The Balloon Adventure: Chapter 2 – The Flight Starts!

Happy Monday! May this week hold some wonderful things for you! I am hoping for a special delivery from the mailman today. My phone to be exact! Yes, am still textless, but surviving. Perhaps I should go for a ride in a hot air balloon 🙂 Enjoy Part 2 of Colin’s story.

The Balloon Adventure: Chapter 2 – The Flight Starts!

As soon as the basket started moving, Dewey and Jaxon got up and looked over the edge and saw the ground getting further and further away. Jaxon turned to the Man-Servant. “This is so exciting” he said “What a good idea you had!” The Man-Servant just looked at them for a moment. “Well guys… we have a problem. We left the balloon owner on the ground, and I don’t know how to fly this thing!”

Just then, Odessa flew alongside them. “Having fun are you?” The Man-Servant looked at her. “Odessa. You do realize that you startled the balloon owner such that he is still in the field way down below us?” “Really?” said Odessa.  “I wonder why. I am big enough to be seen!” The Man-Servant continued. “Odessa… we need him up here with us in order to fly this thing! I have no idea how it works!”

Odessa shook her head and rolled her eyes in obvious disappointment “Man-Servant! You are riding a balloon! How difficult can it be? You have no motor and no wings to worry about, just a big bag of hotair… and most humans should be familiar with that situation!” The Man-Servant was not particularly impressed with Odessa’s overview of their situation. “Odessa” he said “We are going higher and higher!” Odessa looked puzzled. “I know you are Man-Servant. I’ve been keeping up with you. What’s your point?” “My point” said the Man-Servant “Is that the higher we go, the cooler it is going to get, and the more difficult it will be to breathe. I have no idea how high this balloon is likely to go!”

At that moment Dewey taps the Man-Servant’s leg to get his attention. The Man-Servant turns and looks down. “What is it Dewey?” Dewey looked up at him. “Is there any food in here and, by the way, neither Jaxon nor I recognize any of the land below us so we think that we’re lost!” The Man-Servant turned to Odessa. “There’s another thing. I have no idea where the wind has taken us. We’re lost!”

Odessa did not see the problems. “Would you like me to go down and see where you are so that you’re not lost any more?” she asked. “What purpose would that serve exactly?” said the Man-Servant. “Well” said Odessa “If I must repeat myself. You wouldn’t be lost any more!” The Man-Servant was getting a little flustered now. “Think Odessa! What purpose would be served by knowing where we are, when we are so high in the sky?” Odessa landed on the edge of the basket right in front of The Man-Servant. “What is your problem? You don’t know where you are which means that you are lost. I offered to find out where you are and solve that problem for you, and all you do is get rude and tell me to think. I am thinking, which I suspect is more than you are doing!”

The Man-Servant was very apologetic. “I am sorry Odessa. I didn’t mean to be rude but it’s just that you are missing the whole point!” Odessa looked at him “And the point is?” she said. “Well” said the Man-Servant “Knowing where we are is not much use when we are up in the sky and have no way of getting down.” Odessa looked at Dewey and Jaxon. “Do either of you know why he cannot communicate?” The Man-Servant overheard the comment. “Tell me Odessa. What part of my communication am I having trouble with?” Odessa just stared at him with her big round eyes. “You are going on about where the wind has or has not taken you. You are concerned about how high this balloon will rise to. You are concerned about the falling temperature, and you are concerned about breathing. It seems to me that you are concerned about everything except what you should be concerned about!” “Oh I see” retorted the Man-Servant. “So tell me Odessa, what should I be concerned about?” “How to get this balloon down to the ground!” she said. The Man-Servant just laughed “Right… Okay genius… so how do I do that?” Odessa turned her back to him in disgust, and then said “Let some heat out of the balloon! Pull the parachute vent cord!”

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    • I asked Odessa that question and here was her reply:
      “You’re kidding right? The Man-Servant only sees the world from his perspective, so can you imagine his response if I said that I could see exactly where he is, relative to the town, from up there alongside the balloon? He would have been quite rude! He has no idea about how my eyes work! Anyway, I thought it more diplomatic, and far less stressful, to just go through the motions of what a human would have to do. He would understand that!”

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