too easy. Thank-you for this delightful entertainment, anxiously awaiting the next installment!

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