A Touch of Magic!

Christmas is over and believe it or not January is half over already! Time just keeps flying. There are 2 people though that time is not flying for, and we are going to check in on them today.  Have you wondered whatever happened to Jinx and Jangle? Did they ever get their own team of reindeer and get to drive the sleigh?  If you missed reading about Jinx and Jangle, here are 2 links for you. The Story of Jinx and Jangle and Dewey and Friends solve a Christmas Riddle .

“What time is it?”, asked Jinx. Jangle just stared at him. “I can’t believe you just asked that, it is only 3 minutes later than the last time you asked!”

Jinx hung his head. He was so hoping that more time had passed. At the rate this was going,  it was going to take forever!  If he hoped to ever get this job done, he needed to find a bigger shovel.  He put his shovel down and turned to walk out.

“Hey,where are you gong? You know there is still A LOT More to do! I am not doing your half.” Jangle was looking at him curiously . Jinx assured him he would be back, he just needed to go on a hunt for a bigger shovel, surely Santa would have one.

Jangle watched him walked out and thought he should walk out with him, just to get some fresh air! It may be really cold stepping outside when you are at the North Pole, BUT… being closed up in this big barn with all the reindeer…. Well, it didn’t exactly smell like flowers! What did Santa feed these reindeer anyway? It sure went right through them, the evidence was right in front of him!  Jangle took a deep breath and started shoveling once again into  the deep pile.

“Excuse me, ” Jangle jumped almost 10 feet in the air as something touched  his leg, and he turned to see Jaxon the Jackalope! “Whoa! What are you doing here, are your other friends here?” asked Jangle. He had  remembered their meeting in the woods that one time when they were discussing about the the “man-servant” being on Santa’s naughty list.

“No, they couldn’t come with me this time”, said Jaxon. “I felt a strange sensation that you needed help and so I transported myself here right away. ” “Dewey was busy sleeping, and Odessa was out hunting and the “man-servant’, well he had lots of dishes to do. Plus Dewey’s pillows really needed sewed and fluffed again, and the carpet needed cleaned.

Jangle smiled and gladly handed the shovel to Jaxon. “Oh I am so glad you came! I will just step outside for some fresh air now, have fun!” With that said,  Jangle left before Jaxon changed his mind and disappeared.

Jaxon shook his head thinking how Jinx and Jangle must have really got into trouble with their last sleigh ride . He wonders what all they collided with this time, being that they had been relegated to pooper scooper duty! Well if Jangle thought that Jaxon was going to clean up all these piles with a shovel, he could think again! He wasn’t a magical Jackalope for nothing. He closed his eyes and twitched his nose and recited a special phrase and POOF! A cloud of smoke filled the air. It cleared away,  and the pile of poop on Jangle’s side had totally disappeared!

It was right at that time that Jangle walked back in and took one look as he almost fell down! He picked up Jaxon and swung him around saying how wonderful he and his magic powers were! As he was doing that Jinx walked back in with a bigger shovel in his hand. “It took some time, but I finally found it. You can borrow it when I am done Jangle.”

“Oh don’t worry about me, I am done!” Now it was Jinx’s turn to almost faint as he looked at how spotless Jangle’s side of the barn was. “I wasn’t gone that long!”, he yelled. “What did you do?” Jangle smirked and said, ” Well I might have had some good help from my magical buddy here.”, he patted Jaxon and Jaxon just smiled.

Jinx’s heart felt suddenly light. This was going to be great! “Can you please use your magical powers on my side Jaxon?” Jaxon looked down and nervously shuffled from one side to another. “Wellll…. I am very sorry Jinx, but I can’t. You see, I was told a long time ago that I had to be very careful with my magic powers. That I could not use them too often.  I used a couple today already, I really am sorry, but I have reached my quota for the day. You understand, right?”

Jangle tried not to laugh, for he did feel bad for Jinx.  After all Jinx was his friend. Since he was his friend, he decided he would help. He walked over to Jinx, who was looking pretty dejected right now. He handed his shovel to Jinx and said, “Here you go my friend, now you have a shovel for each hand! So you should be able to get this job done in double the time.”

Jinx, gave him a look, for sometimes there are no words. Jaxon knew he had to get back to the farm, so he said his goodbyes and vanished in a cloud of smoke.  Jangle was still smiling and was gong to make a comment to Jinx about what a cool friend Jaxon was. When he saw Jinx’s face though and heard him muttering, he decided it might be better to  leave quietly. The fresh air was calling him!

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