Thanksgiving in the Emerald City

Glenda was feeling festive as she was decorating her house. The holidays were in the air, and her parents were coming to Emerald City for the holidays. She couldn’t wait to show them around the magical place that had become her home. She rubbed Oscar’s stomach as he laid on his back in his little cradle bed.  How she loved her cat with its bright, emerald green eyes!

An hour later, after she had finished vaccuming, she decided she should go into town and run her errands. She needed to pick up pumpkin to make her sweet Pumpkin bread and needed to pick up ingredients for Sweet Potato pudding and her corn casserole.

Her first stop was at the Forever Flowers shop. She wanted to get a nice centerpiece for her table. It didn’t take her long to decide on a lovely deep purple floral arrangement with some canary yellow flowers mixed in with them.

On her way to the grocery store she saw the Tin Man walking towards her.

“Hi Glenda, How are you?”

“I am feeling great, my parents are coming soon. How are you?”

He patted his chest and smiled. ” My heart is still beating so I am doing mighty fine.”

They chatted as they walked and then he said goodbye when they got to the grocery store. He was meeting the Scarecrow for lunch.

Glenda hadn’t been in the store for long, when a man knocked her down as he sped by her and out the door.

“Stop the thief!” Ed the grocer yelled.

Two men dropped the shiny red delicious apples that they held in their hands and they ran after the man. Unfortunately when they got out of the store they saw him jump into a car and drive away!

They shook their heads as they turned to Ed who had come out after them. “Sorry sir! Looks like he got away.”

Ed put out his hand, ” Yes, unfortunately it does, but I thank you guys for your quick action and for trying.”

The guys shook Ed’s hand and George spoke, “No problem! We are here on business, but have had time to look around and we really are fascinated with your magical city. My name is George and this is Frank. A pleasure to meet you.”

Meanwhile Glenda had walked out and caught their conversation. She turned to Frank and George and introduced herself.

“How long will you be in town? Will you be here over Thanksgiving?”  she asked.

“It depends, we aren’t sure. We may be, but that’s OK, that will give us more time to explore around here.”

“Well if you are here for Thanksgiving, you are welcome to join my parents and I for a Thanksgiving dinner. My Mom is making her famous Lemon meringue  pie and there will be Pumpkin pie too.”

“That is very kind of you, if we find ourselves still here, we will gladly take you up on your offer. Thank you!” they both said, as they shook her hand.

“Well we better get back to work, sorry again that we couldn’t catch that guy for you.”

“Its OK, hope to see you around again.” Ed said.

George tipped his hat and they walked towards their car.

“What polite gentleman they are, ” said Ed.

“Yes, they were, wonder what their business is?” Glenda replied.

“Well, I did hear that there were two English Professors from the college here that  were out sick, perhaps they are subbing for them?” said Ed.

“Hmm…that could be, but I am thinking not, they don’t seem to be the Professor type.” said Glenda. I get the sense of something more mysterious.”

Ed nodded his head. ” Mysterious? Like perhaps they are detectives, here to solve a mystery.”

They both laughed. “A mystery? Here in Emerald City? That would bring some excitement for sure.

Snow started to fall as they watched Frank and George drive away.

“If this snow turns out to be one of our typical blizzards, you may very well have them as guests on Thanksgiving Glenda, and perhaps solve the mystery.”

Glenda smiled, it could be a surprising Thanksgiving for sure!

(Part 2…to come)










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