Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! Thanksgiving is just around the corner!  I have a Thankful heart this morning but will share more about that tomorrow for today is Quote day!  I promise it will be in my post tomorrow.

We are getting ready to hit the road again tomorrow.  Another 8 hour trip, but I have my books. I am ready.  Headed to the cornfields of Indiana again to be with family and see good friends as well.  Good food will be on the menu, as well as a plentiful supply of laughter and love.

I can’t forget the annual Black Friday traditional shopping that my dear sister-in-law and I do!  We shop and we sit and drink Latte’s and chat.  My husband informed me of how cold it is supposed to get  and asked if I was sure that I wanted to go shopping.  I said “Of course, we just bundle up!”  Plus honestly it gets so hot in the stores at times that coming out into the cool air can feel good!  For a short time at least!”

Happy Thanksgiving to all who will be celebrating this week and I hope that everyone has things that they can be thankful for this week!


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19 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

    • So glad you enjoyed them! I will agree that I found it hard pick a favorite this time.as well! 🙂
      I am getting ready to download some books on my Kindle now. I am looking at Braving the Wilderness and some of Jodi Picoults books. 🙂

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  1. Totally tremendous Tuesday’s Thoughts on a Wednesday, yet again! I’m so behind on my reading of posts and can not blame it on the coming holiday. I will leave you with these thoughts, a quote of unknown origin: “Let our lives be full of both, Thanks and Giving” or as my dear Gram said: “Thanksgiving should be filled with two things, Thanks & Giving”. Have a Thanksgiving filled with both and Thank-you!

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