Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Imagination is a wonderful thing….but with some of life’s situations we need to rein it in. 

When you are heading into a lot of traffic and the brakes aren’t working! You practically stand up on them and then you yell at them, for you know the car will listen … and then you wake up from your dream! 

Friends and joy go together like coffee and donuts!  (What do you think goes together? I did this once before and had a good response, so figured I would do it again. It really can be anything, in this case you can let your imagination go! :))


What is Your Message?

There were 2 people. One was busy talking and one was busy doing.

They both knew the verse “Love thy neighbor”, and one spoke it from the rooftops, the other one showed it from their heart.

One sat in the pew nodding their head to what the pastor said, and then walked once again by the same homeless guy he walked by every week. Once again the homeless guy said “HI!” and smiled.  Once again he was greeted with cold eyes as the person walked by him by crossing to the other side of the street.

One was busy sharing smiles as they worked in a soup kitchen dishing up a hot meal for the homeless.

One was laughing and talking with their friends, and then spoke snidely as a pregnant teen walked by.

One was in a park and saw a pregnant teen sitting on a bench looking upset. They walked over to them and asked if they could sit down. They sat there and listened to her tears.

A neighborhood party was held to welcome the new neighbors. One brought some beautiful flowers to share with the new couple. One saw the darker skin color and turned around, going back home. Went home to study the Sunday School lesson for the next day.

One was stopped at a light and got hit from behind. The lady was very apologetic, the dent was very small, but the one that got hit was very upset and wasn’t very kind. He was mad as he looked at his “Love thy neighbor” bumper sticker which now was ruined.

One was stopped at a light and got hit from behind. The lady was very apologetic. The dent was very small and the one who had been hit assured the lady that all was fine. The lady smiled through her tears, it had been a horrible day, she had received very bad news and she had been distracted. Her heart was so grateful at the understanding that was shown to her.

There were 2 people. they both were sending out messages to the world with their lives. What message are you sending out?


Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Make the most of your time between the Sunrise and the Sunset of your days!

Conversation with a good friend adds wonderful flavor to any meal!

If had to do over again, what subject would you dread a final exam in? Feeling relieved that school finals are wayyyy behind me!

As a bonus for today, I have included this song. There were several great suggestions yesterday when I asked for songs to go with my post about children growing so fast. Thank you! I knew my readers could think of some, since my brain had been too tired to work at the time. I chose this one only because it was new to me and I thought it might be new to a lot of you as well. It also was the one that choked me up the most, I saw mykids in the pictures and yes the memories rolled down my cheeks. Enjoy!


Thinking Cap Monday

Does your brain need to wake up after the weekend?  I promise I won’t make you think too hard! Grab some hunny, Pooh Bear’s thinking food, and take a try at the questions below. If you can’t think of any answers, perhaps you can think of a question to ask. Have fun but do remember to heed wise Pooh’s advice! Don’t forget to start again, after taking some time to stop and think! 🙂


1. What career do you think you would have liked to take a try, if you were to go back in time?

2. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

3. What is a word that describes you starting with the first letter of your name?

4. Name something you enjoy doing that starts with the first letter of your last name.


Tuesday’s Thoughts!

No, I did not forget what today was, just in case any of you wondered!  I can keep the days of the week straight, well at least most of the time. I know my Tuesday’s quotes are usually posted in the morning, but this morning my internet provider did not get that memo! Our internet service was down, which is the reason for the delay, but at least its fixed now. So now you all can smile, your Tuesday has been saved. Hopefully the following quotes will have been worth the wait! 🙂 Enjoy!


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Emotions of the Heart

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to give very bad news to someone?

I think of the Doctor’s who so many times have had to give their patients devastating news and I wonder how they do it. I could never be a surgeon, and have to look into someone’s eyes and tell them that their loved one didn’t make it!

These thoughts have gone through my mind before, but especially these last couple days. Yesterday marked 35 years since Nelson, my brother, died. 35 years since we received the phone call that forever changed our lives.

The phone call was devastating for us to receive but yesterday I couldn’t help but think about the one who had to make the phone call. The one who had to call my Dad and tell him that my brother had collapsed with a massive heart attack and died.

My brother was working at Goshen College. He had graduated from it and been hired on to work in the Communications Department. Over the years that my brother was in college my parents and the President of the college had developed a friendship.

I think of the shock and sadness he must of had when he first heard the news about my brother, and then of the dread that filled him knowing he had to call my Dad. I can’t imagine having to be the bearer of news that I knew was going to devastate not only my friend, but their whole family.

I think about the little time that passed between when I answered the phone and he asked for my Dad.  How he probably was wishing he could hang up as he was waiting for my Dad to come to the phone.

My thoughts also went to Nelson’s friends who were with him when he died. The ones who saw him collapse on the field. I can’t imagine their emotions. One minute you are playing a fun game of soccer with your friend and the next minute you are performing CPR on him!

The EMT’s that were called to the scene, my brother worked as a EMT as well, so the guys called to the scene knew him. How agonizing for them to realize that this time they knew the person whose life they were fighting for!

My purpose of writing was not be morbid, for it is so sad, but its real! Its real emotions that so many people went through on May 1st, besides just my family.

So often we can be so caught up in how an experience affects us and we can forget all the others that were affected in various ways. From the friend who first started the CPR to the Dr. who had to make the call to tell them to stop, that nothing more could be done.

How did that Doctor feel when he went home that night. Knowing that a young man’s life had ended. No matter how many times a Doctor has to make that call, it still has to be rough, unless you develop a heart of stone. If he had children, did he hug them a little tighter that night?

My thoughts went to Nelson’s friends who had to go back to the apartment they shared together and see his stuff all around. See all the reminders of him knowing that he would never step through that door again. Having to look into the sad eyes of my brother’s dog, as they cuddled him and their tears fell on his fur.

Seize the day! Cherish the Moments and remember how each day is a gift from God, how are you going to unwrap it?




Choices and Results!

As I was debating what to post today, I remembered a post that I shared back in 2016. I thought it would be a timely post to share once more. If you did read it back in 2016, I hope you don’t mind reading it again and thanks for still “following” me. 🙂

8 years ago on the last day of April there was a young man who loved life! He was outgoing, passionate and caring. He could make you laugh at the drop of a hat. He was a wonderful big brother to his two younger sisters,  and the only son of my dear friends.

His name was Kiel. His Freshman year of college was ending, it was his last week. He had made it through! He was soon going to be moving back home for the summer, life was good!

I don’t know what Kiel was doing the morning of April 30th, but I can guess that he probably was thinking of the summer to come. Thinking of the fun times he could have with his family and friends. Wondering what his future beyond college might hold, having dreams, like we all do.

He had a optimistic view on life that was contagious when you were around him, always wearing a smile. More times than not that smile was probably due to mischief brewing in his mind. He did enjoy having fun. He was 19 years old  with his whole life ahead of him. I may not know what all his mind contained the morning of April 30th, but I am pretty sure that he didn’t wake up thinking, “This is going to be the last morning I see.”

May 1st dawned as a bright, warm Spring day. My friend Lori knew in a week that her son would be home from college. Being a close knit family, she was excited to have her children all together again.

Lori was at work when 2 policeman walked into her work place asking for her. She wasn’t aware that when she stepped outside with the police that her life would be irrevocably changed. Changed by choices that had been made by her precious son and by his questionable friends.

The details of the night remain sketchy, even 8 years later; for people are afraid to speak up. The facts are tragic. My friend’s son who had so much potential and promise inside him was found dead the morning of May 1st. He died of alcohol poisoning. His friends were very aware of how intoxicated he was, and one mentioned taking him to the hospital. But the others made the CHOICE not too! They made the CHOICE to put him in a bedroom and just let him sleep it off. You don’t sleep off alcohol poisoning! No one checked on him until it was too late. CHOICES were made that night that resulted in deadly consequences and that changed not only my friend’s life and her family, but the lives of many others who knew and loved him.

We make choices every day of our lives and a lot of those choices are not life changing ones, but we need to remember that there are choices that can be. Choices that not only may change our lives, but the lives of so many others. Choices that we don’t always get a second chance to redo! Please choose wisely when making serious choices, don’t only think about the here and now.  Think through your choice, instead of making an impulsive one, which could lead to serious consequences!

My heart still aches for my friend and her dear family, for there is no greater loss than the loss of a precious, loved one! His presence continues to be deeply missed. But I  want to say that I am so proud of  them and the choices they have made in dealing with this tragedy.

They have become Kiel’s voice. They have gone around to different High Schools and Colleges ( including Kiel’s college) sharing the truth about alcohol poisoning. Encouraging young people to make wise and responsible choices. They are doing all they can to try and make a difference in the lives of others.

They did not choose to become bitter and isolate themselves from society. They chose to keep embracing life and living it to the fullest like Kiel did. They chose to keep smiling through their heartbreak. Having their times of sorrow and tears, but knowing that this isn’t the end. Knowing that they can preserve Kiel’s legacy and that each of them still have so much to offer the world. They continue to share their love, wisdom, joy and laughter with their friends.  Love you Lori, Tony, Katy and Ema.  Keep letting God’s beautiful light shine through, as you continue to inspire others!

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! It’s a sunny day, perfect weather for going to visit a greenhouse, full of beautiful flowers and plants. I plan on coming home with some for my front porch. How long they will survive? Well perhaps we can set a record this year! My Mom’s green thumb didn’t exactly extend to me! Our house growing up was always full of thriving flowers and plants, as was our yard. My Dad used to talk about how he should build a greenhouse for my Mom. Flowers are beautiful and I hope today you can feel flowers blooming in your heart!

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Keeping the Peace?

Are you a peacekeeper or peacemaker ? No, they are not the same. When growing up I would have called myself a peacekeeper and I still tend to fall into that mode,  but I am learning.

A peacekeeper will keep the peace no matter the cost.They will sacrifice what they really want, just to keep everyone happy for they don’t want to stir the waters. They don’t like conflict and will avoid it whenever they can.

A peacemaker will try to make peace, try to diffuse tense situations, but they do it in a healthy way.  Giving in to keep the peace is not really keeping the peace, it can be more like trying to shove a big elephant under the rug!

You can try to smooth the rug over the elephant, but there will still be lumps there.

Yes, there are situations that aren’t worth stirring up conflict over. Situations which may be very appropriate for you to just give in when you weigh out what it will matter in the long run.

Kind of like being a parent and choosing your battles. Sometimes that might mean that instead of yelling for the 100th time about your child’s messy room, you just close the door and walk away. Your child grows older and I am pleased to say, it does get better! Its music to your ears when you hear them say, “I have got to clean my room tonight” and a stunning sight to the eyes when you see that they did!

Then there are the situations where you need to take a stand for yourself, even if it does stir up conflict. I had to do that at one of the first job’s that I had. I worked at a Dr.s office and for some reason the manager did not like me. I got along fine with the Dr. and the rest of the office staff, but unfortunately not her.  She made it very clear many times that I was on her black list. Everyone could tell and they were just as puzzled as I was.

It grew very frustrating for she never could give me a good reason of why she didn’t like me and there seemed to be nothing I could do to gain her favor. No matter what I did she would yell at me in front of patients and the staff and because I didn’t like conflict I let her do it to me. I thought I was keeping the peace, but I was just hurting myself.  I was enabling her to just continue treating me that way.

I gave myself a severe case of reflux due to the stress. I seriously was like drinking Maalox for  quite awhile. My family Dr. said I was very close to having a stomach ulcer and she suggested that for my health I quit, which I did end up doing.

There are times we won’t be able to make peace and in those times we have to choose what the best thing to do is. I had talked to the Dr.and I tried to talk to the manager different times.  I tried to understand what her problem was, but she refused to talk about it.  She had been the office manager for years and the Doctor pretty much just let her do whatever she wanted to do. She was the boss.

Peace is a wonderful thing, but if we are hurting ourselves in the process of keeping the peace, then we have some serious questions to ask.

I think I shared on here before about the time I was in charge at a Fast Food Restaurant and it was an employee’s turn to squeeze lemons for our lemonade. She decided she wasn’t going to do it, just because she didn’t want to. I told her she either took her turn or she could go home. She threatened that she would punch my face in.  Yes, I was shaking inside, for she was much bigger than me, (not exactly hard to be)

I could have kept the peace by just giving her another job to do, but what kind of message would that have sent to the other employees? Plus the next time it came to be her turn to squeeze lemons she would think she could get away with not doing it again. It would be like trying to smooth the rug over an elephant again. So I held my ground and soon she was squeezing lemons, though not exactly with a smile!  But my face remained untouched, so I was smiling.

I think there are people who naturally can handle conflict better than some others, but we all can learn to stand up for ourselves. We can all learn that sometimes keeping the peace is not the same as being a peacemaker. What are your experiences? How do you handle conflict?