There are different types of suspense. The first thought that hit me this morning was the suspense of Where Did The Time Go!!

We are celebrating my daughter’s 18th birthday today! Yes, my husband and I are feeling old! How did a little 5 pounder grow into a beautiful young lady so fast? Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were playing in the park and she was wanting Daddy to push her high on the swing? Just yesterday that she would put her arms up as she looked at me saying, “hold me Mommy!” Yesterday that she was giving me another picture from her coloring book to hang on the refrigerator and yes, all her other ones better still be there. They do know when you take them down!

How did yesterday go away so fast? I have no clue! I just know I am proud of who she is today and that we will celebrate. I also know one other very true thing. What she reminded me of this morning when I was being sentimental. “Don’t worry Mom, I will always be your little girl!” So very true! Even if she is taller than me now, doesn’t take much for that.

The other type of suspense is what was talked about on my blog yesterday. Apparently some didn’t like the ending of my story… for it still kept them in suspense! Ha! Ha! Will I add to it, guess you will have to wait and see.

My real life mystery was talked about to, which I am still in suspense about, but March 29th is just around the corner. Though not soon enough. Now if we were talking about sometime in the next 5 minutes that would be soon enough. See, I am easy to please!

Yes, life is filled with mysteries and suspense. We never really know what tomorrow may hold. We have things we believe it will hold, but never know for sure. It is all about making the most of each moment. Embracing life, the good, the bad, and even the real ugly! All those moments make up this thing called life and there are many things to celebrate in life! Cherishing family and friends. Cherishing the moments of being together, as we went to Inner Harbor in Baltimore on Saturday. It was a beautiful day to be by the water and enjoy each other’s company as we were starting the celebration of my daughter’s birthday.

As my dear friend likes to say,  Cherish the moments! Even the moments that may drive you crazy with suspense!

Here is a song that thought of this morning. I remember my brother-in-law telling me not to blink at my dear niece’s wedding. He said “Don’t blink”, as I was watching my little girl dance around. The little girl who is now 18!


13 thoughts on “Suspense

  1. And… as I recall, it somehow was presented as if I was responsible… even though my little plot/intrigue with C has nothing to do with her story (unless she makes it so… but that’s hardly my fault!). 🙂

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    • Nice try, but you do have some responsibility! I would not have thought about putting suspense into the story IF you wouldn’t have had my mind so concentrated on suspense for the past month!
      So see, you did play role in it!

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  2. Don’t agree. I just had a totally unrelated agenda. You chose to use it in your story however, you do have a track record of laying blame rather than take responsibility (your phone cannot spell; it slams a car door on itself; stationary cars hit your opening car door… and the list goes on and on!), so I guess we should not be surprised. I also cannot make you think (put thoughts in your head) about anything! I really do not have that power. I can only give you information, and all the resulting thoughts are of your own creation (which means you have to also accept responsibility for your thoughts).

    I do think however that, out of courtesy to your readers, you owe it to them to come up with an appropriate ending to your story. How are you going to feel if your Mar 29 (In 2 days!) email starts something which suddenly stops after a few days and leaves you wondering what would have/could have happened next? 🙂

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  3. Happy Belated Birthday to your daughter! Time really does fly, doesn’t it? I always tell my kids that even though they might be adults, there are times when I look at them and see them as they were when they were three. 🙂

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