Do you Dare?

I Double-Dog Dare You to Be Happy Today |

Had trouble thinking of a post today, but then saw this picture and had to smile. Figured I would pass it on!

Remember being a kid and being Double Dogged Dare to do something. Where did that saying come from anyway? Anyone know?

When you are dared to do something, what is your response? Are you quick to jump in with both feet feeling that surge of , ” I will show them!” or a little more hesitant perhaps?

I will admit that I usually can’t resist a dare, which can lead to trouble at times! I seem to have a knack for setting myself up.  Now I do have my limit of what dares I do  though. You can dare me as much as you want to go bungee jumping or sky diving and well it is just NOT going to work! These feet stay on the ground, unless I am seated in a plane.

Yes those dares are easy to resist. Others not so much! Don’t dare me to push you in the pool if sitting by the edge  or to dump the big ice pitcher of water on you that I may be carrying. Yes, I know, there are consequences that follow, and that usually is the reason for the dare. They want to see if I will get myself into trouble… and yes I usually do! BUT you never know, sometimes my resistance can be strong : )

No matter if you give in easily or not, this dare is one I think we all can rise to the challenge of. How can you resist that boy’s Happy face?  HAVE A HAPPY DAY today my friends and hey if someone dares you to spill water on them, go right ahead. They asked for it ! Plus you will get to have a laugh for a few seconds at least. After that I suggest you run!

16 thoughts on “Do you Dare?

  1. My first thought was that having a happy day isn’t much of a dare because it has no consequences that people would want to avoid. But then again, sometimes it takes a bit of work to get the gloomy thoughts out of our heads, and when we get gloomy we might not feel like doing much. In that case, a dare could turn out to be useful. 🙂

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  2. I usually do not respond to dares; however when I was a junior in college one of my friends dared me to cut a piece of her hair. I did and she immediately yelled at me. I was standing there with an expression that said you got what you asked for.

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    • BRR!! Yes winter has made its arrival! We had unseasonably warm temps for later this year but NOW not so! I thought being in the single digits was bad, glad we aren’t in the negatives like you all are. We have a forecast of snow and freezing rain in the forecast for this week-end.

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