The Gullible One


picture from Jason’s blog at   My thanks to Jason for the use of his photo to inspire a short story.


Free Entertainment

Dorinda was getting bored. She had already raided a few gardens, and she was rather full. She thought she would roam around a bit looking for an unsuspecting human, one that could easily be tricked.

Ahh! That guy looked like he might be gullible. She would see if she could get his attention. Sure enough he started to look her way. Dorinda kept eye contact with him and started moving a little closer to his vehicle. He was parked, so she wasn’t afraid of getting hit. Little by little she inched her way towards him, and it worked! He slowly opened the door and got out while watching Dorinda.

Dorinda turned her head a little and then looked back at him again. She took a few steps forward and turned back and looked at him, just stood there waiting. Took a few more steps forward and turned and looked at him again while she waited.

Yes, it was working. She had seen that look in a human’s eyes before. They thought she was wanting them to follow her, which was exactly what she wanted. Humans were so gullible.

Sure enough, she was right, he started following her. Every so often she would look back and laugh to herself at the grin he had on his face. Humans did provide fun and free entertainment.

Dorinda led him into the woods. Sometimes she would run, for the fun of it,  and she could hear him huffing and puffing behind her. She would slow down then, for she definitely didn’t want to lose him. Oscar was waiting for them. They had talked about it earlier in the day and he said he would be around all day.

She was almost there, she could see the cave. The closer she got she saw Oscar’s shadow. He made sure to stay hidden until just the right moment though!

Dorinda was right in front of the cave and the human right behind her, not looking off to the side at all when “GRRRRRR!!!!” Oscar the bear came out of his cave standing straight up.

Dorinda and Oscar were still laughing as they watched the human running like the wind! “He sure can run fast when he wants too! I am impressed!” said Dorinda.

She was shaking her head with a smirk still on her face as Myrtle the turtle came over to her. “Warn me next time, when you decide you pull your tricks!  One of these days, I am going to get stepped on by those humans that you scare to death! This one just about tripped over me!”

Dorinda assured Myrtle that next time she would try to warn her.

Oh yes, you had to watch out for some humans, but the others sure could be fun to fool, thought Dorinda, and she went off looking for some more food. She had worked up an appetite!






29 thoughts on “The Gullible One

  1. Doe-rinda, heh?

    I can’t believe a deer would trick poor, cute humans like that. After we set up all those deer feeders with corn for them too. Ingrates, if you ask me.

    How on earth did Myrtle end up over here. She fines more ways to get out of her terrarium even when it was guaranteed to be escape proof. Quite a turtle. Maybe a mutant turtle. Maybe a turtle with some martial arts skills. Maybe an adolescent turtle. Some sort of adolescent, mutant, martial arts mastering turtle. Hard to tell. Maybe there was something in those girl scout cookies that Myrtle ate all up.

    And Dorinda better be careful hanging with Oscar if he gets kind of hungry or she could meet with a grizzly fate.

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  2. Thanks for using my photo. It is quite difficult getting a deer to smile for you. I was almost out of puns until I hid on the right one. I had to say it in Deer and it doesn’t translate well into English.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was fun to use, couldn’t resist that fun expression! I am sure it was quite difficult getting Dorinda to smile! Though she was laughing at you, you know!
      And OOOH how lucky I was that you weren’t out of puns, eh!

      Liked by 1 person

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