Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Seedless watermelon …. seedless grapes … why not seedless cherries?

Simple conversation brings smiles to the heart that show on the face. 

Cap and Gown will be worn …. ceremony will be very different from normal … but Mama’s heart is full! 



Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Moments of pure joy fill the heart with golden rays of sunshine and memories of the warmth of the rays keep you smiling when it rains.

Graduation time for many, may wonderful adventures be ahead, as their mountain awaits them! What advice would  you give to a graduate?

Succulent sweet strawberries for strawberry shortcake, summer has begun!




As I have shared in another post, graduation day for my dear daughter is coming very soon. It is scheduled for May 25th,  as long as it doesn’t rain.  If raining too much it will be on the 26th. With all the rain that we have been getting this past week it should be out of its system by then! As of now they are forecasting a sunny 80 degree day. 🙂

My daughter shared a post on my Facebook page yesterday and I got her permission to share it on here. I just thought it was a great example of what can happen when one continues to push through the hard times. When one tries to stay positive.

I am very proud of her, and its rewarding to see what she has  learned about the strength of positivity. I cannot tell you how many times I have talked to my children from the time that they were little, about the value in thinking positive. How your frame of mind can really make the difference no matter how bad the situation. Yes, I got the eye rolls and the sighs of frustration from them at times, but its times like these where I realize that they were listening.


Next Friday will be one of the most important days of my life. Next Friday I will be graduating from high school. Next Friday is the day I never thought I would make it to, but I did and now I can’t wait to walk across that stage , get my diploma and hug my mom. Without my mom by my side these 12 years of school I would have not been able to make it. I know she’s very proud of me, I’m so proud of myself. I’ve been through so much tears, anger and anxiety and stress through out these 12 years of school. When someone has a severe anxiety disorder about something it’s hard to overcome it but look at me Friday I will be graduating and I never thought I would make it. But that’s what happens when you stay positive. A positive mind can really change your life. Next Friday cannot come soon enough.🎓