Walking the Goats!

Happy Friday! Having fun with Brad’s family in Indiana

There are some things that my children just don’t get to do in Pennsylvania. One of them is taking goats on a walk. We have done plenty of walks witb Dogs, but nope, not goats before.

In the first picture notice how far ahead the others are. They all started at the same time, but one goat felt lazy today!

Look who got some spunk and made it to the front. 

Baby kittens are something else we don’t have back home. My kids have been around puppies much more, though now they really want us to get a kitten!

Such a pretty calico Mama cat

After burning calories from shopping you definitely need an icecream treat!!

Almost forgot this orange cutie! 

She was camera shy though, didn’t want to show her face.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! We will continue to. I have to beat my Mother in law in cards again! Yes, I really did win! My hubby won while we were shopping. I cheered for him and he said that Mom said no more brownies or pudding for me!! She probably has hidden the brownies, but I will find them. 😉

13 thoughts on “Walking the Goats!

  1. I have not given a thought to walking a goat for decades upon decades! One year when I was a child in rural Pennsylvania, my Gram bought my siblings and I a goat for Easter. Rufus lived with my Gram on her 200 acre farm, but when we visited we took him for walks ( or he took us to be honest ). Otherwise, he followed Gram all over the farm and had many adventures. Thank-you for the trip down memory lane. Your vacation looks like such fun – enjoy!

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  2. Aw cute. I’m a dog person being extremely allergic to some breeds of cats, but they sure are cute as kittens. Looks like you have a great place for everyone to walk too 🙂

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