What images come to your mind when you think of tenderness? Do you think of a baby’s smooth skin and a Mom’s tender touch?

Do you see the tender love in the eyes of a child as they gaze upon a fuzzy baby chick or a newborn kitten?

What about the love in the eyes of a couple,  whose hair may be gray or white How the flame of love in their eyes still shines as they walk hand in hand. 

A tender touch from a loved one that says, “I love you and I am here.”

Yes, tenderness can be expressed in so many different ways. What sparked this post today? It was the  tender words expressed to me in 2 emails that I received. One came late last night and the other one early this mornimg.It was responses to emails that I had sent. 

The tender responses touched me even more because of the questions I had in my mind. Questions about what kind of responses I would receive. Questions due to the unpleasant subject that I had to talk about.

I learned that I  shouldn’t have been worried. The sweet words in the responses  brought moisture to my eyes. 

Yes, that is no big surprise, it doesn’t take much for me to tear up. I keep hearing how I need to watch the TV series, “This is Us”. I hear how it will make you cry. I guess I need to buy more tissues, for my curiosity has been peaked.

But back to the emails. My heart was moved. Moved by the sincerity and compassion felt in the words I read. Moved by the warmth of feeling like I had received a hug.

Yesterday may have started out wrong, by waking to a bad dream. But it ended so right. There also were  tender texts that  I received in the evening from a dear friend.  Plus 2 stories sent in emails that made me laugh. Then the tender email right before bed, and another one to greet me this morning!

Words can be so powerful. They can evoke such emotion.

Whether it be by words or physical touch, tenderness touches the heart! 



9 thoughts on “Tenderness

  1. Life, and everything that entails, is a truly wonderful thing as you just never know who or what will impact your life tomorrow. A stranger may hold out their hand; a close friend may suddenly move closer; cloudy skies may suddenly clear; a bouquet of flowers may suddenly arrive. In times of trouble you may get the reassurance you hoped for from family and friends, but you may also be surprised from a totally different quarter. Life is all about seeing the positives; letting people see who you really are, and treating them the way you would like to be treated.

    Will there be disappointments? Of course, but nothing that cannot be overcome if you go right back to the beginning of this Comment and read the first paragraph again! 🙂

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  2. It’s often the little unexpected things, that mean so much. Sorry for the bad dreams. Don’t know if this will help, but these a logic I use. For the days when my mornings begin badly, I take it it as a sign that the rest of the day would be amazing. I view it as the worst has happened now, it can only get up from there. And more often than not, the rest of the day Is amazing. Hope you have an amazing one Joy

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  3. I know I’m a few weeks behind here. Have you started “This is Us” yet? I still have two episodes left before I start over and make my husband watch it with me. It grabbed me in the first episode and I was hooked. I had heard about the last episode I watched- how emotional it was- and even after a long break between watching, it really did make me feel. It’s a great show!

    The first thing that comes o my mind when I think of tenderness is my little grandson. He touches a part of my heart. 🙂

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    • I have not started it yet. I felt like I should wait til after this coming week is over. I really didn’t need anything else to make me emotional! I really do want to see it though!
      OH yes grand babies are a perfect example of tenderness! I know my sister is in love with her little 2 year old grandson!

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