The Woods of Whispering Lake

“What a lovely day it is for a walk in the woods!”  said Jinx, as they were walking through the woods and watching the squirrels scamper and hearing the birds call to each other.

Jangle agreed, this was a nice break from being at the North Pole.  They were on vacation for 2 weeks and decided to go somewhere that they hadn’t been before.  They decided to go to a place called , “The Town of Whispering Lake”,  It had a magical feel to it and today they were exploring the woods.

“Hey Jinx, did you feel that?”

“Feel what … oh that….yes, I believe it may be starting to rain.”

“You are a genius Jinx, so what do you suggest? We are quite a far way from our car.”

Jinx and Jangle stood there for a little as the drops started to fall more rapidly. They were looking around when Jangle spotted it.

“Look! Over there, by those cluster of trees, there is a little house. Perhaps whoever lives there would be nice enough to invite us in until the rain stops.”

Jinx decided it really was there only option as the rain started falling harder. He didn’t mind walking in the rain, but the sky was growing darker and it appeared that a storm was on its way.

They ran to the house and knocked on the door but there was no response. They knocked again and still there was silence. As Jangle went to knock one more time the door opened slightly, it hadn’t been latched securely.  They timidly walked in calling out “Hellloo! Anyone home?”

They looked around the nice home.  There was quite large furniture in the room and there were some small pieces too. Their feet sank into the plush chocolate brown carpet. The kitchen table was a sunny yellow color with matching chairs.

There was a big pot sitting in the middle of the table.

“I wonder what is in that pot, it smells so good” said Jinx

Jinx took the lid off the pot and saw that the pot was full of chili.

“Do you think it would be okay if we had some. Just a morsel or 2. My stomach is really growling.” said Jinx.

Jangle thought it would be okay, as long as they washed up after themselves. Nobody liked dirty dishes left in the sink.

They found 2 bowls and spoons and dipped just a little bit out of the pot.

It had been a long time since breakfast and Jangle dug into his. Oh it tasted so good!

Jinx took a big bite and his eyes got wide! His cheeks started getting red as he put his spoon down and frantically looked for a cup so that he could pour himself some water!

Jangle started laughing. “A little too spicy of a morsel, eh!  Gee, your cheeks are red! Spicy morsels do have a way of flushing your cheeks don’t they.”

Jinx decided that his stomach could wait for more food. Food that perhaps wouldn’t be quite as hot, his eyes were still watering!

Jangle finished his bowl, claiming how warm and full he felt now. He washed out his bowl and Jinx’s and dried them and put them back in the cupboard.  Afterwards he went to sit down on one of their chairs in the living room and he suddenly found himself sitting on the floor!

Now it was Jinx’s turn to laugh as he was reclining in the huge, very comfy recliner.

“Oh No, you broke their chair!  It was a pretty chair too, a lovely shade of blue. We are going to have to buy this family a new one. Perhaps you better cut back on all the delicious morsels of candy that you been eating lately. ”

They suddenly turned serious for neither of them knew what kind of family lived in this house. Were they nice? What would they think of 2 strange elves taking shelter in their home and breaking their chair!

“Perhaps we will leave them a note”, said Jangle as he was starting to sweat and it wasn’t due to the hot, spicy chili that he had.

They didn’t have time to look for paper for they heard the door opening as they both were  still standing in the middle of the living room floor.

Jinx grabbed Jangle’s arm as they looked at the family that came through the door. A family of bears! Jinx and Jangle’s faces were as beet red as they had ever been before.

“Mama, Mama, look! Who are they?”

Mama could only stare in surprise, it was Papa Bear who spoke.  ” Well, well, what do we have here?  You guys are quite small, I think I could pick up both of you with my one paw.”

Hearing this sent shivers down Jinx and Jangle’s spine.

“We…we …we are Santa’s elves kind sir … we wanted to get out of the rain…and…”

Jangle couldn’t hold it back any longer, he interrupted Jinx.

“i am so….so…so…sorry! I didn’t mean to break your chair, honest, I didn’t! I can have Santa Clause build you a new one. I can make it a super deluxe….”

Papa Bear and baby bear were laughing so loudly that Jangle could no longer hear himself.  “Oh the look on your faces was priceless! It’s okay, you don’t need to be scared! We love Santa Clause, so we obviously could never hurt any of his elves!”

With this Papa Bear gave Jangle a pat on the back which almost sent him sprawling face first on the floor.  Jinx was standing there remembering how to breathe again as he let out a big sigh of relief!

“We are happy to have you here! You all must be hungry for its after lunch. We were getting ready to sit down and have some of Mama’s best chili ever. Please won’t you join us. ”

“Sure we would love to” replied Jangle.

“Thank you for being so kind!”

Jinx felt his stomach sink, what was he supposed to do.  They set bowls on the table for them and they all sat down.

Baby bear was starting to scoop some  more fresh chili out of the pot when Mama Bear told him to wait. “Guests always get served first, here Jinx hand me your bowl.”

Jinx handed it to her and watched as she filled his bowl to the very top and then handed it back saying, ” I hope you like it, it is my secret recipe.”

Jangle couldn’t look at Jinx, as he tried to keep the smirk off his face.

“So tell us, what is it like working for old Santa Clause?” asked Papa Bear

“Me and him go a long way back! It was one Christmas Eve many years ago that I will never forget.”

Papa Bear proceeded to tell them a wonderful tale about Santa and how he helped him one Christmas Eve when he really had needed it.  It had made Papa Bear realize the importance of helping others.

They had a fun time of swapping stories, they were quite a nice family, and they made plans to have a picnic at Whispering Lake the next day.

“Mama, Mama, can you make more chili for the picnic please!”

“I think I will make sandwiches for the picnic dear.”

Hearing those words make Jinx smile. Anything had to be better than the chili, he thought.  Now if only he could finish his bowl.


11 thoughts on “The Woods of Whispering Lake

  1. So, if you’re in the Woods of Whispering Lake, and you sit down and be quiet as a mouse, and you’re very patient, you might see Goldilocks! Or your mind might be playing tricks on you. Whatever, you’ll have a very interesting visit!
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This was really cute JR. I loved that they ended up in the 3 Bears house and all sat down for a meal (more Chili) despite breaking baby bears chair. Hopefully elf magic can fix that? I think the Jinx and Janx Tales would make a wonderful anthology of tales just as Odessy’s tales on MoonBeam farm.


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