The Cooking Adventures


Yes, this idea would work well for me in the kitchen! I may have had our smoke detector go off once or twice, (I am bad at math) while cooking.

Di, from suggested that I write a post about cooking flops. That is a subject that I do believe I am qualified to write about. Feel free to visit Di’s blog. She does lots of 100 word stories. It can be very difficult to write such a short story, but she does a great job! She writes about several other things as well!

When I first moved out on my own, I moved in with my fabulous friend, Sherry, who just happens to be a great cook. We ate well, she cooked,  and I cleaned. She also liked to put all the junk food up in the highest cupboards. I may have just a tad of a sweet tooth. She did try to teach me some things, and one day I baked some brownies. They may have been very good … problem was we couldn’t get them out of the pan. Seriously! I used to have a picture of me holding the pan of brownies straight up and down, seeing if they would fall out of the pan, but nope! They were like cement!

Sorry, don’t have the picture to post it, but from that day forward, my dear friend likes to ask if she needs a chisel and a hammer when coming to eat at my house!  I would like to assure you that my brownies are soft now, I have made them several times! My husband can attest to that fact.  Sherry may have that picture of the famous brownies, but its a pity that she is in Punta Cana right now, she is really roughing it. She enjoys sending me these pics, to show how much she is “roughing it”.



Are you thirsty yet?  You are welcome! And now that you had that little commercial break, back to the story.

We first lived in a trailer when we got married, and I loved the cozy trailer. We had a little table right by the window and I enjoyed cooking in my little kitchen. I proudly served my husband pancakes one of the first mornings that we were married. Now just to forewarn you, I had forewarned my dear husband before we got married, that I was not exactly an expert in the kitchen. I tried to prepare him!

He thanked me for the pancakes and happily started eating them. I sat down just a little later and started eating them as well. I am not exactly sure what I said, but I did give him an incredulous look across the table as I spit my bite of pancake back out. They were not done and were gooey in the middle. I asked if his were not a little undercooked. He was so gracious as she said yes, but that it was okay! New pancakes were made!

My husband has always been polite over the years with the cooking. If it is not good, he just calmly says that I really  don’t need to make that again. I am glad to say though that there has been many meals which he does want me to make again, even though I will totally never be a Rachel Ray of the kitchen!

The one problem that happens fairly often is that I like to experiment at times in the kitchen instead of following a recipe and there are times it really does work. But don’t ask me to make it again, for I don’t know if it was 2 dashes or 3 that I put in of the one seasoning, a splash of milk or a cup, I think you get the picture.

I don’t like complicated recipes, give me ones in English please, just nice, simple instructions. No having to roll out the dough in a triangular shape and then cut into 1/2 inch diameters and roll it 6 inches in length, etc. Remember, I don’t like math.

What do you call Butterscotch cookies if you forget to put the butterscotch chips in them?  Just curious.

Sugar, salt, baking powder and baking soda are all white! Who made them that way? For they may look the same, but when you mix them up in a recipe,you can tell! Just saying.

Heating up the oven with the casserole sitting on the stove top does not cook the casserole. The timer may go off, but your casserole will not be done. Just thought I would pass that tip along. And yes, its true, a watched pot never boils, but if you get a phone call and walk away, the water boils faster than you ever saw it happen before!

When a recipe calls for you to add jello to it. It could mean to only add the powder of the jello, not to actually make the liquid jello and add it. You will get different results if you do one instead of the other, just another handy tip.

Why are there pictures with recipes and where did the pictures come from?   When taking the dish out of the oven and comparing , one thing is very clear. They obviously got the pictures in the cookbook screwed up, not matching the recipe.

Yes, my husband may not have married a Julia Child’s but hey, I can cook a frozen pizza in the oven any day!

33 thoughts on “The Cooking Adventures

  1. I hope you live close to a McDonalds. They always come in handy when a dinner goes south. But I’m kind of like your husband. When I don’t like something, I usually don’t say anything. I just wait for my wife to leave the room, then sneak my dinner to the dogs. They like just about everything.

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  2. Ha ha, this brings back a memory of cooking pancakes that turned out bad. I ate them anyway because I didn’t want to admit they were bad, while my husband took one bite and then just sat across the table watching me.

    Finally he asked, “Why did you eat those thin, tough pancakes?” I tried to act like they weren’t really that bad, but of course they were. For years after that, whenever I did something silly out of pride, he would remind me of the thin, tough pancakes! I should have just thrown them away.

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  3. First meal I cooked for Hubby was pizza. I made a pastry dough base and topped it with whatever I could find in my SIL’s cupboard. Why I didn’t go shopping in the first place I have no idea! Anyway, it was a success, and he was impressed.
    In the thirty years we’ve been together, there are only two or three meals I’ve cooked that went disastrously wrong. I cooked once at MOH and he told me to put in what was left of some curry paste he had. I’m glad I tasted it afterwards as it was gross and I fished out the chicken, washed it under the tap, and the threw the rest away! We had pineapple sweet and sour instead (with a hint of curry)

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  4. I grew up with a mother who was a terrific cook. I am a good cook, with my best dishes being chicken and dumplings, baked beans (from scratch), and King Ranch chicken. But my very worst cooking disaster occurred one of the times I was unable to go home for Thanksgiving. A few of my friends and I decided to make a Thanksgiving meal. I volunteered to make the dressing. I was confident in my ability to make it; after all, I had watched my mother make it for years. The disaster occurred when I didn’t have enough chicken broth to make it, so I decided to add some chicken bouillon to it. It turned out sooo salty it was inedible, though my friends gave it a valiant try. But, the dogs enjoyed it. Thankfully, my desert was on point.

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  5. I made two pies when I was newly wed. Didn’t serve them. Threw them in the pig pen. The pigs didn’t die. That was considered a success. I haven’t made a baked pie since then. I’m pretty good at nice refrigerated desserts. Charming story you have written.

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