A Thankful Heart

On the road again!  A cloudy, rainy day, but we have sunshine in our hearts!  Sunshine as we head towards family in Indiana.  

There is some extra sunshine in my heart due to the good news that I received yesterday. I will be heading back into the working world again!  The great news is that I don’t feel like it will feel like work.   I believe I will really enjoy it!

For a little background to new readers I had been working in a Daycare before but sadly it closed down in the beginning of June.  

My husband and I agreed that I would take the summer off and look for a new job in the Fall.  

I can’t say enough at how much I appreciated that time off.  Our family has had to deal with some serious issues over the past 2 years and it felt good to just sit back and breathe!

Now I am ready to work again and enjoy the people interaction.  I did talk to my dogs quite often as I was at home, but they didn’t always talk back to me.

I at first thought I would be a Pharmacy Tech.  I was hired and waiting for a start date.  Well the start date was delayed and I wasn’t getting any information on when I would actually be starting.  

I began having second thoughts about the job, for I found out that I would be required to travel further from home than  I had expected to for training.  

With winter coming and the magnetic pull that my van has to objects jumping out of it I wasn’t crazy about daily driving a hour away over a 3 month period of training.  

My van was starting to worry  about how many more dents it may get due to increased traveling.  

As I was mulling things over and waiting to hear from the company about a start date I got a surprise email.  

The enail waa from a Nursing Home that I had worked at before.  I had enjoyed the work but I got to the point where I couldn’t do the heavy lifting anymore. 

The email was about a new program they were starting.  No lifting was involved.  It was for a Companion position.  The job would involve  reading to residents, playing a game,  or doing a puzzle with them.   Writing a letter for them.  Talking to the resident that is lonely due to not getting visitors.  Going on walks with them.  Just doing whatever you can to make their stay at the home as pleasant as possible.

Well to say that my heart jumped when I read that email may be an understatement, I quickly filled out the application.  I was set up for an interview in a veey short time, had the interview one day and the next morning I got offered the job!  

I am excited and very thankful for this opportunity.  I had wanted a job like this but wasn’t having success in finding any.  Just goes to show that you never know what surprises may be around the corner.

Yes, my heart is smiling at being able to bring some joy into the lives of the residents and knowing that they will bring joy into my life as well! 

Oh and just a sidenote, the Nursing home is only 10 minutes down the road from me.   My van is smiling due to  feeling a little safer. 

32 thoughts on “A Thankful Heart

  1. Congrats on the new work opportunity. It sounds like the perfect position that will sustain your soul, always an important component when working. May you continue to keep your heart and mind open to new opportunities like this one. Good things always come from keeping the mind open for possibilities. Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels as you celebrate with family. πŸ¦ƒ

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  2. When my children were choosing what to become when they grew up, I told each one the same thing…do what you love and love what you do! While earning a living is not without it’s merits, I could not imagine doing something that did not make you happy every day! Most of us will work for a very long time, a substantial part of our lives…we better do something that we enjoy or suffer the consequences. This advice does not change, ever! So, if you will love this work…do it and my sincere congratulations!! P.S. Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with Thanks & Giving!

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