Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! Its National Lazy Day today. Don’t ask me where they come up with all these things. I think they have made a day for absolutely everything. Yesterday was National Book Lovers Day, so if you all missed it go out today and buy a book in honor of it! In fact buy 2! I don’t really need a special day to go buy a book but I did tell my husband yesterday that it was only right to celebrate the day. 

Have a great day, and have the attitude of Winnie the Pooh. 











Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Grew up calling them “Black Cows”… A tasty, refreshing drink, no matter what you call it … Its National Root Beer Float today … Indulge and Enjoy!

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When one moment you are venting in frustration… and the next moment laughing at your friend’s one liner … Keep those friends … they will keep you sane!

Life is a puzzle… with no picture on the box to follow …

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Some things are right in front of you, but you look everywhere else for them! Like the cell phone in your pocket!

When a Prince is full of pride… only to find himself turned back into a frog.

GPS … an invention that saved marriages …. remembering the days of, “look at the map, where are we?..” I have no clue … either that squiggly line or the other one.”

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

If dead fish return to the great sea … do dead plants return to the great forest? Saying that I sent my plant off to the great forest, sounds better than, “I killed it!” 

Where is the magic spray for windows … wash them once … stay clean forever! 

Time to use your creativity again, which I know my readers have! My friend had posted this on Facebook, and got some fun answers,  what’s your response?

In 6 words or less, ruin a first date! 

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Sometimes its the lone bird that sings the most beautiful song, if you take the time to listen!

Some rush around looking for happiness … never seeing the answer that lies in front of their eyes, because their glasses are on top of their head. 

The gift of beauty can lie in one’s hands in many ways. 

I wanted to share pictures that my sister, Karen, shared with me last night. An “Under the Sea”  crib blanket that she crocheted for someone. I may be bias but I think its amazing and she sooo didn’t share her artistic gene with me! I don’t sew! I have my order in of a special designed blanket that I want. I told her she could go into business, so what special designed blanket would you like? LOL!







Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Some wolves can walk around in plain sight and still not be seen. 

Dilemma: When your fashion choice is a cozy robe, but you have to go to the store. 

What is your “Super Short Story” for today? Give it a try, you have nothing to lose and …. everything to gain … fame and fortune! Or perhaps just your own self satisfaction … and making me smile, but isn’t that worth it! 

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

The early bird doesn’t always catch the worm! 

A baby cries …  with no clue that their bottle is almost ready … We see dark …  with no clue that sunshine is right around the corner! 

The gift of friendship … it can’t fit in a package, you can’t tie it in a bow … it just sparkles like glittery confetti every day of the year!