Dewey’s Bad Day!

Happy Wednesday! Halfway through the week. Has it been a good week so far, or have you had some mishaps? As my husband shared in a comment on a earlier post,  I had a mishap on Sunday. My phone self destructed. Okay,  perhaps a car door being accidentally slammed shut on it may have helped aid the self destruction a little bit. The point is I am currently without a phone. Things could be worse for sure, but this morning I thought of the story that Colin wrote. “Dewey’s Bad Day!”I figured it was good timing to share it with you.  No, Dewey didn’t break his cell phone, but I am guessing that  you will feel sorry for him. After all he is a special cat, but in this story he may be feeling a little confused! Enjoy the story,  and may your day be free of mishaps!

Dewey’s Bad Day! (Part 1 of 2)

As the sun was rising over Moonbeam Farm, its rays cast a wonderful warm glow over the nearby fields and trees. Even the farmhouse and the barn were bathed in the warmth of a Summer morning. Birds were happily singing in the trees and hedgerows; squirrels were busy trying to find the nuts that they had buried many months earlier but, of course, they could never remember the exact spot! All was well in world of Dewey, Jaxon, Odessa and the Man-Servant… or was it?

Dewey woke up in his usual place, on the cushions in front of the fireplace. His routine is the same every morning. Have a really good stretch and flex his claws, and then go and find the Man-Servant to ensure that he gets his breakfast without any undue delay. When Dewey stretched this morning, he found himself falling off the cushions and onto the wood floor. He looked back at the cushions and thought ‘I’ve never done that before! I must have curled up very close to the edge.”

He was just about to leave to find the Man-Servant, but he took a second look back at the cushions. “This is very odd” he thought “I’ve always been so good at curling up in the middle of the cushions, and I never move around when I am asleep. What happened?” He then took a step forward and, because he was distracted by his fall, he tripped over something and fell onto the wood floor yet again.

Once again he got up and looked back. He had tripped over the Man-Servants slippers which had been left by the fireplace. Dewey just shook his head and wandered into the kitchen to find the Man-Servant, but the kitchen was empty. He thought “Man-Servant must still be asleep, so I can have some fun waking him up!” He went upstairs and into the Man-Servant’s bedroom, but there was nobody there! The Man-Servant’s bed was neatly made but then, had it been slept in the night before?

This was becoming a curious day for Dewey. He knew where his food was kept and so decided to help himself to his breakfast. He much preferred to be served with it but, under these circumstances, he would serve himself! He went over to the cupboard and pulled the door handle with his teeth and stepped back in shock. The cupboard was empty!

Dewey thought to himself “This is unacceptable. I am a cat and have every right to be treated as such. The Man-Servant will hear about this as soon as I find him!”

He then decided to go over to the barn to see what Jaxon and Odessa were having for breakfast. Perhaps they would share? When he entered the barn, it was unusually quiet… and unusually empty. Not only were there no signs of Jaxon and Odessa, but there was no straw either. The barn was completely empty!

Dewey was now starting to be concerned, not about the absence of his friends, but about his stomach being empty! He decided that, rather than have to resort to catching his own food, he would go over to the tree on the other side of the field, where Hermione hangs out, and see if perhaps she would share her food with him. As he turned the corner around the end of the barn and headed into the field, he noticed something quite disconcerting. There were no trees to be seen!

Dewey’s Bad Day! (Part 2)

He stopped for a moment. “What is happening around here?” He asked himself. ‘Nothing is the way it is supposed to be, and it’s a sad cat indeed that has to hunt for its own food!” He decided that he should return to the farm and try and work out what was going on.”  As he reached the still open farmhouse door, he stopped and listened. It was very quiet in there. He slowly stepped through the doorway and looked around. It was quite deserted, and he was suddenly feeling really tired. He decided to go over to his cushions and have a nap before trying to resolve all that was happening.

When he awoke, it was still early morning. He very carefully looked around to make sure that he had enough room to stretch. He did, so he stretched and flexed his claws. When he got off the bed, he looked around for the Man-Servant’s slippers so that he would not trip over them again, but they were not there.

Dewey was now getting really confused because nothing was making sense to him. He went through to the kitchen and the Man-Servant was just putting his bowl of food on the floor for him. “Where did you go to?” asked Dewey. The Man-Servant looked at him. “I was over at the barn for a few minutes earlier but, apart from that, I haven’t been anywhere. Why do you ask?” “Oh …. no reason” said Dewey. “Were Jaxon and Odessa in the barn?” The Man-Servant looked puzzled. “Yes Dewey. They were both there. Where would you expect them to be this early in the morning?”

Dewey finished eating his breakfast and walked out of the farmhouse and back over to the barn where he saw Jaxon and Odessa sitting in the straw and clearly focused on their discussion. Odessa was the first to see him there. “Hi Dewey. I didn’t see you come in. This is an unusual time for you to visit so is there something we can help you with?” Dewey thought for a moment, but then decided that nobody would believe him so he may as well not mention his earlier experiences. “No… nothing really Odessa. I just thought that I’d hang out with you two for a while. What are you doing?”

Jaxon giggled, and Odessa had a big smile on her face. “You’ll never guess what Jaxon can do with his magic? He can create dreams whenever he wants to, the only problem at the moment is that he knows that he is creating dreams, but is not experiencing them himself so we don’t know where his dreams are going!” Dewey just looked at them “I don’t understand” he said. Jaxon moved closer to him and explained. “I have the power in my magic to create dreams for myself. I am still practising at the moment because although I know that I have created a dream, I do not experience it.” Dewey was still puzzled “So you can create a dream of your choice, and know when it is created, but you are not dreaming it yourself?” “Exactly” said Jaxon. Odessa then moved in closer. “Earlier this morning Jaxon created a dream in which the farmhouse and barn were empty and all the trees around here were gone. He was just experimenting you understand.” Dewey just looked at them both!

As the sun was rising over Moonbeam Farm, its rays cast a wonderful warm glow over the nearby fields and trees. Even the farmhouse and the barn were bathed in the warmth of a Summer morning. Birds were happily singing in the trees and hedgerows; squirrels were busy trying to find the nuts that they had buried many months earlier but, of course, they could never remember the exact spot. ! All was well in world of Dewey, Jaxon, Odessa and the Man-Servant!

14 thoughts on “Dewey’s Bad Day!

  1. Poor Dewey, being a test subject for a dream experiment, yikes! Real nightmares are bad enough without having magical ones! I’ve had a pretty good week so far though, nothing creepy or annoying in either dreams or real life, so all is well.

    As for cell phones, they get obsolete fast enough that they might as well self-destruct; so I would say it’s nothing to worry about.

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    • Glad that your dreams and your real life have been good lately! Hope it continues!

      Yes, cell phones do get old fast. Brad and I had been talking about updating ours, for they are old. At the same time, we were both like they are still working fine, no need to. Wellll…. yes I am getting a upgrade now, nothing too fancy though. I can’t handle anything complicated and I am not one for spending big money on a phone. My hubby did try to tell me that I just wanted a new phone and that was why I broke mine. I gave him a look that said it all! If I had broken it intentionally I think I would have made sure to have taken out all my contacts first and pictures,etc. Oh well, such is life!

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