Name the Challenge!

I am sitting here listening to the peaceful sound of the rain falling. No mind boggling thoughts going through my mind at the moment. Just one of those moments where you sit back and go. “AHH!”


Don’t we all need moments like this!

So while I am relaxing, I have a question for you. What would you like to see a post about? Is there a quote you would like me to write a post around, or perhaps a question? A thought provoking one or an entertaining one. You name it, just about anything goes!

If it wasn’t for you, my valuable readers, I wouldn’t have near the fun I do at writing posts, so I figured i would give all of you a chance to make a suggestion. Since after all you are the ones reading my posts, so what would you like to see?

I do realize I could be asking for quite the challenge, but I think I am up to it. Throw out whatever comes to your mind. If nothing comes to your mind now, you can come back to comment later, there is no expiration date.

So put on your thinking caps and start thinking while I make myself a cup of tea and go “Ahh!” πŸ™‚

79 thoughts on “Name the Challenge!

  1. I, too, have rain, though I am not enjoying mine as much as you are yours, but I LOVE the picture of the froggie!!!

    What would I like to see a post about? Hmmmm … πŸ€” … bumblebees? I adore bumblebees, and when we have sunflowers in the summer, and I am out watering them in the mornings, a bumblebee will come right up to my face and we chat for a few minutes. Once last summer he even landed on my nose! 🐝

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  2. sounds really peaceful, and I can feel your relaxation and content, rain is so soothing. If I could request a post, I’d like to see what spring looks and feels like where you are. the colours, what’s growing in the fields, what people are doing, just a simple spring day. I always love your detailed descriptions. Maybe take me on a walk with you down your street? Blessings to you always dear friend

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  3. First, I want to know if that’s a real frog, or something photoshopped. If it’s real, then if I ever get reincarnated, I want to come back as a frog like that.

    Now, what happened to the idea I gave you yesterday? You know, the nice lady in the train. The train gets derailed. And there’s a mysterious murder. And of course, don’t forget the terrorists. C’mon Caroline. You can write it. I know you have it in you.

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  4. The photo reminds me of these brilliant words from Kermit the Frog : “Times fun when you’re having flies!” Which brings me to the equally brilliant question from you, to which I long ago gave you an equally brilliant answer. I have long awaited the tale of how Jinx and Jangle discover they are identical twins. Reminder…the need for this revelation has been previously discussed by us. I might suggest having Dinosauris, nicknamed Dino for the spelling challenged among us, being involved to delight Benjamin. Perhaps Dino could come flying in bringing their long lost Grandmother, a real Gem of an elf, whose retirement from Santa’s toy factory has been ended due to a shortage of talented elves. I leave it to you to pull it altogether, you are after all the author of this blog. The gauntlet has been thrown down…will YOU accept the challenge? Thank-you!

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    • Haha on Kermit’s quote!

      LOL, oh yes the Jinx and Jangle story! Can’t stop laughing , the “spelling challenged” who could you mean. πŸ™‚
      Oh how can I resist that challenge, you are good!!


      • There is a very fine line between the act of persuasion and dissuasion, it would appear that I have not crossed it. I am not given to boasting, but in this case it is true…I am good! Spelling challenged, indeed!?! I hope that I am not keeping your creative juices from flowing as you are writing the aforementioned tale. Should you need a wee break, do visit today’s post on Exploring Colour. Ms. Liz has one of Jodi’s paintings amidst other fascinating artists. Thank-you!

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    • Yes, I knew I would get clever suggestions! Well embarrassing moments I could do a book about , cooking disasters at least isn’t quite as long! LOL! Though embarrassment may be mixed in with them. At least it will be easier than Tippy’s!


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