Danger on the Train

In my Name the Challenge! post I gave my readers a chance to give me an idea of what they would like to see a post about. I did get some creative ideas and do plan on using them all.  It’s never too late to share an idea with me, if one comes to your mind!

For today I am going to start with an idea from Tippy.  A fun blogger whose blog contains the adventures that he has in chasing unicorns.  Here is a link to one of his adventures, https://unicorniks.com/2019/04/14/the-winchester-mystery-house/

I will admit that at first I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle the idea of a train being derailed and a murder happening, but …. then an idea struck me. It might have diverted a little from Tippy’s original idea, but thanks Tippy for helping to get the creativity flowing.


Danger on the Train


Cynthia was looking out the window, it had been 2 days that she had been traveling so far.  The train ride had been nice and smooth, but she still hadn’t had a chance to try her plan.

They seemed to be heading deeper into the countryside, no-man’s land. The track was getting more windy the farther they went. Cynthia found herself getting drowsy, she had just enjoyed a nice cup of Chamomile tea. Deciding to close her eyes for a bit, she let herself be rocked to sleep by the rhythm of train.

Suddenly she was thrown out of her seat. Other passengers had been thrown as well and there was chaos! No one was quite sure what had happened until they looked out the window and saw that they were off the tracks.

The conductor’s voice was soon heard over the intercom. ” My apologies, but we seemed to have derailed and gone into a ditch. We will do our best to get the train up and running again as soon as possible.”

Cynthia looked around, it appeared that there were no serious injuries with any of the passengers, just some scrapes and bruises. She brushed off some dirt that had flown in the window and sighed. Oh well, “C est la vie!”

“Excuse me Miss. do you mind if sit by you? ”

Cynthia looked up at the older gentleman talking to her.  She was thinking of reading, but maybe it would be nice to have someone to talk with for a bit.

“Sure, have a seat.”

“Thank you!”  he said, as he sat down beside her.

“I see you like to read,” noticing the book in her lap. “May I ask what the book is about? I am an avid reader myself. I love Shakespeare and other classics. ”

Cynthia smiled, ” I prefer mysteries. Right now I am reading “The Cat and Mouse Game”. Its a murder mystery.”

The gentleman smiled, “Hmmm … that may be interesting. Would you like something to drink, I was thinking of getting a drink myself.”

Cynthia’s thoughts started flying, this might be the chance she was waiting for. Seeing the bulge of his wallet, she guessed he was fairly wealthy.

“Yes, please, I would love a white chocolate latte. ”

The man shook his head, ” I don’t know how people drink latte’s, or just plain coffee, but I would be glad to get you some.”  and he tipped his hat at her while he walked away.

Soon he came back with 2 steaming cups, he handed her latte to her and began to sit down with his drink, when Cynthia spoke up.

“I am sorry, but would you mind getting me a sandwich as well.  I was sleeping earlier and I am rather hungry now.”

“No problem,” and sitting down his drink, he went to get Cynthia’s sandwich.

Cynthia watched him go out of sight and she dug in her purse for her bottle of arsenic. It wouldn’t take much, she had grown pretty good at knowing exactly how much to use. She put a few drops in his cup and stirred it around and then sat back in her chair and started reading her book until he came.

“Here you go Miss. I hope you like egg and olive sandwiches.”

“They are great! My Mom used to make them for me all the time, thank you so much.”

She started to eat as the gentleman sat down and took a drink.

“I still can’t believe I am actually going to drink coffee, but they were out of  bottled water.”

Cynthia was nodding and drinking her latte as she kept her eyes on him.

” I have always said that coffee is poison!…”

Spitting out some of her latte, she started coughing.

The gentleman turned to her in alarm, “Are you okay?” He started patting her back.

“I am f-f-fine”, she said, “the latte just must have gone down the wrong throat!”

He picked up his cup and started drinking again. “Like I was saying, this stuff tastes nasty, I am sure it is ….”

With those words he slumped down in his chair.

Cynthia was ready to take his wallet when suddenly there was a commotion as an animal stepped onto the train!

The doors had been open, so it didn’t get too hot for everyone. People were in shock! They found themselves staring at a beautiful white unicorn! It seemed to be on a mission as it ignored everyone and trotted right over to where Cynthia and the gentleman were sitting.

Everyone was stunned as the unicorn scooped the man up with his head and tossed him on his back, walked out of the train and started flying away!

Cynthia couldn’t believe it! She looked at his coffee cup and realized he hadn’t drank enough of it for it to kill him, he was just unconscious. He sure would have the surprise of his life when he woke up!

She picked up her book to read again while she waited for her next victim. Perhaps this time she would actually get their money before another crazy unicorn comes and steals them away!




83 thoughts on “Danger on the Train

  1. Unfortunately for Cynthia, unicorns are good at sniffing out unconscious men with large wallets. I think it’s the coffee on their breath.

    I like your creativity. And I like that this would never happen to me, because I’d never buy coffee for a pretty lady. Makes them too hyper and jumpy. I’ve found that the fastest way to a woman’s heart is through a box of Cheezits.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sir Tippy Gnu’s challenge of Thursday is well met indeed, with a delightfully added twist! However, be that as it may be, you cannot also use this as the National Tell A Story Day submission per last night’s challenge. Surely you did not believe that you could obtain a 2 for 1 pass on this challenge?! If so, I give you credit for trying…but, no Gold Star!! Thank-you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. An egg and olive sandwich??? 🤢 I like eggs, and I like olives, and I like sandwiches okay, but … no, just no. Now, about that young gold digger … poor Tippy … just trying to do a young lady a favour. Thank goodness for unicorns! Fun story … thankfully no dead bodies in this one!


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