That face was  in my dream again this morning. I am glad that I can wake up and have the intimidating face with the piercing eyes, be gone. The problem is that  the memory of the dream lingers. I need to let it go, to not let it hold power over me. It’s a dream, it’s not real. I have no reason to fear.

The morning is bright,  with the freshly fallen snow glistening on the ground.  The day holds so much promise,  for so many bright moments. Bright moments to push the dark dream away. Moments that are real. Shared laughter with a friend, emails or texts that make you smile, and having a little one wrap their tiny arms around you for a hug.

These are moments that make up our lives. We have moments, like the bad dreams that we can’t control. Moments that may make us unhappy for a bit, but there  is the part we can control. We can control how much much we linger in the dark moment and how much we let the moments of sunshine come in. Let them blot out the darkness with their rays of happiness.

What will your day be filled with? We have a choice each morning at how we will greet the day. I admit this morning, I wanted to pull the covers back over my head. Snuggle in beneath the warm covers and try to erase the images that the dream left in my head.

That isn’t the answer though. Who knows what happiness this day may bring. What little surprises could be around the corner. Yes, life is full of moments. Don’t let the light of the bright  moments be snuffed out. No, let those bright moments shine, snuffing out the darkness!

May your day be a Bright, Beaming, Bette-Than-Average Kind of Day! Go make it that way!

25 thoughts on “Moments

  1. I hate when dreams linger like that. It’s no wonder with what you have approaching that your subconscious takes you there, but in the bright morning light – there are lots of sunshiney thoughts and moments to cherish! ❤

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  2. Given the options of choosing to see the positives in the day, or dwelling on the negatives … it does seem to be a bit of a “no-brainer” really. Sadly, so many people do not understand that they do have such choices. 🙂

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  3. I hate when attacks come in the form of dreams and try to linger into the waking hours of my day. It’s during those especially haunting dreams that I find if I sing praises to God ,and call upon his name that the fear and intimidation are replaced with peace and security.

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  4. I’m sorry for your bad dreams. If I ever find myself locked in a nightmare I start telling myself in the dream and tell myself to wake up. Alternitavly, I know if I can “end” myself in the dream I’ll wake up so if it’s a high building or cliff and it’s behind me that’s a sure way to wake up — but only in a nightmare!

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