Journey into the Unknown

Lisette couldn’t help but sing as she was making breakfast in her spacious kitchen. She was so glad that she hadn’t returned home when all chaos broke out over at Miss. Jill’s shop. She had been scared, not knowing what to do, but there was part of her that just didn’t want to leave. She had made friends here and learned a lot from the stories that Mr. Fluff and Mr.Nutter had told her. Plus now she was as curious as all the other townspeople. They had heard rumors that Miss. Jill and Miss. Libby had escaped from prison. Everyone was anxious to know how things would turn out. Would they find them? Apparently Luke and some others were already leading a search party.

Lisette couldn’t believe how her life had changed. She had never thought that she would be the owner of a Bed and Breakfast, but the sheriff sold it on auction and to her shock there wasn’t anyone else that wanted it! Lisette was so happy, and couldn’t wait to show her parents when they came to visit. Now she had to get back to making her chocolate chip pancakes and strawberry banana French Toast. Her first guests would be down for breakfast soon and she wanted everything to be just right.

Tanya looked behind her and saw that Jill and Libby were getting further and further behind. She could just keep going and lose them, but they did help her escape, so she figured she would be kind and stop. She sat down and took out her water bottle, gulping it down. While waiting for them to catch up she looked around at all the beauty. Sure was a lot nicer than looking at the dingy 4 walls of a prison, like she had done for too long.

This was the perfect place to hide out. They had to be careful climbing though. It would be sad to have escaped from prison only to fall to their deaths out here, and never be found.

At last Jill and Libby caught up to Tanya, with sweat pouring down their faces. They were more than happy to finally sit down! Libby looked cautiously at the mountains ahead.

Tanya saw the concern in Libby’s eyes. “Don’t worry, I will help you.” she said. “You were great back there at the prison. You and the new prisoners. created quite the diversion, upon your arrival.”

Tanya didn’t say how she had inwardly groaned when she realized that they were running right behind her. So much for her being on her own!

Jill was sitting there trying to take everything in. How her life had spiraled out of control! Here she was, an escaped prisoner, sitting in the desert, looking ahead at mountains that she had to climb. She was here with Tanya. Tanya! Everyone had heard of her and the crime she had committed. Jill felt nervous around her, but she felt more nervous being all on her own.

They sat there in silence, all trying to rest a little to prepare for the journey ahead. Their stomachs were growling, and the peanut butter crackers they had in their pockets were barely enough to satisfy. It didn’t take long for all of them to give into their exhaustion and fall asleep.

“Jill, Jill, wake up!” Jill groaned as she slowly opened her eyes. She had been having such a nice dream. Wow! What a beautiful sunset. She was in awe, and then she heard Libby’s words. “Tanya is gone!”

32 thoughts on “Journey into the Unknown

  1. Tanya left Jill and Libby in the harsh desert, with no food or water. But fortunately for Jill, Libby fell into a deep tinaja, trying to get a drink, and she drowned. This supplied Jill with plenty of food for several months. During this time she learned wilderness survival skills. She also kept a watch out for lone tourists, and whenever one wandered nearby, Jill would replenish her food supply.

    Jill has lived near the tinaja for many years now, and has become very crafty and skillful at desert survival. Anyone who ventures into Big Bend National Park must exercise caution, lest they become this wild desert lady’s next meal.

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  3. Groan … and to think, I used to have such a lovely life, with a little dress shop in a cute little village, selling jeans and t-shirts, communing with nature in my spare time … and now here is this bloomin’ duck trying to talk me into … into eating … PEOPLE! No … just NO!


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