The Balloon Adventure: Chapter 1 – The Hot-Air Balloon Show!

Colin is up to his suspenseful stories again. Remember when I was asking for suggestions of stories in my one post?  There were clever suggestions made! The Hot Air Balloon idea was from my husband. He had given that suggestion and the one about the Man-Servant joining a Polka Band. He suggested that the other 3 could stow away with the band when the Man-servant  goes on tour. That could lead to an interesting adventure. For now,  enjoy seeing what kind of adventure this turns out to be!

The Hot-Air Balloon Show!

Every year, the Town of Greenwoods hosts a hotair balloon display. People come from miles around just to see all the brightly colored balloons, and some will even get to ride in some of them.

One evening, at Moonbeam Farm, our four friends were just spending time together, when the Man-Servant stood up and announced “I have an idea for an adventure tomorrow!” Odessa looked at him “Well… do we have to ask, or are you going to tell us what it is?” Jaxon was clearly excited “What is it Man-Servant?” he said. Dewey stretched out and flexed his claws. “Will there be food?” he murmured.

“Well” said the Man-Servant, the Town of Greenwoods is holding its annual hotair balloon show tomorrow, and I thought that we could all go and perhaps get a ride in one! What do you think?”

Jaxon was jumping up and down “Oh I’ve never been in one before and, apart from when Odessa carried me off the farmhouse roof, I’ve never flown anywhere!” Odessa tilted her head to one side and stared at the Man-Servant. “You’re kidding… right?” “No” said the Man-Servant “Absolutely not. I think it would be an exciting experience for all of us.”

Odessa muttered something very quietly as she walked away, but then she turned and faced the Man-Servant. “Let me see if I understand this correctly. I am a Barn Owl, with a wing span of well over 3ft. I can fly very low, and very quietly, over fields if I have to. I can also fly at a considerable height, and at up to 50 mph if I wish. My body is quite aerodynamic so I can swoop, glide, and turn with minimum effort… and you want me to ride in a basket, under a great big balloon with a fire beneath it heating up the air? What reason could you possibly have to suggest that I would find that fun?”

The Man-Servant just looked at her and shook his head. “Well you don’t have to come with us if you don’t want to Odessa.” Odessa just looked around at Dewey, Jaxon, and then at the Man-Servant. “You have to be kidding!” she said “You three in a hot air balloon? Who knows what will happen! I’ll be with you alright, but I shall be flying alongside the balloon!”

The next day, all four of them made their way over to the field where all the hotair balloons were. The Man-Servant liked one that was a really bright orange with yellow circles all over it, and was having an interesting conversation with the owner when he asked “Could me and my friends here go up in it with you?” The balloon owner looked at Dewey and Jaxon. “Sure he said! Can you get in right now as I was planning on taking her up in a few minutes anyway?” The Man-Servant picked up Dewey, and then Jaxon, and placed them both on the basket floor. He then climbed in with them.

The balloon owner was just finishing talking to some other people, after which he started the burner under the balloon, and untied the rope that was holding it down on the ground. Just at that moment Odessa, who had been on the other side of the basket, suddenly spread her large wings and took off.  The balloon owner had no idea that she had even been there and, in total surprise, dropped the rope to the ground. Odessa was rapidly gaining height, as was the balloon, but the balloon owner was still on the ground, looking up at his balloon as it started to look smaller and smaller, the higher it went.

22 thoughts on “The Balloon Adventure: Chapter 1 – The Hot-Air Balloon Show!

  1. For some reason only known to Carolyn, she “chopped off” the final sentence. It should read:

    …balloon owner was still on the ground, looking up at his balloon as it started to look smaller and smaller, the higher it went.


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