What does a Teddy bear, Swiss Chocolate bar, a book about The World’s Greatest Cities, Colored Pencils and a small rubber ball have in in common? The answer is My Crazy Husband! Let me explain.

I was sitting at the computer, after being gone today, trying to think of a post. I asked my husband if he had any inspiring ideas. Well one by one he started placing these things in front of me on the computer desk. There were more things  and I kept shaking my head. I was saying how he wasn’t helping, trying not to laugh. Then he  put a Christmas  card in front of me which made me laugh out loud! I said ” Yes, that is it!”

This card was a very unique card. It was unique due to the fact that upon opening it, I realized that I had no clue what the card said! I didn’t even recognize what language it was. All I knew is that it definitely wasn’t English!

I read the handwritten greeting inside and had to smile when I realized who it was from. The card made perfect sense suddenly, as you never know what to expect from this friend.  I paused briefly after reading what was written, wondering how I would translate what the card said. For my curious mind of course needed to know! The answer came quickly, turn the card over and see if a translation is on the back. Sure enough in small print in the bottom corner of the card there it was. Simple! Curiosity solved in less than 5 minutes!

I gave the card to my dear husband. After laughing,  what was the first thing my husband did? He went to the computer starting to type in the letters on the front of the card. He was trying unsuccessfully to get it translated. I was in the kitchen silently laughing. He didn’t stay at the computer long. Said he didn’t have time and he looked inside the card again, shook his head and went to do something else. Too much exercise for his brain perhaps?

Well the next day he was still wondering. Night came and I was still laughing as he wondered. At last,  I was nice enough to tell him how I had figured it out.Which was followed by more laughter from me!

The purpose of this story? How many things do we make so complicated, that are sooo easy! All he needed to do was turn the card over and look in the lower corner!  Simple!

I love him, but I did get a good laugh out of it! So yes when he put that card in front of me I had to share the story. Thank you honey for the idea!  🙂

Oh, and as for the friend who sent the card.  Do you think they knew to look on the back of the card right away?  Did I get double laughter with this particular card?  YES! Men just make things so complicated, eh!

53 thoughts on “Complicated?

      • You’d love to say that it isn’t so, but you can’t. 😉 This sure has been a lively discussion, hasn’t it?

        For those interested in the back story, she likes to get notes. Years ago, when we were basically still newlyweds, she suggested that we fax each other notes at work. When I said that someone else may read the notes when they come out of the fax machine, she said, and I quote, “Just fold and staple it first.” I burst out laughing, and she was confused as to why I found it funny. She actually thought that I could fold and staple a note, put her name on the outside, feed it through the fax machine, and then she could get it, take the staple out and unfold it and read it. Oh my, was that ever hilarious! 😉


        • Oh dear! Does she have any concept of emails? You are talking about the person who actually believes that she can manipulate me? This is a sad case of total disillusionment.
          My grandmother used to think that the people “in” the TV could see her …. but she was in her mid 80’s then, and was around long before TV was invented. I cannot possibly think what Carolyn’s excuse could be (other than the obvious – brain cells too confused to communicate with each other) 🙂


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