One More Dance

The old man was sitting on his porch swing watching the clouds drift by and thinking of how time was passing.  A memory came to his mind as a smile crossed his face. The smile disappeared though as he let out a sigh.  Was it too late?  Had he been too stubborn for too long?  How could he have done what he did!

The young woman was sitting on the park bench watching the children play. “Swing me higher Daddy!’ was a little girl’s cry. The young woman smiled and the long ago memories rolled down her cheeks. Her heart had ached for so long.  Her wounds had cut deep, but she knew it wasn’t all his fault.  Years had passed, how long would she hold onto the grudge? What was it costing her? Couldn’t she perhaps be the one to take the first step.

“One, Two, Three…follow my lead”  They danced as she looked into her Daddy’s eyes and smiled with glee. “Dance with me Daddy, oh please!”

The man wiped a tear as he heard his little girl’s voice in his memory.  How they had danced so many nights long ago, how his heart had been filled with delight. It had been one of their favorite things to do.

He walked into his house and found the old record that they had always played. It was their record she had said, their special songs.  She had always wanted the same ones played. Time had passed and a lot of his records he had no more, but this one, this one he couldn’t let go.

The needle scratched as he blew off the dust and played the record once more. He sat in his recliner and closed his eyes letting his mind take him back to a special time many years ago.

He saw her sparkly royal blue dress and the matching bow in her hair. She had beamed with pleasure as she twirled around in front of her Daddy dear.  Off to the dance they had went and what a night it had been. “”One…Two..Three. Follow my lead…”

The music played and he couldn’t keep the smile off  of his face. Oh it felt so good to dream. He shut out everything else and just heard the music in his head as he took a trip down memory lane.  He was so focused on his dream that he never heard the opening of the old screen door.  He sat in his chair tapping his feet on the floor. “One…Two…Three”

“Dance with me Daddy! Please, Oh Please!”

Oh his little girl’s voice sounded so very clear. If only it wasn’t just a dream. He kept his eyes closed trying to hang on to the precious dream as it was fading away.

“Dance with me Daddy! Please, just one more time!”

This was so strange, the dream of them dancing together had faded but yet her voice kept sounding more clear.  What was going on?

He slowly opened his eyes and gasped at who he saw standing in front of him.  It was her! He felt like his  heart  was going to burst right out of his chest. He rose up from his chair and moved to embrace her as he said, “I can’t believe it, its really you! A dream come true! You came, you are really here! I’m so sorr…”

Her hand covered his mouth. “Dance with me Daddy!”

With a sob in his throat he softly spoke, “One…Two…Three. follow my lead.”



21 thoughts on “One More Dance

  1. A beautiful story that touches my heart. I love happy endings and this one is in Benjamin speak…the bestest! “Dance with me Daddy” evokes some of my earliest Daddy’s girl moments, that I treasure to this day. My Parents were ballroom dancers, mostly for their pleasure and on occasion competitively. My Mother also loved dancing to the 1940’s Big Band music and my Dad indulged her. One Friday a month was their night out dancing. My Mother spent hours getting hair styled, make-up applied, perfumed and gowned. My older sister and I shared the honor of getting Daddy’s dancing shoes, the choice depending on whether he wore tails or not. While waiting for my Mother’s appearance, my Dad put some music on the phonograph player. He would sit and tap his foot to our pleas of “Daddy, dance with me and No, dance with me Daddy.” Then with his bow and our curtsy, each daughter in turn danced with our darling Daddy. My propensity for loquacity has taken over, again! I hope this finds you with minimal discomfort or at least well medicated. Thank-you! God Bless You & Good Night!

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    • Awh! Thanks so much for sharing your story and precious memories.
      I am slowly getting back on my feet. A post should make it sometime today. 🙂 Thanks so much for the thoughts and prayers!


  2. This was such a beautiful read. I like the ways you used your words to make my emotions danced. I indeed followed your lead. Keep up the good work!

    I would love to see you over at my blog sometimes. It would be nice to hear your thoughts on my work, which you can leave in the post comments. I look forward to reading your subsequent work.

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