Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning, from what is becoming a Winter Wonderland! Will it continue as long as they say, time will tell. It is 1am and they are calling for the snow to continue into this evening!!  Why am I up at 1am, good question! Blame the snow! We all know we can sleep in tomorrow due to schools and work being closed. Well I haven’t heard the official word about work yet, but am counting on it. Anyway we were all up late just relaxing and having some good laughs.

So here are some quotes to make you laugh some to make you think. Enjoy your Tuesday! I am planning on enjoying it curled up in a blanket on the couch with a good book, watching the snow fall and reading blog posts of course 😉

Oh, and thanks to Jodi for her suggestion, I was able to provide you all with pictures again!

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  2. 6d48573a25523697078a6452a910b7cf
  3. 30948d0e5018b87004e1a052d2d5c50b
  4. aee81850ea67db39e6d7efa17c05ee25Ok, so maybe this is a slight exaggeration 🙂
  5. e28cfab786cc8420943c90d794238c71 LOL! My post about Perplexing Questions came to my mind when I read this! Perplexing Questions
  6. 2ff49250cd314b9ec9b82d97422f5d9a
  7. 42150698e380d69068e46d8a59ff7a381 Had to put this one on today as the snow continues to fall!
  8. ae8c8e314595d8f5c32c1d48913d83c5
  9. 44d85342d3fe04f8db5230cfd26eb68d

Not complete without a picture of a cute Polar Bear, right? 🙂


29 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. So, are you going to go outside with me to do #7 while I clean off the driveway, sidewalk, porch, patio, and an area for the dogs? 😉


      • I have not heard you say it so cannot comment, but what is”right” anyway? If you want to say like they do in Worcestershire… then it is “Wuster Sorse”, but here, and no doubt there, it tends to be “Wustershyer Sorse” or “Worsestershyer Sorse. Which version is correct is simply a matter of perspective. 🙂


      • Trust me, she does not say it right. She always fumbles over it and adds extra syllables, but usually doesn’t say it exactly the same way twice. 😉

        One can listen to the correct pronunciation here: http://www.dictionary.com/browse/worcestershire?s=t

        I wasn’t quite sure how it was *supposed* to be pronounced myself. I’d always heard it and said it almost the same as that, but with a long “i” in the last syllable.

        It can be confusing because the “e” between the “c” and “s” makes it look like it should have one more syllable, but not multiple extra syllables like when Carolyn fumbles over it. 😉

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      • Hi Brad. The ‘e’ you mention is silent, as in Leicestershire (“Lestersheer”) and Gloucestershire (“Glostersheer”). There are some ‘facets’ of English society that do strange things with those words, but my pronunciation is typical of the areas concerned, and in most other parts of England. 🙂


  2. I just cannot pick a favorite – everyone I read, I think – yes – this is my favorite – then I read the next! 🙂 You always find such great thoughts to share! One of my favorite days to visit your blog C!!! ❤


  3. Number one is really meaningful. It means we have tasked responsibility for ourselves no matter what situation we’re in. Sometimes we need help and that’s okay, but it’s up to us to act and decide. And my fav is the dog one if course. It makes me laugh. My old girl was a “chewer” destroying those Nyla bones which are so hard to wreck. She ruined manybmany tennis balls so we had to get her different toys because once a dog breaks the tennis ball open it’s dangerous for them. Actually a squeaky toy in a lone sock with a knot she could chew was always the best 🙂 thanks for your quotes today!

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  4. I feel like today was a #4 kinda day! But 1 & 2 are my favorite 😊
    I wouldn’t mind trading weather – I’d much rather be cuddled up for a snow day than turning the a/c on b/c it’s already 95 degrees in March 😕 I’ve no idea how I’m going to survive this summer! Stay warm over there!

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    • Hope today is a better day for you! Yes, those number 4 type days can be rough!
      1 and 2 are good reminders for me!
      I like being warm, but no am not ready for 95 degrees yet!! Hope it can cool down soon for you!
      Have a great day!


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