The Sunny Side Up Diner (Part 2)

Amy’s mind was spinning. She still felt like she was in a dream. What she didn’t know is was this a “Happily Ever After” type of dream or the other kind? The kind she didn’t wanr to think about.

It had only been a couple days since she had opened the white  envelope that Jake had left for her. It had looked like such an ordinary envelope, but there was nothing ordinary about its contents!

When she had picked it up she was very curious, Jake had never left her any envelopes before. She had put it in her pocket deciding that she would wait until she got home to open it, but her curiosity got the best of her once again! She had  opened it on her break. That was a mistake! She moved through the rest of the day in a daze!

Her poor boss wondered what was going on with her. She was dropping plates and spilling drinks. After breaking her 3rd plate she asked her boss if she could go home early. Amy assured him that she would be back to her normal self the next day. He gave her a perplexed look, she was used to getting those looks from him. 

He would often tell her that she was a very confusing person. Amy would see him smile though as he would walk away shaking his head. 

This time  he threw up his hands and said, “Whatever!” as he walked back.into the kitchen. Amy thought he was probably relieved to have her going.home, no more broken plates!

Amy hadn’t done much when she got home, she wasn’t able to concentrate. She went on a long walk as the contents of the envelope kept going through her mind. 

Jake had come in the next day greeting Amy with a big smile. “Good Morning Sunshine! What a wonderful day it is!”

“Aren’t you a happy one today! I am glad that you appear wide awake, for I have lots of questions for you, my friend! 

Jake let out a soft chuckle and said,”I am sure that you do! I will be happy to help you , all you need to do is ask.” 

Jake stayed at the diner later that day. He waited for Amy to go on her break. She grabbed a plate of food and took a seat across from him.  She noticed more envelopes on the table and what appeared to be a very old map. She was wishing that she had more than a 30 minute break!

Now she sat at her kitchen table thinking over all.that Jake had shared with her. She felt like her brain was in information overload and she still had unanswered questions! Jake had told her that for some of the questions she had she just needed to have patience. The answers would come in time.

Her letter of resignation from the diner laid in front of her. It was ready for her to hand in at work today.  She knew her boss would be upset, but not for long. He always tried to look on the bright side of things, which would explain the name of the diner.

The clock struck 5:30, the sun was rising and ahe had to get teady to go. She took a step out onto her deck and listened to the call of the Whipporwill as she gazed at the beauty of the sunrise. 

Handing in her resignation was just the first step. The first step of many to come. She had no idea of where this adventure would lead , but she felt a boldness in her to start the journey. Was it being brave or was she  crazy? Well that remained to be seen, but she preferred to go with the brave theory.

15 thoughts on “The Sunny Side Up Diner (Part 2)

  1. As I am fairly new to your wonderful blog I am enjoying a new dimension of it. The suspense in your storytelling just keeps mounting, and I am beyond hooked! I am an avid reader, but mostly with a book in hand – this is a new experience. Thank-you for this installment and keep them coming!

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