Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Seedless watermelon …. seedless grapes … why not seedless cherries?

Simple conversation brings smiles to the heart that show on the face. 

Cap and Gown will be worn …. ceremony will be very different from normal … but Mama’s heart is full! 



13 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. Feeling down? Do you seem to be sucking on the pits of life? Tired of spitting those pits out? Try the all-new Chunky Seedless Cherries! They’re a little tough and fibrous, and taste sour as hell, but hey, no annoying pits to chip your teeth or accidentally spit on those standing near you. You’ll just love Chunky Seedless Cherries! 🍒


  2. Well, technically, cherries are seedless . . . they have pits.
    Which, of course, can be the pits. :mrgreen:

    My parents had a cherry tree. We used a cherry pitter to remove the pits for pies, cherries jubilee, etc.

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