Sharing the Joys



Happy Thursday! With all the chaos in the world, it always helps to focus on the Happy things! What are some things that make you happy? Today for me,ย  it was the simple pleasure of swinging on my porch swing, eating dark chocolate peanut M’Ms , lounging on the couch and getting a great shoulder massage. Massages always make me happy!

So what Happy things are on your list? When you take the time you may be surprised at how many things come to your mind. Don’t let the darkness in this world shut out the many things that can make your heart shine! Like the warmth of my dog’s body against my foot as she softly snores. Feel free to share below what makes your heart smile and most of all BE THANKFUL for the little joys life brings!


39 thoughts on “Sharing the Joys

  1. Walking on the beach
    Swimming/floating in the pool
    Playing ping-pong
    Going for a bike ride
    Seeing bunnies
    Having an interesting conversation
    Watching a fascinating documentary
    Eating . . . lots of yummy things

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  2. Happy things? Blue skies, new sandals, a good burger for dinner last night, a successful curbside grocery pick-up this morning, transplanted daisies are growing, I am virus-free… Much to be happy about.

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