The Mysterious Letter (Part 6)

The final chapter is here.  Elyssa can finally have her sanity back! Will it turn out the way you expected, guess  you will have to read it and see. 🙂 If  you happened to miss  Part 5, here is the link.  Only A Day Away! (Part 5)

The Mysterious Letter

Elyssa was up bright and early. She was not a morning person, but this morning she couldn’t wait for the day to begin. Today she would get some long awaited answers! Taffy even sensed her enthusiasm and was in a playful mood. Elyssa had plenty of time to spare, so she took Taffy on an early morning walk. Usually their walks were in the evenings, but perhaps they could do 2 today.

She came back to the house to shower and get ready when she noticed her answering machine blinking. Who would be calling her at this hour?  “WAKE UP! Your day is here! Are you sure that you are ready for it?” OH Dear, yes she was ready for it, her long wait had been for this day!  But Rob had a point, yes this time she knew it was his voice on the machine. She couldn’t ignore the nervous little twitch in her stomach. Was she really ready for what was coming?

Arriving at work about 15 minutes ahead of time she sat in her car for a little bit. She knew this was the day, but she really didn’t know when today that her questions would be answered. What if she had to go through the whole long work day waiting? Elyssa sighed, she made it this far, what would a few more hours be.

Walking into the office she reached for the light. Suddenly everything went black!  A blindfold was put over her eyes! What was going on?  Her heart started to race, and then she heard Valerie assuring her that all would be fine. She knew Valerie had been in on this mystery! She hadn’t been only imagining her sly smile.  Valerie led her down the hall as she heard her co-workers wishing her well.  Where oh where was Valerie taking her to?

They stepped outside and she heard a car’s motor running and Valerie opened the door helping her to step in. Valerie let go of Elyssa’s hands, but not before tying something around them. “Can’t have you taking your blindfold off before its time!” She laughed as Elyssa muttered something back. “Make sure she gets where she needs to be Rob.” Valerie gave her a hug and told her to have a wonderful time.

Something was laid on Elyssa’s lap. “Once you get the use of your hands back perhaps you would enjoy some fortune cookies for your journey!” Ahh!! Elyssa recognized her boss’s voice, she was right in her suspicions of him as well! ” Just be careful when drinking any tea.”  was his parting words. Elyssa made a face and heard her boss laughing. “I think her eyes are shooting arrows at you boss, but yet I can’t see them to tell for sure!” Her friends were so  lucky that her hands were tied, Elyssa thought.

As the car headed down the road Rob asked Elyssa if she had any guesses as to where they were headed to. “Yes, I do, I am headed to a tropical paradise for 7 days of relaxation! I definitely am ready for it! How nice of you to take me along!”

Rob laughed and responded, ” As much as I would enjoy your company, sorry you are not coming with me. In fact you are not going anywhere warm!”

“What do you mean? If I am not going with you, then where am I going? Nowhere  warm, no beaches?  Explain yourself Rob!! Curious minds need to know!”

“In time you will, patience dear friend! It is a virtue you know.” Now Elyssa was shooting arrows at Rob from underneath her blindfold. They arrived and after they parked Rob took off her blindfold. They were where she expected, the airport. “Well considering that you have luggage to carry, I will untie your hands. That is if you promise not to Swat me!” Elyssa promised as she crossed her fingers. “No problem!”, she said, and Rob untied her hands.

He grabbed the luggage from his trunk. Elyssa saw her luggage set and wondered who had packed it. It must have been Valerie, she had a key to her place. She felt speechless as they headed into the airport. She was carrying luggage not knowing where she was headed to, but knowing she was going alone. That was a little frightening. For the hundredth time she wondered what this mysterious plan was all about. Her blindfold may be off, but she still felt very much in the dark!

They checked in the all the luggage and as they got to her gate Rob finally handed her ticket to her. The first boarding call for her flight was being announced. Elyssa heard the words ALASKA! She turned to Rob, “Alaska! It is cold there! There is snow there!” Rob laughed at the expression on her face. “Yes, my friend you are right. Well done! I am impressed,  you obviously know something about Alaska.” Elyssa rolled her eyes, he was having so much fun with this! ” Remember” Rob said,  “that it is also known to be full of beauty,  breathtaking in fact. Enjoy!”

“How am I supposed to enjoy it all alone, and why Alaska?” “That would be answered in this.”  and Rob gave her a sealed letter. “Open this once you get in the plane. There is not much time, but I will tell you this. Yes, Valerie and I and our boss have been in on this scheme planned for you, but we weren’t the instigators. No,  we were just following someone’s creative instructions..We may have created some fun of our own with it, I will admit, but you will understand soon. It is all in the letter, well perhaps not everything is explained in there, but…”

Elyssa took the letter feeling at a loss for words. Someone else was behind this plot?  She looked at Rob with questioning eyes. He smiled and told her she better go. “One last thing though….please be careful with the rental car that is yours when you get there. Watch out for those parking lots!” At this, Elyssa gave him a swat to the arm. He chuckled and said, “Make sure you say Hi to ….well you will know who soon enough. Happy Reading!” and he gave her a wink.

Elyssa couldn’t wait to sit down so she could read the letter. Her hands were shaking. She got herself  situated by the window. She was glad for a window seat, so that she could look  out at the lovely clouds. Glancing at the letter again, Elyssa took a deep breath. Her  heart was racing. Questions running through her mind, she really had no clue what to expect in this letter. Opening it up she began to read, as a smile stretched across her face.

48 thoughts on “The Mysterious Letter (Part 6)

    • I literally laughed out loud when reading your comment . Still chuckling! I am.not sure if you made your point clear enough. LOL!
      Sorry my friend, but it is so much more fun the one creating the suspense instead of the one in suspense! 🙂

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  1. Well, if mean isn’t a nice word, what would you call your behavior. I may need a thesaurus to look up all the words I would call it. But, I’ll let you guess what they are…..
    A dose of your own medicine.

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    • Oh dear! I see that you are confused again. I will try to explain it in simple terms that you can understand. I just meant that they didn’t appreciate the ending of my story today. You encouraging them in their sentiments isn’t a good thing for.they may be more quick to believe any other info.that you give them!

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  2. Hi Everybody – While I cannot finish Carolyn’s story for you (because I have no clue where she was going with it!), I can explain the dates and the count down:

    Carolyn is going to be receiving a surprise email on Mar 29, which will be followed by other emails. While she will know what they are when she sees them, she may not understand the significance of them and, if that is the case, then she will receive an email explaining it all on Apr 8.

    Why on earth she incorporated the countdown (10 days from Mar 19 = Mar 29) into her story, only Carolyn knows! 🙂

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    • Okay dear readers, you have heard Colin’s interpretation of what was behind the dates that he mentioned. Now here is a more detailed one.

      First of all yes, he is correct in saying that I will receive a surprise email on March 29th. What he failed to add is that I have known about this now for a whole month! A whole month of knowing that something is coming my way on the 29th that I may understand or I may not understand. A month of being reminded of how many days are passing. 20 days, 15 days. Remember in the story , the reminders that Elyssa kept getting about how many days were left? See the connection.

      Then just to add to the suspense, because he needed more to smile about! I find out a couple weeks ago that not only am I going to receive an email on the 29th, but others will follow and I may or may not understand them. (remember that line in Elyssa’s story, she will know what but may not know the whys) The will keep coming until April 8th where at last everything will be explained. I went from believing that all would be answered on March 29th, to knowing I would have to wait another 10 days until fully answered!! 10 days equals Elyssa’s countdown, see the connection now?

      Yes, I am like Elyssa, suspense drives me crazy! I figured if I can’t do anything about being in suspense, I may as well let others join me in suspense. That is where you, the readers came in. 🙂 It was nice to feel like I was at least in control of Elyssa’s suspense! Now if I only could have worked it out that my suspense would have been answered today, just like hers!! Believe me, I tried!! But a certain someone doesn’t give in very easily! :p!

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