Dewey’s Day of Mischief and More!

To understand this story a little better you may be interested in reading Don’t Terrorize the Mirror! if you haven’t yet. You don’t have to, just may give you a clearer reason as to why certain things are happening to the “poor” manservant in this story. The answers lie in the comments from that story. Curious?  Enjoy my tale 🙂

Pounce!! The manservant’s  eyes popped wide open. Dewey loved pouncing on him to see his reaction. His hands would wave about as he tried to get his bearings at being rudely interrupted from his nap.

Dewey would quickly jump down and scurry to his bed like he had innocently been there all along. He was eager to leave for another adventure today. Jaxon and him were not sure where they were headed, but fun seemed to follow them wherever they went.

Once Dewey had finished eating they were on their way. He was a little down about not  getting  his normal after breakfast treat but he could handle it. Apparently the manservant had used his logical reasoning to decide that Dewey did not deserve a treat. That was OK. Seeing the manservant jump was worth the consequences.

The 2 friends took off down the road headed to somewhere, enjoying their walk together. As they walked they came to the house where Charlie lived. Charlie was the nice dog who was owned by a very sweet lady named Jodi. They weren’t afraid of Charlie, but he was the only dog that they weren’t afraid of. Jodi was yelling Charlie’s name. He must have got loose again, wanting to explore.She came out of the house with her apron on for she had been baking again. She had a reputation in the neighborhood for her baking and cooking skills.

What was she holding in her hands? It looked so pretty and had to be delicious since she had made it.  It was a lovely cake. Jaxon took one look and couldn’t help himself.  He jumped up meaning to just take a lick but he accidentally landed PLOP, right in the middle of the cake!  Dewey started laughing at seeing his friend all covered in icing. Jodi couldn’t help but laugh as well at the confused look on Jaxon’s face. Where was the cake?? All that surrounded him was icing and cardboard! Jaxon had fallen into Jodi’s trick cake.

Jaxon may have been fooled, but the icing was very good. He was still licking some of it off as they walked away from Jodi’s house with Dewey still laughing.

What was that smell? Jaxon picked up his pace and started following his nose. He let it lead them to their destination. It was a Fair! Oh they felt the growling in their stomachs, for fair food is the best!

Jaxon was headed towards the popcorn smell, popcorn is the favorite food of the magical Jackalopes. He had spied it. A bag of popcorn left on some strange giant wheel! There were seats and people were sitting on them. Some were very high up. Why sit on a wheel, thought Jaxon and Dewey. Humans sure can be strange sometimes. Jaxon walked on to get the popcorn and Dewey followed. Suddenly the giant wheel started moving and Dewey and Jaxon almost fell right out! Their eyes bulged out as they clutched each other forgetting about the popcorn. They were going higher and higher. Dewey closed his eyes saying goodbye to one of his lives, he was certain it was over. Miraculously the wheel stopped. They did not hesitate to jump off. They were off in seconds and running like the wind.

They ran and ran finally making it to their backyard. Over the gate and still running fast they collided with the manservant! He had been  bent over picking up something. His legs were still wobbly, for he had just recently been able to get the casts off. Feeling like a weeble-wobble mixed with 2 terrified animals running into you did not mix well! Splash! Face first the manservant hit the water, falling into the swimming pool. The neighbor kids were laughing at seeing him fall. They had been playing in their wading pool, but this was better entertainment to watch.

The manservant climbed out of the pool dripping wet and Dewey and Jaxon were long gone! The 2 partners in crime were snug in their beds with their hearts pounding from the adventure they had not been expecting. Riding a magic wheel high up in the sky. At least they were dry, couldn’t say the same for the manservant.

The manservant was rubbing his hand, the hand that he tried to put out to catch himself from falling in. He saw himself making another visit to his Doctor.

Fatigued was how the manservant felt. He came home and laid in his recliner. His right hand had a splint on it now. He had sprained it pretty bad. The Doctor said  that he should only need to wear the splint for 2 weeks. She said it, as she shook her head in disbelief at him. First his legs got hurt  from falling into a hole and now his hand from falling into a pool. Maybe he should stay immobile for awhile to protect himself from further harm. The kind Doctor suggested that perhaps he should tie one of those large bumper pads around himself. Yes the Doctor may have been holding in her laughter as she said that. Was thinking of how this would make a good story for her blog. Or better yet an anti-roll bar, that way when he fell it would stop him from rolling and hurting himself more. The manservant just shook his head. Seemed like he had heard those terms before, the large bumper and anti-roll bar. He was trying to remember where he had heard them. It actually seemed that he may have very well been the one to use the words before. Funny how your own words can come back to you at times.

He stared at the balloon that was right above his head. It had been delivered to him a few days ago. The smiley face balloon was starting to deflate and was bent over a little making it seem like it was looking right at him. If he didn’t know better he would say that the balloon was smirking at him. Almost seeming to mock him. The manservant laid there and pondered.  Pondering the big question. Would his luck ever change?


45 thoughts on “Dewey’s Day of Mischief and More!

    • I knew you would like that part about Charlie and you. You just never know what surprises may happen when Dewey is involved 🙂
      Yes I do hope the manservant heeds the good advice about those contraptions! It could save him from future pain. Just trying to be HELPFUL 🙂

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  1. Colin, are you not aware of the short-hand language of the highly intelligent? Bushy-skied is a term referring to the layman’s concept of being bright eyed and bushy tailed. Carolyn, in her early morning routine, just simply forgot to translate the term properly to her audience.

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  2. Yes, bumper pads and roll bars sound like a good investment. Of course another option would be bubble wrap, or maybe he should just live a bubble.
    I like how you worked in the cardboard cake.

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    • Ha Ha! Glad you could envision the magical wheel 🙂 I like that “fluffed up and frantic”, that about explains it 🙂
      OH YES, the manservant might be beginning to understand about “karma” ….or how does that saying go again, “Revenge is sweet, eh!” LOL!

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    • Colin, I see you had a “brain lapse” again about a certain name!
      I am not setting Meredith up! It is just my duty as a friend to affirm her when she makes a true statement! 🙂
      Don’t you mess with her…..or I will be owing her as well for backing me up!


  3. Assuming PTI is Meredith, then what would you call it when you mislead them? Must I refer to Char once again? At least she had the smarts to realize she was in a corner and gracefully conceded. I have the greatest respect for her for doing that.
    Given that you seem think that I have had a “brain lapse”, I think I will agree with you. I have. I must now go through some earlier emails… just in case I need them. Brain lapses are awful aren’t they? One just can’t remember anything! 🙂


    • Ohhhhh you think you are so clever don’t you! You are sabatoging my friends! No one is going to want to agree with me anymore!
      But your clever intimidation won’t work for Meredith. She knows your devious ways and she will stand firm on what she said.
      It is you my friend who is backed into a corner, knowing that you were out-witted in this story!! I didn’t mislead anyone, just told a brilliant story 🙂 I am sure Jodi would agree with me, in fact she already did, did you see her comment? She isn’t intimidated by you either. HA! HA!
      Yes you did have a “brain lapse”, as far as NAMES go, but it is understandable,. When backed into a corner people get frazzled and tend to forget the simplest things 🙂

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      • Let me help you my friend, for I never mind being helpful! 🙂
        No there isn’t any emails that you would want to expose! Guaranteed! Nope, never warned about emails. So no need to strain your brain anymore worrying about emails….they are very insignificant! 🙂

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        • For the benefit of other readers, a cross section of dictionaries refers to “skied” as the past tense of “ski”, and “bushy” as an adjective which may define foliage shape and/or density. No dictionary of slang, idiomatic expressions, colloquialisms or other aspects of the English Language, appears to recognize “bushy skied” as an expression (no surprises there!).

          Based on the initial statement by Carolyn, and endorsed by Char, that “highly intelligent” people may describe others as “bushy skied” (something between foliage and skiing), I think a rather obvious conclusion could be drawn! They are really (I mean REALLY) confused.

          Char did recognize the fact and, as we all probably know, recognizing a problem is the first step in resolving it. Carolyn however???? Very sad!


  4. Is Carolyn really that confused? The Jackalope (according to Carolyn) was pregnant when sent to Canada (yes she sent it here), but then didn’t she call HIM Jaxon? Email below is interesting:

    On Fri, Aug 12, 2016 at 7:42 PM, Carolyn Shelton wrote:

    Ok, so now I am shaking my head about the whole guys name thing for the jackalope, after I had said it was a She. BUT that was just to you and Melanie that I told that to! So you know how those 2 comments that I had posted to your blog got deleted….the email I just sent you when I realized my mistake can be deleted as well!!! You really don’t need it in your files. It’s only 1 email, I am sure you can do without it! Right? This would be where you say , “I totally agree!”

    Confused? Devious? Conniving? Manipulative? Do you have any doubts? Need more evidence perhaps?


  5. I just loved receiving this – It really said it all:

    From Carolyn Shelton
    11:04 PM (14 hours ago)
    to me
    (Here was a pic of Laurel & Hardy with the quote “Here’sanother nice mess you’ve gotten me into” )

    Yes, this showed up on my Facebook wall just minutes ago from Charlene. And of course it struck the curiosity of another friend already who wants to know the story of ” What Carolyn did now!” Everyone always thinks its something I did! :p


  6. Here is a puzzling dialogue:
    On Wed, Sep 7, 2016 at 2:59 PM, Carolyn Shelton wrote:
    Tell me you will take care of me by reading Shakespeare poetry under a tree. I think that would go over better 🙂

    My response: Why would I be taking care of you, and why under a tree?????
    I never received a reply which made any sense. Confused? It’s your call!


    • To all of you that agreed with me about the “manservant” realizing what Karma was and getting his due, THANK YOU! 🙂 Things may look like they are going in the opposite direction right now, but….it can’t last. Instead he is just digging a deeper hole! At this rate in the next Dewey story he will be in a body cast from head to toe.
      But for now I will try to answer this puzzling dialogue that someone just HAD to post! I tried to get my husband to answer it, but he is as much help as the “manservant” is right now!! HA! He only laughed.
      If you remember from my “Mirror” post, they are both CLOWNS!

      Anyway Colin left out a very important part of the dialogue! The email that came right before this one. I was telling him “Thank you” and how he was responsible for what Brad told me as we were hiking.
      Referring back to one of the comments in the “Don’t Terrorize the Mirror post”, remember how Colin joked with Brad about trading me in for a newer model? Brad and him went back and forth being the comedians that they are.

      So as we were hiking hand in hand, Brad looked at me and said, “I hope you keep chugging along, for I really don’t want to have to go looking for a newer model!!” “So romantic” isn’t it? What all you ladies want to hear, right? I knew the reference he was making, referring back to the post!
      I explained that in a email to Colin, his response: That was Brad’s way of showing he cared for you. His way of saying how he would take care of you.
      MY reply was….”Yeah right….Tell me..” and you know the rest for Colin kindly posted that portion!!
      Trust me all these emails have an explanation! 🙂

      OH and YES I did respond to Colin’s smart reply….apparently that email got deleted, go figure! HA!

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  7. The following dialogue started when I accused Carolyn of mistreating Jaxon given the way she shipped the poor guy to Canada. Her response was that he had a phone!!!!! (Yeh right! That makes everything fine….. NOT!). Anyway ………………….

    From: Colin
    Sent: Friday, August 26, 2016 5:04 PM
    To: Carolyn Shelton

    If he did, then you forgot to send it with him! No food – No air – No place to stretch – sealed up in an envelope – bounced around various package sorting machines – AND NO PHONE! You should be ashamed of yourself
    Re: 10:30pm
    Carolyn/Nuggets of Gold
    Aug 26
    to me
    OH what was I thinking saying he had a phone!! Scratch that 😛
    Yet another example of deceit, deception and attempted manipulation of the facts!


  8. Aug 26 – Brad recently had a good laugh at the confused mess that Carolyn was getting into, and so I tried to recap the circumstances for her greater understanding:

    “So far you have blamed your phone for everything from basic typos to your confusion; you have talked to Odessa who is a figment of your imagination; you have alluded to Ameena being Odessa; you have talked (apparently) with Ameena… which indicates that Odessa and Ameena are different people; you have connected a Post that I have not written to your story about Dewey. A male jackalope changes sex and has babies after being suffocated and starved to death… and you even withheld her phone, and poor jackalope is back to being a male based on your email today (5.08pm)! So what am I supposed to do with the babes that were also a figment of your imagination.

    Brad has every reason to have a good laugh! It really is laughable!

    Who are you going to blame now? Melanie? Dewey perhaps? Your phone again?”
    No explanation was ever received.


  9. This is a wonderful admission of trying to avoid the whole issue of the Jaxton package!

    Carolyn Shelton Sep2
    to Me
    The real question now is how much do I really say in my response on my blog. I do think I remember telling you that I was not going to be telling the story of the package I sent on my blog! So how do I respond to “what goes around comes around?”. As my one friend said when she texted me, , these type of situations seem to find you a lot don’t they! Which was followed by lots of laughing faces. Notice no helpful advice, just telling me what I already knew! Ha Ha!


  10. It would seem to me that the current trend of dialogue is totally detracting from the original Post and, while there is a humorous aspect to it all, such humor is not necessarily going to be appreciated by everybody. In the interests of diplomacy and respect, I will not respond to any further comments…………. but in the interests of sharing what it is like to work with Carolyn ………

    Background: She was being very impatient about when I was going to publish a Post:

    On Wed, Aug 31, 2016 at 5:13 PM, Carolyn Shelton wrote:
    Ok I will be patient this time! But you need to post it before 8am 🙂
    From: Colin
    Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2016 5:33 PM
    To: Carolyn Shelton
    Subject: Re: Mirror Mirror!!

    7:59am it is!
    On Wed, Aug 31, 2016 at 5:44 PM, Carolyn Shelton wrote:
    (smacking the forehead!) You weren’t exactly supposed to take me quite that literal! 7:30 would most likely be better….just saying!
    From: Colin
    Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2016 5:51 PM
    To: Carolyn Shelton
    Subject: Re: Mirror Mirror!!

    I’m giving you exactly what you asked for! Is there no pleasing you?


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