Friday’s Super Short Stories!

After 12 years of everyone getting cardio exercise,  the elevator finally starts working!

When out of all the songs you know, the song “Happy Kitty” is going through your mind, “purr, purr, purr.”

When Sheldon speaks from his heart, making all speechless …. and I wipe away some moisture that fell on my cheek.

For 12 years of laughter from welcoming friends into my house every Thursday night, Thank you BBT! Thank you for making me smarter in my knowledge of new scientific words too …. Nope, still as confused as Penny!

5773_500  Had to love Penny, for she was the only one who wasn’t a scientific genius, she made us non-scientific people feel good!

4359_500 Sheldon always knew what to say to make someone feel better!

d5346e21154c7beb12dd0013d394fd4d And Penny had a way of sugarcoating her words!


Good bye BBT!




17 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

    • Oops, longest running multi-camera sitcom ~> The Big Bang Theory is now ending after a whopping 279 episodes (and after becoming the longest-running American multi-camera sitcom in history).

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      • The actors made the show for sure!! We watched them on the Late night show afterwards and they just all get along so well. That’s what makes a series last like Big Bang did! They truly are friends in real life not just acting it on the show.

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