Don’t Terrorize the Mirror!

My hubby goes to work before I do and a lot of times before I am actually awake. If I am awake, I am not very coherent. So usually I will get a email or text in the morning before I leave for work. Thought I would share a portion of his email from yesterday.

“Have a Terrific Tuesday! Don’t Terrorize the new mirror today! Love you!”

Not your typical email, but I was going to go get a new mirror today for my van.  Due to the fact that the crazy side of our garage jumped out at the poor mirror, scaring it and making it shatter into pieces. The garage terrorized the mirror, not me!

I am not sure what it is about my van that objects seem to be attracted to it. It is like it is a magnet. Things can’t help but jump out at it wanting to touch it. My hubby just shakes his head and patiently smiles. He knows that it gives him something else to “kindly” bring up at certain moments.

Let it be known I have never had an accident. Things literally just jump out at my van leaving their mark on it. Buildings, signs, mailboxes, to name a few. How many mirrors were terrorized?? Well, don’t want to make this post too long 🙂

Before bed last night my dear hubby turned to me and said, “Try to let this new mirror enjoy its new life for awhile!” He is a comedian isn’t he! Feel free to comment below if things jump out at your vehicle as well. Help me to convince my husband that it really is true 🙂

Redneck Car Mirror...I should've done this after I hit that orange barrel!  LOL: Maybe this is the solution!

63 thoughts on “Don’t Terrorize the Mirror!

  1. Blaming events of this nature on the cell phone does seem to be quite common and, given that inanimate objects do not normally leap anywhere, you cell (mobile!) phone is probably the true cause wouldn’t you think? 🙂


    • No the phone is NOT the cause! My phone stays safely in the cup holder or the passenger seat when driving. Unlike the other objects that decide to jump out at me, my phone behaves and stays where its at. 🙂

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  2. While i have never had inanimate objects jump out at my car, I will say that there was a time that lasted approximately three months, soon after the purchase of my car, where birds seemed to want to suicide dive right down at the grill of my car. I don’t know what that was all about, but it freaked me out EVERY time.

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  3. Here’s a little more to the story. When I mentioned that I missed the mirror, she said, “I never use that mirror,” to which I replied, “That’s obvious! If you used it, you wouldn’t have hit it!” 😉

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  4. I’ve never had any inanimate objects reach out and touch my car, but I have definitely had things mysteriously disappear and reappear at very inopportune moments (my poor bumper can attest to this). I think there’s a conspiracy in there somewhere…
    I do like the redneck engineering there – perhaps something to keep in mind for the future, you know, just in case 😉
    For now – Vive le miroir!

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  5. My mother had an interesting question. Our storm door needs replaced and I was planning to do that this weekend. Mom asked if the storm door also jumped out in front of the van! Hahaha! 😉

    I certainly am glad that the garage door track wasn’t damaged like when Carolyn hit it at our previous house. That time I had to beat the track back into shape in order to get the garage door closed!

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    • Can you all tell that my hubby and MIL think they are comedians??!! I will have you all know that I had nothing to do with the storm door needing replaced!! It did not jump out in front of my van and I also know how to open and close a door just fine.
      Just remember Deb, my dear MIL, you may be 500 miles away right now but we will be out there at Thanksgiving. I WILL remember your “hilarious” comment!

      AND our previous house was a LONG time ago!! Plus the track jumped out at me, get it right “dear” husband! Haven’t you learned? ;p! It is good we have a comfy couch isn’t it “honey” 🙂

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      • Brad – Don’t let her anywhere near that “comfy couch” as she’ll probably destroy that as well and (based on various email dialogues just recently), she’ll blame her phone! Go figure !


        • Mirror, mirror on the van
          Why are you hanging there
          With broken mountings
          And scratches too
          And Carolyn up in the air

          She blames garage walls
          And door frames to
          that leap out to her surprise
          She admits she doesn’t look
          What a sad demise

          Perhaps she needs a sturdier car
          Perhaps a Sherman tank would do
          But then she’d simply hit everything
          There are no mirrors to be of concern
          But she’d flatten everything else in view

          I think the only solution
          The one I really like
          Is to give her a vehicle
          That protects her… and others
          Get her a 10-speed bike!

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          • Haha! I’m guessing that you mean a bicycle without mirrors, huh? 😉

            Even that may not be as safe as you think. I got her a bicycle a few years ago and she dumped it on one of her first rides with the kids. Poor thing had a booboo on her knee for a while.

            Perhaps the best bet would be a tricycle. That would be more her size anyway! 🙂


      • I am surprised you all didn’t make careers out of being stand up comedians!
        That is OK, you go ahead and have your laughs now thinking of how clever you are! I WILL have the BIGGER laugh, just wait and see!!


    • Thanks for being so “caring” about our couch Colin. But I have no problem with it being all Brad’s to sleep on. I have the bed! 🙂 Or he can take the sleeping bag, like Becky suggested, my WISE friend!
      And as far as me blaming my phone goes……:p!

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  6. I think it is the ‘van’ because I own a van, and it seems to have some of these similar issues. I haven’t had to replace a mirror, but I’ve sure thumped it a couple of times and it folds in trying to get in the garage and I always have a bottle of touch up paint in the garage for those strange occurrences that I find on my bumpers. 🙂

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  7. Cute story. Love the part about the mirror, I did have one situation, this guys turn signal was on so I decide it was okay to make a left turn. He suddenly didn’t turn, kept going straight. I was going slow and tried to back off but my car slid ever so slowly into this guys SUV which had slowed down as well. There were no marks at all where I made contact on his door. But, I didn’t know to go to the police for such a small thing (I’d not been driving long). He went, the police called me. I went down, found out he was claiming I knocked his alignment out. What a liar, taking advantage of me. Insurance went up. So I always wait on left turns. I did feel in that tiny accident my car just seemed to magically roll into his, all in slow motion.

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    • OH My, that is too bad about how he took advantage of you, but I did have to laugh about you saying how the car “magically rolled”. I can totally see that! Our vans and our cars have a mind of their own. A point that some people in this comment thread just didn’t get! Really wanting to blame me for the broken mirror, the nerve. LOL! Nice to see another sensible person like you 🙂

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