Where is your Hideout?

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Where was your hideout when you were a child? Did you pretend that those large refrigerator boxes were a fort? I loved when my parents had large empty boxes at our house. They were quickly turned into my own hideout. Give me a pillow, a blanket and a book and it was perfect.

My children loved getting our big blankets to stretch over top of chairs or the couch. They would enjoy crawling underneath and reading by flashlight or sharing secrets with each other.

Now that I am an adult crawling into a refrigerator box doesn’t work as well, but I can run to the woods or the ocean. I wish the ocean was more convenient to run to, for I would be there often. Losing myself in the sound of the waves crashing on the shore.  There is nothing quite as peaceful to me as staring out into the ocean with its tranquil blue water that seems to go on forever.

I am fortunate to have woods close by that I can run to. There is beauty in the silence of the woods as well. Walking slowly through,  as the trees form a canopy above you. Seeing a squirrel scamper up a tree with a mouth full of nuts. Watching a rabbit dart between the trees or maybe a fuzzy caterpillar crawling on a leaf.

There is beauty in just being able to slow down and shut out the noise of the world at times.  In fact it doesn’t always need to involve hiding out or running somewhere. Putting on headphones and losing yourself in your favorite music, can be very relaxing as well. Reading a book and letting yourself jump into the pages is another wonderful way. That would be the the way that I use most often.

Whichever way you prefer the important thing is that you take the time for it. Take the time to slow down and breathe!

And as always take the time to laugh. This quote always puts a smile on my face! We all have these days, right? Now, I can even color within the lines 🙂 Have a wonderful day, my friends!

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24 thoughts on “Where is your Hideout?

  1. My hideout as a boy was either at our local railway crossing (we were on the London to Edinburgh main line), or in the woods just a bit further up the road from the crossing. On the way to those woods I could lose myself picking blackberries, or I could just look at the carpet of bluebells in the woods… depending on the time of year of course. As a big boy, I can now lose myself in music but, not to many years ago, I isolated myself on a ski slope (in Summer). Totally alone and with a wonderful panoramic view. You can get a lot of thinking done in those conditions! 🙂

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  2. We are never too old for a coloring book and crayon (atleast I’m not 😁). Now that I think about it Joy, I never had a hideout as a kid as far back as I can remember. I was always just “there”. I guess maybe, I never needed it?! But as an adult oh, a hideout is a necessity.

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  3. I had a little space that was meant to be “storage under the stairs. I made it into my little “office” Had a desk and typewriter and wrote a family newspaper and other silly things. Fun to remember.

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  4. You brought back a wonderful memory to me of my brother and I placing a large old sheet over a cardboard table (isn’t that what they were called back then) and playing ‘house’ under there for hours. Best times when we were kids.
    Now, I have several hideouts. As far as in the ‘open space,’ yes, when I go to the NJ beach with my family in the summer, I wake up at 6 a.m. so I can walk along the shore by myself for over an hour. And walking by myself, whether in the woods or on a trail along the SF bay or Charles River – walking anywhere can seem like a serenity hideout. But practically speaking? I ‘hideout’ every day in front of my desk, writing stories. Best hideout ever! 🙂 Glad you found me at Roughwighting so I could find you here.


    • Glad that I could bring back a memory for you!
      I agree how the times when we were kids and used our imaginations were some of the best times ever!
      OH yes, writing is definitely a hideout for me as well! 🙂
      Glad you found me, enjoy my blog!

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  5. When I was a kid, my favorite hideout was in the haybales. My dad would stack the big, round bales in the barn, which made for perfect climb & hide conditions. It makes me smile every time I smell hay to think of all the good times I had in my own little private fort!

    Like you, these days my hideout is mostly in books (written and coloring!) 🙂 Either one is a great way to take one’s mind off things for a bit.

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    • What a fun memory! My children wanted to grow up on a farm!
      I remember visiting my Uncle’s barn when I was young. He had horses. I loved the smell of the barn and petting the horses and of course riding the horses with him.

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  6. A little cupboard above my bedroom closet. I climbed on the bookcase to get up there. It was nice and cozy with a blanket, a storybook, and the door just open enough to let in some light for reading. My mom always pretended she didn’t know where I was; I suppose she liked having some peace and quiet!

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