Friday’s Super Short Stories

Sleepy but Smiling…..Late night Shopping…..Best Bargain – Laughing and Bonding!

Odessa swooped into the store….Silently sitting, waiting for me to spy her.

Being Thankful should be a daily exercise of the heart, its not just for one day of the year!

16 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories

  1. Black Friday’s Super Short Stories are the best bargain, they are FREE! They are also golden nuggets of your very own wisdom! Of course, I must add these words…EVERYDAY should be filled with thanks & giving! Thank-you!

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    • Oh yes Free is the best!! 🙂 And you always warm my heart with your words!! Thank you!
      I had almost added your quote about Thanks and giving to my post, but was hoping that you would and you did!! 🙂 Thanks!


      • I did alter my dear Gram’s quote by changing “Thanksgiving” to “Everyday”…I hope she doesn’t mind! One can never be certain how an angel will react to the liberties taken by mere mortals. I did decide however that “everyday” worked better today, sorry Gram! P.S. Really pushing my luck here, but it does have a fantabulous ring to it. Right? You might proceed with caution in replying, an angel’s reactions must be considered!

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