For those days….

I could not think of something to write today but was scrolling through pinterest and found these pictures. If today you find yourself needing a comeback for people who are getting one over on you, sic the animals on them and Smile! Smile knowing your day will come! 🙂

Have to laugh at the dog they really do look like they are trying to warn you.:

Warning: Dachshund with Attitude. I can make it to the fence in 1.8 seconds, can you?:

You haz been warned:

A lizard did this to me once... not long after it bit me and held on with all its might. =|:

LOL ..... And you know who you are ......A Writers Comic - Writers Write:

A warning that Juanita the Incan mummy will come for you in the night.  Mr. Fields 2012.  Or something.  It's cray cray.  Transmission out!:

33 Stores That Don't Ask You To Leave Your Dog Outside While You Shop:

5 thoughts on “For those days….

    • Glad I could make you laugh! They probably would be expecting some form of compensation right now if they knew 🙂 Being short I was partial to the last one, LOL! But could identify with them all 🙂


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