Only A Day Away! (Part 5)

One more day and that was all. It was getting harder and harder for Elyssa to stop thinking about what was to come!  She wasn’t getting any closer to having  answers and that was driving her crazy! If only she wasn’t such a curious person, the waiting wouldn’t be as hard! She was  very glad that tomorrow would end her suspense!

Work was going well. Rob had made it back and was feeling great. Why wouldn’t he? He was going off to a Tropical Paradise tomorrow for 7 days. Valerie was still out of town, but due to come back tomorrow. Now instead of Valerie being the one wearing a sly smile, Elyssa’s boss seemed to be. Maybe he wasn’t, maybe it was just Elyssa’s brain starting to play tricks on her. Playing tricks on her because of how long it had been kept in suspense. She was feeling like everyone knew what was up except for her! That wasn’t possible though, was it?

“Elyssa, would you like to go out for lunch today? Take a break from the office.” Elyssa’s boss had poked his head in her door. “Sure, that would be nice.” He smiled as he walked away. What was that all about, Elyssa wondered. It definitely wasn’t like him to ask her out to lunch. Not that he wasn’t a very friendly boss and treated all his employees well, but lunch? Hmmm…just one more thing for Elyssa to ponder. Was this somehow connected to tomorrow, or just a innocent invitation.

They went to a Chinese restaurant nearby for lunch. They were enjoying a nice, casual conversation and Elyssa had relaxed. She was sipping her tea when her boss said, “Are you looking forward to tomorrow?” Some tea came spewing out of her mouth. Why did he ask that!  Now he was laughing, as she made a face at him. She told him she would be right back as she headed for the restroom. She had to hide her flushed face and get herself composed.

Coming back to the table she saw that he wasn’t laughing anymore, but a mischievous glint  was in his eye and a smirk on his face.

“Have a fortune cookie, they can always be fun to read.” Elyssa took one and pulled out the slip of paper inside. ” One never knows what tomorrow may bring!” Elyssa just shook her head. She really couldn’t get away from reminders about what may be coming, could she!

If she didn’t know better, she would say that her boss had something to do with the fortune cookie, but that was impossible, right?  She looked at him and the smile on his face. “What does your fortune say Elyssa?” She smiled as she tucked it into her pocket. Her brain may be in a muddle, but she didn’t have to answer his question. He already had a good laugh earlier at her expense, that would have to satisfy him for now.

When she walked back into her office she saw a note on her desk. She had missed a phone call while she was out. Rob had taken the call and wrote a short message. ” You received a phone call saying that Tomorrow will be Delayed!” Oh My Gosh!  Elyssa smacked her forehead as she looked at the cryptic note again. She went to find Rob and to get some answers! He wasn’t in his office. His secretary said he would be in a meeting the rest of the afternoon. Elyssa sighed as she thanked the secretary and started walking back to her office lost in thought.

“Hey Elyssa, nothing jumped out at your car this morning did it?” Elyssa had to laugh as she made a face at her friend. Her friend’s laughter echoed down the hall. It hadn’t taken long for word to get around the office at how Elyssa had dented her car the other morning, pulling into a parking space. There were jokes going around about getting Elyssa her own private  wide parking space away from all of the other vehicles.

The “crash” jokes mixed  with the suspense that she has been in for so long, mixed with her boss’s question at lunch, and now Rob’s cryptic note, spelled out one thing for sure! Her friends, some more than others,  deserved a friendly SWAT!





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