Remembering when….

Savannah stared out of the window looking at the fields of gold and remembering when.  She remembered the day that brought a twinkle to her eye.  They were just 6 years old but oh, they thought they knew so much. He told her that he loved her and her smile stretched wide as she felt like the luckiest girl inside.

They ran and played, fought and made up.  Each day was full of adventure and they felt like the days of gold would always continue, that nothing would change, but it did.

The months and years went by and they got older and things changed. He still said “I love you”, but now Savannah wasn’t so sure what she felt inside.

They stopped talking, it wasn’t that they didn’t care, they just no longer walked the same paths as they had before.

Times had changed, but yet the sky still was blue and the fields were still gold. The long ago memories of the days spent laughing in the fields of gold were still in Savannah’s soul.

No one had known back then what the years would bring for the days had felt so carefree!

Memories slid down Savannah’s cheek as she watched out the window and then she heard it.

“Hello Savannah!, I thought I might find you here. ”

Was that really him? Was that the voice that she had missed hearing all these years, but yet now it just seemed like yesterday that she had heard him call her name.

“Savannah, are you going to turn around? It’s really me, I am really here, just turn around and see.”

She turned around as the tears streamed down her face at the sight of him. Her friend, her confidant, the one who had been her best friend. The one who had always loved her, no matter the things she had done.

His smile was beaming when he looked into her eyes. Gently he took his hand and wiped her tears away, though they still kept flowing.

“Oh Savannah, my precious one, its okay now, its all okay!”  He wrapped his arm around her as he pulled her towards him and she buried her face against his chest.

They stood for awhile in a warm embrace and when Savannah raised her head, she saw that his eyes were teary as well.

Now she smiled as she touched his face and gently wiped away the tears.

She grabbed his hand and said, “Come, let’s go! The fields are calling, don’t you hear.”

He laughed as he held her hand and they turned and walked out the door.

You could hear their laughter echoing throughout the fields of gold.


17 thoughts on “Remembering when….

  1. This is my favourite story, of friends coming back to each other after they have walked a path alone and changed yet the old friendship a place they still hold dear, you wrote them perfectly and i enjoyed the depth of the story.

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  2. Well, damn Joy. I’m green with envy that I can’t be Savannah in the fields of gold with a very special friend!! The best I could hope for at my age is having a special friend (preferably under 90!) with a gold tooth that I meet in the geriatric ward of a nursing home! Lol.
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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